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All of us have faced some hard decisions. But have you noticed that decisions only get more complex the older you get? With each passing year, we are faced with harder and harder choices.

Fortunately for us, God’s word addresses this issue many times. One such time is in the case of an overwhelmed young leader called Joshua.

READ Joshua 1:6-9

In his overwhelming situation, God pointed Joshua to the one secret that would guarantee his success. Now I don’t know what big decisions, challenges or opportunities are ahead of you in 2016 and beyond. But if someone could guarantee your success, I suspect you would jump at the chance! So what’s the secret? God’s word to Joshua, and I believe it is His word to us today, was ‘you want guaranteed success in 2016 and beyond? Then immerse yourself in My word and do what it says!’

If he was like any of us, what Joshua wanted in his new assignment was to get specific answers in order to make specific decisions for his specific situation. In other words he wanted the right information from God! But God knew that what Joshua needed even more than right INFORMATION from God was right RELATIONSHIP with God. There’s a huge world of a difference between the two!

The best way to consistently know what God wants for you is through being in right relationship with Him. And it’s through hearing God in his word that we grow in that relationship. The more we read His word, the more we get to know His heart and His desires. It’s not right information, but right relationship! 

So what do you think would happen if you seek God’s will consistently in 2016 regarding your business, your dreams, your family and your relationships? What do you think would happen if all your strategies and ideas came out of time spent with Him?

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