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How To Stay In Love – If You Want To Stay In Love …

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Have you ever fallen in love? Do you recall how it was to be in-love? How long did the feeling of love last?

June Series Flier Hill City- How to Stay in Love (Whatsapp & Instagram)

This month’s sermon series is delivered by Muriithi Wanjau(M.W) aka Pastor M, co-preaching with a trained psychologist who also happens to be his better half of the last 22 years Carol Wanjau(C.W).

M. W: It’s the easiest thing in the world to fall in love! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You could be rich/poor, young/old, outgoing/shy, educated or illiterate. It’s so easy to fall in love in fact most people Continue reading


Modern Family: It Takes All Types

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Everyone one of us has been/is part of a group of friends either at work, college, a chama or an accountability group etc. What’s the one outstanding thing you liked about that group?

Modern Family - Series Flier (Whatsapp).jpg

If you want to build the foundation for true and lasting success in 2016 and beyond, you need to realize that you cannot do it alone. Isolation is your enemy in your journey of purpose.

In Gen.2:18, God states during Creation that ‘It is not good for man to be alone’. We often take this verse to be talking about marriage. If it did, then Jesus Continue reading

Refresh Challenge: Dead Man Walking

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People often ask, “how much of my old self should I give up in order to be married to this person? What is reasonable and which areas are off limits?” These are not easy questions and many couples struggle to find satisfactory answers. Perhaps there are those who are not yet married because they are not willing to compromise on their freedom and their way of life.

Married or not, we all face similar Continue reading

Refresh Challenge – How You See Determines Who You Become

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Your experiences shape your perception. Your perception defines your attitude. Your attitude directs your actions. Your actions determine your destiny. Simply put, how you see determines who you become. Read Luke 19:11-27.

In this reading, we see three employees working in the same condition. One gives 1000% return, the second creates 500% return but the third doesn’t even attempt. What distinguishes the last worker from the first two? Continue reading

RefreshChallenge – Opportunity Of A Lifetime

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Would you read the sections on politics, lifestyle, sports or perhaps you would read the stocks pages to know where you should invest. Given a chance, many of us would select the stocks section. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Who in their right mind would pass up a guaranteed opportunity at success?

As we start a new year, some are optimistic that this is the year they get their big break. There are those who are rather pessimistic – they’ve gotten tired or cynical of waiting for their big break. Then, there are pragmatists who believe Continue reading

Refresh – Refresh Your Heart;Fueling Your Passion

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How do we fuel our passion when life inevitably happens?


One thing I love about the New Year is the passion that surrounds it. We are passionate to overcome the limitations of the past. We are passionate to finish what we began. We are passionate to start afresh and Continue reading

Refresh – Refresh Your Body; Leading From Rest

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Have you ever wondered why God would consider rest so important that it would even come before honoring parents, or murder, or adultery or stealing?


Read: Exodus 20:8-11

Why is our taking a day of rest so important to God? Three things…

  1. It aligns us to the correct reference point –

Part of the reason we don’t like to rest is that we’re afraid things might fall apart without our intervention. By setting aside one day out of every seven and dedicating it to God, the Israelites were symbolizing that God was the source of all that they had. When we neglect to stop and rest, then we’re saying Continue reading

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