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Refresh Challenge: Whose Feet Are You Washing?

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Imagine with me that you just got a new job at a very prestigious company you always dreamed of. Then the HR manager approaches you and informs you that you can choose whichever boss you would like, how would you describe your ideal boss?


Some people may say they want a boss who makes clear goals and targets that are achievable or challenges them to grow. Others want a boss who would involve them in decision-making.

The truth is most people want a boss who would give them a pay hike whenever they need it.

Today we will look at the greatest Continue reading


Step Out – Shift Focus

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This month we have been looking at the book of Joshua at a pivotal point in the journey to the Promised Land of the Israelites. In the first week we saw that God’s word for Mavuno in 2014 is that your time has come to step out into fearlessly influencing the various zones of influence He has called you to, including your family, your workplace and your society. We learnt that stepping out will require our courageobedience and initiative.  And then last week we learnt that faith is not real unless it is backed up by actions of surrender and that’s why we said, let God’s agenda define your agenda’ …So this week we want to continue with our friends, 001 & 002 who had just Continue reading

Step Out – Just Do It

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JANUARY SERIES  website homepage FLIER

Happy New Year! It’s an amazing thing to be alive for yet another year and definitely something to be grateful to God for. I’m glad to have gotten into 2014 and I’m looking forward to the great things that I’m sure God has in store for us as a community this year! I’d like to start us off with a question: what was your greatest dream growing up?

When you thought about the future and who you wanted to become, what you wanted to make of your life…what was your greatest desire? You know I had some pretty lofty dreams. I mean there was the dream of Continue reading

God’s Christmas Shopping List – Pastor Richard Chogo

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Christmas is a time of shopping around. It is a time of great offers, it is a time of buying gifts for each other and people prepare for Christmas, and sometimes they do so for months before Christmas. Holiday packages are sold out long before April and people save just for Christmas they go out of their way to make plans for Christmas. In certain civilizations people have what they call a ‘Christmas shopping list…. For some people there are items that must be in the list….

If you had a Christmas shopping list for this Christmas what are three things that must be in that list?

A shopping list in many ways represents PREPARATION for Christmas, did you know that Continue reading

Route To Greatness

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At the Fearless Awards, we celebrate all those at Mavuno who have served diligently throughout the past year. None of the great things that God has accomplished here over 2013 would have been possible if not for their service. When people ask me what is the secret of Mavuno’s impact, I say that #1, it’s clear that God’s blessings have been upon this church ever since we began 8 years ago – and for that we give God all the credit. And #2, it’s because of the team of fearless influencers who have believed in and radically owned this vision. Whether it’s teaching our children or managing our sound and video, whether it’s hosting our Continue reading

Finishing Strong – The Finishing Kick

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Dr. J. Robert Clinton, professor of leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary, estimates that only 30% of leaders in the Bible finished well. Only one in three biblical leaders fully cooperated with God over the long haul and experienced the corresponding results in ministry. Only a handful earned the right to echo Paul’s words, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim. 4:7)

At Mavuno, the home of the Fearless, our desire for you is to get to the end of each season of your life strong – to finish strong. You were made to finish honorably, with dignity and with strength. Life will happen but even when it does happen – your portion is to finish strong. You will get to the end of the year, of the season, of the assignment with dignity, purpose and in a way that honors God. This has been the focus of the series this month.

You started the year and have been slogging away and it feels like Continue reading

Finishing Strong – Press On Now

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What is one thing in your life that if you had known how hard it was going to be, you probably would never have started?’ 

Would your answer be something to do with…

Health – you paid the membership and joined the gym and even worked hard for the first couple of weeks. But then the going got tough! Or you started that health food diet with so much energy. But it’s proving tough to resist fries and chicken!

Education – some of you started ambitiously on a degree course but at some point you began wondering what you had been thinking!

Career – You prayed for that job and were really excited when you Continue reading

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