Ignite – Recalibrate

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This whole month our series is called ‘Ignite’. We’re talking about how to move away from dryness and routine to a place where our hearts are on fire for the things that really matter – to a place where we’re living lives that really count. We’ve been studying the life of a man called Jonah who like many today decided to RUN away from God’s purpose for His life.

Normally, when you achieve something bigger than you’ve ever achieved before, you feel good about yourself! Because of Continue reading

Ignite – Reach

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‘Was there ever a time in your life when someone treated you far better than you deserved? 


We live in a world where nothing in life is free and you work for what you get. If you want something, you hustle for it! We work in an organization for a few years, bring in some big clients, bring in the money, solve problems and we begin to feel that we deserve some respect around the place! It is about time they gave me an intern to be serving me tea and handling my calendar. It is about time they gave me an office or a car or a pay-rise. Its about time people began to recognize the value I bring… I mean ‘they should know people’!

Most of us believe that we have earned what we have and we’re suspicious of people who get things that they didn’t work for! That’s why if the government does something unexpected, we are sure they’re just Continue reading

Ignite – Reset

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Have you ever been really desperate? 


Desperation isn’t pretty! We don’t like to be desperate and we often organize our lives to avoid any desperation. But did you know that desperation can actually be good for you? I want to talk about that today. We have previously looked at the life of a man called Jonah who decided to run away from God’s purpose for His life. God told him to go west and he went east. And from what happened next, we learnt the important truth that every step away from God’s purpose is a step down. (Find Sermon Here)

People have said prayers in all kinds of desperate situations but Continue reading

Ignite – Run

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How do you respond when someone important in your life asks you to do something you really don’t want to do?


Do you:

Pretend you didn’t hear?

Say you’ll do it but you know you won’t?

Negotiate hard to show why you’re not the best person for the job?

Find a really good legitimate excuse not to do the job?

Do it anyway but with an attitude?

Joyfully drop all your plans and do it!

Of course we all have had issues with authority figures in our lives, especially when they want to push us in a direction that we don’t want to Continue reading

Survivor: The Love Edition – The Turn Around

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How do we position ourselves to navigate the relationship space successfully?Survivor_Love_Edition_400

Last year I officiated a spectacular wedding in Naivasha. The wedding took place on a farm, not too far from the shores of Lake Naivasha. The theme was a farmhouse, so there were beautiful yellow sunflowers as part of the decor and haystacks. We arrived and were treated to fruits and yoghurt. The ceremony took place under a huge mugumo tree and the couple rode off on a tuk tuk. The wedding started at 2 pm and so everything was perfectly timed for the evening meal to be served just as the sun was setting. This is the stuff that weddings are made of. Many of us have been guests at this kind of event or even perhaps the key characters, in this kind of event, but when we look around us we see couples and families drift gradually into bitter  Continue reading

Survivor: The Love Edition – Taking Charge

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Where do people meet?


All over the animal kingdom there are very specific ways in which the female species can show and know that the males are interested in them. But in the human world things are not quite so simple. Where do people meet? if you are not at the bar or at church? It seems that beyond college, where there are natural spaces to meet with people of the opposite sex; once people get into working world and life especially among Christians, there is some sheepishness about going to a place where you get to meet other singles. We feel a little bit embarrassed about around wanting to be in a space where you can meet someone to partner up with.

Add to that the fact that many women have a lot of Continue reading

Survivor: The Love Edition – Hunger Games

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          How does a good woman identify a good man? 


This weekend couples are under pressure to prove their love for each other. To this end Villa Rosa Kempinski launched several high end overnight luxury packages for Valentine’s Day. The luxury hotel is offering a presidential suite package that cost 2.34 M. The package themed ‘A night of diamonds at our Presidential Suites’ was serving up a butler, private chef, dinner serenade, champagne, 40 bouquets of roses, massage treatments, Jacuzzi plus luxury diamond jewellery from Onyx Jewellers. This valentine weekend women all over the world are looking for men to meet. But many good women don’t know how to meet good men or even how to distinguish between casual interest and real interest. The challenge is that even in these modern times society is Continue reading


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