Survivor: The Love Edition – Taking Charge

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Where do people meet?


All over the animal kingdom there are very specific ways in which the female species can show and know that the males are interested in them. But in the human world things are not quite so simple. Where do people meet? if you are not at the bar or at church? It seems that beyond college, where there are natural spaces to meet with people of the opposite sex; once people get into working world and life especially among Christians, there is some sheepishness about going to a place where you get to meet other singles. We feel a little bit embarrassed about around wanting to be in a space where you can meet someone to partner up with.

Add to that the fact that many women have a lot of Continue reading

Survivor: The Love Edition – Hunger Games

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          How does a good woman identify a good man? 


This weekend couples are under pressure to prove their love for each other. To this end Villa Rosa Kempinski launched several high end overnight luxury packages for Valentine’s Day. The luxury hotel is offering a presidential suite package that cost 2.34 M. The package themed ‘A night of diamonds at our Presidential Suites’ was serving up a butler, private chef, dinner serenade, champagne, 40 bouquets of roses, massage treatments, Jacuzzi plus luxury diamond jewellery from Onyx Jewellers. This valentine weekend women all over the world are looking for men to meet. But many good women don’t know how to meet good men or even how to distinguish between casual interest and real interest. The challenge is that even in these modern times society is Continue reading

Survivor: The Love Edition – What Makes A Man

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How does a boy become a man? How does he know? Who tells him that now he is a man?


I was once hanging out among the Dinka community of South Sudan, working with local villages, clinics, schools, health education, local pastors.

And we were under a tree, the men and women under the tree were staring, whispering and raising questions about my tattoo, the story of my life and how I came back to God. I narrated the story of my life, how I walked away from God and finally my rededication to Christ. So I also asked about the scars on most of the men’s heads 5 stripes ear to ear on foreheads and they gave me an explanation of their initiation ceremony. The initiation is to prove if Continue reading

Survivor: The Love Edition – Life In The Mara

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    What are the most complex challenges regarding relationships?

Survivor_Love_Edition_400Men and women are no longer dependable, if you go somewhere e.g. abroad to study or even to the hospital and stay too long, people move on.

Both men and women don’t want to commit in the name of keeping all our options open.

Snipers, both men and women, are constantly on the prowl looking for casual sex .

Relationships are more like transactions . It is about what am I Continue reading

Position Yourself – Character

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Why is it that success and trustworthiness are not often synonymous in our generation?


The missing ingredient is one word; character. What is character? Author Bill Hybels famously described character as ‘who you are when no one’s looking’. Another word for character is ‘integrity’, which is defined as ‘the state of being whole or undivided’. When one has character, what they say they believe and who they really are on the inside are one and the same thing!
Continue reading

Position Yourself – Successors

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Who is one person in your life who believed in you and helped you to accomplish more than you could have imagined?


Veteran leader and author J. Oswald Sanders once said, ‘the true test of a person’s leadership is the health of the organization when the organizer is gone’. Continue reading

Position Yourself – Systems

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What are the most important things you are really looking forward to accomplishing with God’s help in 2015? 


We all have strong desires! It’s part of what makes us human. Our day to day busyness sometimes crowds out this fact, but each of us was made to pursue and accomplish worthwhile God-sized goals and to have an eternal impact. And yet not everyone will see their dreams turn into reality. Not everyone will have an impact on this planet that will outlive them.
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