CSI – Pilate

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If you had the power and the position to change anything at work or in your neighborhood, what would you change?  

CSI HILL CITY homepageThis is the end of the series, Cross Scene Investigation. We started off by looking at the evidence for the resurrection of the Christ, we said Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Then we looked at the first character, Barabbas, the man who missed the cross and reminded us that Jesus became a substitution sacrifice for each one of us. We do not have to pay for sin. We can accept him and enjoy the blessing of freedom. We said Because He died, I can choose to live in freedom.

Thirdly we looked at Mary, the wounded follower. As we go through suffering, we are reminded that Because He endured the cross, he understands and cares when I endure mine. Last week, we looked at Peter, the man who denied Jesus. We looked at the limitation of compromise. We said that Because of the cross, I have a second chance.

Today we look at Continue reading

CSI – Peter

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What is a thing you have done or said on the road or at work that surprised you about you – an ‘oops!’?

CSI HILL CITY homepage

I love God. Yes I do. And most of us would say so. But I have had my “what was that?” moment.

In fact, why you wake up on a Sunday morning and make your way to church is because something is alive in you. You want, or actually claim, to be a follower of the Cross. You sing songs that suggest that He is at the center of your life. That you would live for Him. ‘It is all about Him’, we sing!

But is it easy to dance to the tune of the song Monday to Monday?

Not in a country like ours, or a workplace like yours. Often we Continue reading

CSI – Mary

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How do you deal with the heartaches in life?

CSI HILL CITY homepage

We started this series by looking at the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. We said that Because he lives, I can face tomorrow.Last week we looked at Barabbas, the man who missed his cross. We saw that Jesus took the cross for all of us, and that Because he died, I can choose to live in freedom. He became the Passover lamb so that he may release us from the limiting power of sin and disease. We wrote those imprisoning things and symbolically nailed them to the cross.

Today we look at a feminine character. The women were well Continue reading

CSI – Barabbas

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Which is your favorite movie and why?

CSI HILL CITY homepage

I love action movies. I love it when the good guy wins and the bad guy loses! My latest favorite movie is Equalizer! Bad guys get beaten, an innocent girl is freed to be and do, and the rescuer becomes a hero. Action movies are mainly about an intervention to save a person or a situation.

We were designed for Good.

Created to live in Eden – that is why we love and long for order, beauty, nice lawns, beautiful oceans and fruitful gardens. No one falls in love with the desert unless he has no other choice. Continue reading

Undeserving – Hope Resurrected

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How would you describe the first quarter of 2015?


Great – You have exceeded your expectations? (Thank God)

Okay – Nothing big to write home a bout!

Disappointing – Some things you hoped would have happened by now have not? A change of job, financial goals, relationships, etc

Many of us have begun to manage expectations. It looks like after all, this is going to be a year like the last. For some, something has died. Passion, a dream, hope, a relationship,

The disciples had been with Jesus for three years. They were waiting for Continue reading

Ignite – Recalibrate

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This whole month our series is called ‘Ignite’. We’re talking about how to move away from dryness and routine to a place where our hearts are on fire for the things that really matter – to a place where we’re living lives that really count. We’ve been studying the life of a man called Jonah who like many today decided to RUN away from God’s purpose for His life.

Normally, when you achieve something bigger than you’ve ever achieved before, you feel good about yourself! Because of Continue reading

Ignite – Reach

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‘Was there ever a time in your life when someone treated you far better than you deserved? 


We live in a world where nothing in life is free and you work for what you get. If you want something, you hustle for it! We work in an organization for a few years, bring in some big clients, bring in the money, solve problems and we begin to feel that we deserve some respect around the place! It is about time they gave me an intern to be serving me tea and handling my calendar. It is about time they gave me an office or a car or a pay-rise. Its about time people began to recognize the value I bring… I mean ‘they should know people’!

Most of us believe that we have earned what we have and we’re suspicious of people who get things that they didn’t work for! That’s why if the government does something unexpected, we are sure they’re just Continue reading


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