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Winning – Offside Trap

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What is the one electronic gadget that, if switched off forever, you would miss the most? 

I recently asked a group of friends this question, and the answers were as varied as they were funny. One person said the television. For one, the FIFA world cup is just about to start, and if they lost their TV for the next few weeks, all the preparation they would have made over the past few years – yes, years – would be lost. And they would be depressed. For others it was a combination of their TV and their DVD player. After all, Jack Bauer is back, and Olivia Pope is on a roll. Someone else said their wi-fi, or whatever gadget supplies it. They even dedicated the song “this is the air I breathe” to their wi-fi. Someone else, it was their laptop. For another, they said it should be obvious – ‘my fridge’. Enough said! But you can guess which gadget took the lead: The mobile phone.

We love technology. Whether it be our mobile phones, laptops, tabs – they all make life easier. In fact, in the 1800 industrial revolution Continue reading


#iGospel – #iInvest

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Today I would invite us to think a little about investments. Our sermon today is entitled #iInvest….

The big word for many decent Kenyans is Investment! Investments! Investments! ….In the past 20 years Kenyans have been on frenzy to invest in as many schemes as possible, from the stock market to farming to land prospecting, to chamas and not forgetting the infamous pyramid schemes and quail farming…etc….However in my interaction with many Kenyans it seems like most of them prefer short term investments and especially get rich quick schemes. Whilst majority of the population is desperately looking for means and ways on how to maximize their investments in the shortest time possible, time and again it has been proven that the world of successful investors is for those who have the patience to go the long haul…….

I must confess that I am one among the many that have Continue reading

God’s Christmas Shopping List – Pastor Richard Chogo

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Christmas is a time of shopping around. It is a time of great offers, it is a time of buying gifts for each other and people prepare for Christmas, and sometimes they do so for months before Christmas. Holiday packages are sold out long before April and people save just for Christmas they go out of their way to make plans for Christmas. In certain civilizations people have what they call a ‘Christmas shopping list…. For some people there are items that must be in the list….

If you had a Christmas shopping list for this Christmas what are three things that must be in that list?

A shopping list in many ways represents PREPARATION for Christmas, did you know that Continue reading

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