This Is Not A Club, We’re On A Mission!

People move from relationship to relationship because they don’t really know what they are about. We change jobs and partners because we don’t really know what we have been called to do and as a result we end up wasting energy and not achieving what we have been called to do. We meander through life and end up with regrets because we don’t know what we really are about.

What do you want to be known for and what are you standing for? This series talks about the unique role that God has called us to as His people. What do we stand for as a family? GOD WANTS BIG THINGS FOR YOU! We are interested in you becoming the fearless infuencer that you were created to be. This will happen within the family of God’s people. We are starting a new series today. We are a family. And you are a part of this family! Our intention is that you would be known for something. There’s a great story in scripture where God defines what His family would be known for…

Three things that many people think church is about:

  • It is nothing more than a social space where you can be entertained
  • It is a place where you can view the latest in women’s hairstyles and fashions.
  • It is a place where you can listen to warm fuzzy sermons that make you feel good

In other words, some people come because its entertaining, for fashion or for comfort. It is understandable if you came for those things. But today we want to close the doors, or the flaps and tell you the truth. As we start this series today I want to ask what do we stand for as a family?

This passage sheds some light on what the family of God stands for.

Exodus 3:16-22

What do we learn about what we stand for?

God’s family in Egypt had a very clear brief: First, they were to GO to the King of Egypt and TELL him what God had said. Second, they were to take a journey and WORSHIP God. They were about worship and declaring who God is. Beginning with the encounter with Pharaoh, the family of God’s people was to tell the nations about God and to walk in relationship with him.

Just like the Israelites, we exist to do two things:-
1. to enter into relationship with God (worship)
2. to tell the world about Him (witness)

Sounds like a simple brief! BUT, certain challenges stand in the way for us, just like they did for Israel…
1. A Defeated Spirit -The mere thought of going to tell Pharaoh that God had said he should let them go had to take a HUGE shift in thinking- a COMPLETE new mindset. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. It was as though your house help were to come to you and say: The Lord has said give me your title deeds, transfer your funds to MY bank account. You also need to call the movers to take the furniture to MY new house. What would your reaction be? It was a completely different way of thinking! Most of the Israelites had resigned to their fate. The Israelites were used to being slaves.Their past worked against them.  It’s hard to thrive when you have a defeated spirit! And yet for many of us, our past will work against our thriving as part of God’s people.

2. Convenience: Could it really have been that simple for them to tell their neighbors and employers that they were LEAVING A LIFE THAT WORKED, to go to ‘a land that God would show them’? For the Israelites, life in Egypt was working for them – it may not have been the best, but it was working (People owned homes, ate, had friends and family near them, conducted business etc.) There are all sorts of comfortable things they could have been doing in Egypt. Many of us live by the maxim, better the devil you know, than the angel you don’t know. There must have been resistance! It’s hard to thrive when you’re stuck to the familiar. And yet that’s where many of us are coming from!

3. External Resistance: Pharaoh was not at all inclined to let the family of God’s people go. The plan of God for his people was not convenient for him. He was a cunning and shrewd leader, determined to hinder the family of God’s people from becoming what God wanted for them, because it did not serve his ends.  His agenda was to confine and arrest God’s people and keep things as they had always been.It’s hard to thrive when you face external resistance! And yet many of us will face resistance if we choose to thrive with God’s people.

What if the family of God’s people had decided not to to take a stand?

What if they concluded that the freedom God was offering was a good deal, but it was not worth the inconvenience of uprooting their entire lives to plunge into an unknown future? What if their fear of risking Pharaoh’s wrath, intimidated them into staying the way things were?

  • The entire nation of Israel would have been derailed.
  • The plan of God for that generation would not have been accomplished.
  • They would have continued enjoying the comforts of Egypt, but they would have missed out on the HUGE plan that God had for them as His people.

If we choose to stick with the status quo of the familiar, we too stand to miss out on the big things that God has in store for us!

There are many other places in life where we see people taking a stand to achieve big things. Imagine a world without mother Teresa, St. Augustine, Martin Luther, William Wilberforce, Mandela, or Steve Jobs? What would the modern world be without facebook; or forget facebook, the microwave?

As the family of God’s people we are about something

There are all sorts of things that the Israelites could have been striving to do in Egypt. They could have been striving to set up good businesses, selling straw for the constructions that Egypt was famous for. Imagine the multiple business opportunities that come up wherever construction is taking place: The food vendors, the transport providers, etc. But that is not what all God wanted for the Israelites and it is not what he wants for us either. God wanted BIG things for His people!

So what do we stand for as the family of God?

Here at Mavuno the mission statement God has given us is ‘Turning Ordinary People Into Fearless Influencers Of Society’. That is what we exist to do. What does that mean for you?

