Press Play – Influence Requires a Definite Plan

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After you have figured out why I need to engage, what to engage and who to engage, what next?


Many of us have interest in something but we have no plan. If you had a friend for instance who had quietly expressed to you his interest in a beautiful lady, but over the course of several months, was not making any progress in actually doing anything about his feelings what would you say? Continue reading

Press Play – Influence Takes Multiple Connections

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Who should we engage in order to become change agents?


In the past two sermons, we have seen that we are built for our assignment and that the things that God is calling us to influence are already within our sphere of operation; our homes, our work and our professions.

Three or four weeks ago property of unknown value was destroyed after fire razed stalls at Nairobi’s Gikomba market. The cause of the fire is suspected to be arson. This market is not really a well-structured market; it is just temporary structures that easily burn down when fire starts as witnessed in the past. Though perceived to be a temporary market, there are clothes and shoe vendors whose Continue reading

Press Play – You Are Built For Your Assignment

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I want to engage but where do I start?


Since we established last week that we have a part to play in impacting society, the next question is what do I engage? People feel like society has so many problems. We feel overwhelmed by the issues we see. Many people look around and they don’t know where to start.

Acts 9: 10-21

Why did Jesus pick Saul to be his representative to the non-Jews, kings and Jews? God calls Paul to the gentiles because he is from two contexts; he is both Jewish and at the same time a Roman citizen. In other words he was perfectly built to take this message to certain Continue reading

Press Play – Becoming The Change Agent

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How do we move from being people who murmur to people who actually influence society?

Press_Play_400You don’t have to tell Kenyans what is wrong with the society around us, we know the problems and we seemingly have the solutions if social media is anything to go by. Even in casual conversations on the street or in the matatu, Kenyans are discussing the society around us. Many of us are doing the bare minimum. The hash tag has become the new tool for engagement.

We are master murmurers. Social media is murmuring. There is hardly anything that comes out that is strategic. A lot of it is just murmuring but we don’t go beyond it. There is a comfort in the fact that we are all suffering. But in the interaction on social media, there is a feeling that the solution does not depend on me, but on someone else… Someone else who is in the position of Continue reading

All in The Family – Managing Toxic Relationships

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How will you know that you are facing toxins in your relationship?


It is impossible to live a life that is unaffected by other people since their attitudes and opinions, like pollen, blow into our lives on a daily basis. These in turn end up shaping our perspective on life and influencing our decisions. Studies show that, toxic relationships are tied to two issues:

Influence – What generally influences our life choices

Skill – How we view and confront the hurdles we face in life.

To tie these two issues together, there needs to be Continue reading

All in The Family – Adopted

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Are institutions really the ideal place for children to grow up in?

Family_400 As one who heads one such organization, I have to say No! Children should not grow up in institutions. It is not the ideal! Many people went to boarding schools – and we do have some fond memories of the boarding school experience but I don’t remember anyone crying when we had to close school and go back home!

We were protected, we were nurtured while in school but it was just not home. One of the main differences was we all had that personal attention and love when Continue reading

All in The Family – 3 Seasons of Singlehood

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Whats your most embarrassing dating experience?


This sermon blog is majorly for the single adults. You may have the gift of singleness and are happy and content about it. You also probably are in the condition of singleness i.e. not married, divorced or widowed and you are positive you don’t have the gift and are looking forward to get a partner. For the single adults, society has made you to feel like you’re a second-class citizen. As though being single is something to be ashamed of.

Let’s face it, our society puts enormous pressure on single adults to get married. For example, for the typical Kenyan lady, by the time she is a toddler she has already been dragged to Continue reading


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