Refresh – Refresh Your Body; Leading From Rest

Have you ever wondered why God would consider rest so important that it would even come before honoring parents, or murder, or adultery or stealing?


Read: Exodus 20:8-11

Why is our taking a day of rest so important to God? Three things…

  1. It aligns us to the correct reference point –

Part of the reason we don’t like to rest is that we’re afraid things might fall apart without our intervention. By setting aside one day out of every seven and dedicating it to God, the Israelites were symbolizing that God was the source of all that they had. When we neglect to stop and rest, then we’re saying that we’re the ones holding things up and if we stop holding them up, they’ll crash. We become my own reference point!

When you put God first, everything else falls into place.

  1. It gives space for constant correction –

One of the purposes of regularly slowing down one day each week is to do some self-examination. As we evaluate our week, we are able to plan the week ahead and ensure that we’re not just working hard, we’re also working effectively, and most importantly moving in the direction God wants us to move.

  1. It creates clear margins –

As a generation, many of us are pushing ourselves to the absolute limit, moving at a hectic pace and living under constant stress. Since everything still looks intact, we are not aware that we are setting ourselves up to one day have nothing in common with our spouse, or to be estranged from our kids or for lifelong health conditions and even premature death. The root reason is because we don’t trust God’s command. We have this sneaking suspicion that if we don’t look after our own things, nobody will. That’s why the Sabbath command is by far the most disobeyed command by Christians!


For the next four months, observe a Sabbath; a day when you will not engage in productive activity, but allow God to refresh you. Preferably let it be the same day each week.

During the Sabbath, do the following:

1.  Get enough sleep.

2. Refocus your spirit through worship

3.Do something that energizes you. Is it going to coffee with friends, sitting alone at a park, reading a book, taking a walk in nature, riding your bike, relaxing with your kids, listening to music, baking a cake, playing an instrument – whatever it is that energizes you.

When you put God first, everything else falls into place.

Other readings: Genesis 1: 31- 2:3

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2 Responses to “Refresh – Refresh Your Body; Leading From Rest”

  1. This sermon was what i really required for this new year. Many times i have been physically and emotionally fatigued because of poor or no rest. After this sermon i made a deliberate choice to have a day each week where i just rest and relax. This has been refreshing and has increased my productivity and clarity of thought.
    Thank you for this REAL and PRACTICAL message.
    Leading from Rest.


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