Life is not about a good existence, it’s about being what God is calling us to be. If we fail to see a mission beyond serving our own needs, we fail – we don’t understand what God called the church to do. Church is a mission organization. Compared with the natural body and what the different body parts do, the body of Christ also has parts that serve different missions. Are you part of this mission or not? We are a mission organization. If you are complaining and griping, the problem is you / Other churches all exist to accomplish a specific mission

This Is Not A Club, We’re On A Mission!

Mavuno is not here to make you comfortable. The mission of Mavuno is – Turning Ordinary People Into Fearless Influencers Of Society! Here at Mavuno we will push you to get so uncomfortable that you do something about your world’s situation. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the fearless influencer that God intended for you to be!

  • Example of ‘Freedom Behind Bars Initiative’ – started by a fearless Mavunite and his lifegroup. Today the result is a group of fearless influencers who are transforming the lives of hundreds of prisoners in our city and having an impact on our prison system! This Is Not A Club, We’re On A Mission!

1. Salvation – choose to stop looking in from the outside. Join the family!
2. Stagnation – choose to stop being a consumer and ‘church hopper’ and become a value adding member of whatever church God has called you to settle in. Commit to being a committed part of the family!

I speak progress, advancement and breakthrough to every area of your lives, in Jesus mighty name.
Father raise up the right people to help us at the right time and in the right places
In Jesus name I declare this year, the year of your fruitfulness, achievement and enlargement.
Father thank you for blessing us and enlarging our territories.

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23 Responses to “This Is Not A Club, We’re On A Mission!”

  1. Thank-you so much MAVUNO for giving me what i had been missing, i started coming to MAVUNO on the 1/1/2012 and i gave my life fully to christ that very day, i remember i wrote on the paper i was given that i want God to restore my life and give me back wat i lost in 2010/11,By that time i had just moved to a sublet in south b after a man i had stayed with abandoned me in hospital and took away everything i had, everything i worked hard for and to make matters worse he even took away my Bible, simcards and books, i came to MAVUNO a hurting woman who was dreaming of nothing else but revenge, when i gave my life to God the pastor continued preaching about letting go of the past and releasing people, then the Thrive sermon only talked about me, as the thrive sermon continued i prayed and cried upon God, i asked Him to bless me and restore my life av never missed a single service and guess what MAVUNO i have now moved to a two bedroom hse in Tena and the Lord has opened doors for me, av never lacked and even when i take black tea and bread my heart is at so much joy and peace i read my Bible and get all answers to my prayers and for sure its not MAVUNO but its through the MAVUNO family i have found my peace and restoration of my life, Pray for me to forget wat that man and his family robbed of me and expect better things from God for his promises find a yes in him, Thank-you so much pastor M only God can reveal to u how much you have healed my hurting soul not forgetting the MAVUNO worship team waaah those songs blesses me and i sing and Google the lyrics every day


    • ngunjiri Says:

      Hi ggie,
      karibu in the Mavuno family. I am so encouraged by how God has and is healing your soul by using the pastors in our church. I must say that you are in an environment of ordinary people and you shall be doing extraordinary stuff in time to come. I would encourage you to fervently pray without seizing and as proverbs 3:5 says, you will trust the Lord with all your heart and do not lean to your own understanding.You shall give your self away to God, you will start taking cereals and cocoa for breakfast. You shall thrive in your prayer life, I decree and declare thirst for God in your life,you shall choose to forgive and move on. You are on a mission ggie!!! NEVER FORGET THAT.

      I would encourage you to visit the prayer tent next Sunday. Let our prayer counselors pray with you. join Mizizi. Then you will be so rooted never to be uprooted. We love you.


    • AMEN! Karibu sana ggie!


  2. Smartgal Says:

    Pstr Linda that was a great sermon. It’s easy to get comfortable with simple church going. And for many years I was that person; never missing church, criticising the way Mavuno has flambo music. But my greatest momments came wen I started to serve. Tis like God opened my heart n is taking me from one level to another. And I love it. And I prescribe to our mission tu sana.

    Tis a tough sermon to deliver. Especially in Mavuno. We like milky sermons but as you help us to eat real food may God give u the courage n strength to do so.


  3. I was convicted by that sermon because after attending Mavuno close to 3 years, and doing Mizizi I haven’t ever served in a ministry, even my lifegroup fell apart and we’ve never had the desire to reconnect just because its like everyone’s already moved on.

    About ministries, it’s not because I don’t want to, I guess its because of “convenience” like you said. Also, because I just don’t know WHERE to begin. I mean I see people joining stuff and I don’t know HOW they did it. First of all, I’m shy(!) before i get to know people, so that thing of approaching some random person and asking is just weird to me, and maybe other people are like me, willing but just not knowing where to start.

    I’d really appreciate if we could have an “open day” for Mavuno ministries and those front-line initiative teams where people can sign up, or if you could tell us how to join stuff and give us that info during the service. You’d probably see a surge in numbers, or rather let me speak for myself. I WILL definitely sign up.


  4. This sermon too should go viral since most elite people choose to live a coward life with no sugnificance.


  5. I couldn’t wait for this month’s blog post to go up today.Even though I am commited to my current church family I can’t help but be drawn to the message from Pastor M. God continue to bless you and give you more !


  6. This was an amazing sermon, funny/coincidentally enough, my Rick Warren daily devotional has in the last week’s readings been about the same thing. although he put it differently. that many of us are “me first Christians” we know God although our mentality doesn’t go far from what God can do for us or our families and freinds. this is normal because as he says we are naturally self centered. anything beyond that takes effort.
    I am super encouraged by this sermon because it reminded me just like Rick Warren that we could ask God to give us the strength to become “God first Christians”. That once we know God we can then reach out and begin winning back our community our cultures our, nations for God.
    Mavuno is amazing because its people are down on the ground doing thins same thing. winning back the nations for God. and for all of us wondering what now..where to begin…not to worry much..all God is asking for is you availability. plug in and you will be amazed you at what happens.


  7. niko hapa Says:

    Wow what a sermon preached by a powerful woman of God. For me i would like to ask for some practical ways to serve as i work out of town. I am commited to the mission and would like to be part of it.


    • I was really blessed with that sermon being my first time to visit mavuno after watching their sermons for a long time online i was really humbled with the hospitality and truely mavuno is a loving family,kudos.


  8. I was greatly inspired and the sermon was timely. I visited Mavuno yesterday, the last time I was there was about two years ago. I was particularly moved by the programme for prisoners and I can only salute Pastor M and the work the Mavuno family are doing to rehabilitate prisoners. This is truly the work of the Kingdom of God.

    I may end up coming back next Sunday for a continuation of this message. God Bless


  9. Thankyou Pastor Linda for this sermon…I pray that we will all be known for something.That it will not just be waking up on sunday morning ,attending church week after week without transformation or impact.


  10. @ Ngunjiri thanks alot for your encouragement and prayer,

    I know God is going to see me through and not just restore my life but bless me more and more,

    Hope to do mizizi next season,

    God bless


    • ngunjiri Says:

      Amen. Glory to God.Yes!! Now that’s a good direction to take right there. Letting go and letting God. He shall see you through. April last year I lost my job and I lost everything and I didn’t have anything under my name. I sure identify with you. The prayer tent personnel helped me out. Mizizi got me rooted. now I read the bible and I am totally sold out to Christ. I am currently in Mombasa and God has restored me over and above what I had lost.

      ggie!! YOUR LATTER SHALL BE GREATER THAN YOUR PAST. Sorry for being loud. You are walking out of your situation in Jesus name!

      Please visit the prayer tent on Sunday.


  11. Thank you Pst Linda!
    I always look forward to listen to you guys. please do something with sound. Blessings


  12. Moved to climb mountains Says:

    Pst Linda, this sermon was just on point!, i realize i have been living in club mode for the past few years. I have merely stood on the sidelines of my world and remained impartial so as not be force my faith and beliefs on anyone, but instead i have been a very ineffectual in my circle of influence. Now i am open and willing to engage and do my part, its time to start winning back this world for Christ.


  13. Great job you are doing with your messages. I have found finders keepers a useful series. On enquiry, i was advised that the Ndoa class is only attended by couples?

    Might you have a class that helps one of the married couples, if the other is unlikely to attend? Please advise.

    Also – in the pictures you have selected above, good pics, but not sure we should add Nelson Mandela in between the departed souls? He is a role model yes, but the role models you selected are dead except Nelson? Is it possible to remove Nelson or add others such as TD Jakes, so that Nelson Mandela doesnt stand out as the odd one out – ie people who died who have left a mark?


  14. Restoring families Says:

    The sermon was so relevant and am truly blessed,
    I don’t know exactly what Pastor Linda has in store but am looking forward to it.

    I however feel that if that an any point,she will address the nuclear,extended family that the issue of Sibling Rivalry should be addressed because its tearing families apart.
    Some of us are competing against our siblings in races,in which we don’t even know we are in and have also put our siblings in the same position.How parents/siblings contribute to it and each persons role in breaking it.

    This may however be a series for another day by another Pastor but the time is Nigh!


  15. The sermon on Sunday was such a blessing…it got me to thinking what will I be remembered for when i die , what impact will i have made in the world that people will want to give me a grand send off…..Its time for me as an individual to commit myself to one church and begin to engage with community of God’s people. I want church now more than ever. Life is not about which car you drive, the house you live in…and the many material things we want to achieve but its about living in your God given purpose.


  16. Fraumunich, on you tube the sound is not clear its monotone…it can be get better if its stereo.
    Nevertheless i enjoy every sermon.


  17. lovely sermon


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