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Modern Family: It Takes All Types

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Everyone one of us has been/is part of a group of friends either at work, college, a chama or an accountability group etc. What’s the one outstanding thing you liked about that group?

Modern Family - Series Flier (Whatsapp).jpg

If you want to build the foundation for true and lasting success in 2016 and beyond, you need to realize that you cannot do it alone. Isolation is your enemy in your journey of purpose.

In Gen.2:18, God states during Creation that ‘It is not good for man to be alone’. We often take this verse to be talking about marriage. If it did, then Jesus Continue reading


Refresh Challenge: Attitude of Gratitude

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People in love are fascinating; they exhibit a deep and intense passion for each other that leads them to do things they ordinarily would not.

Nothing great is ever accomplished without passion; whether it’s successful business ventures, thriving marriages, or great literature. Passion is what drives scientists to find cures for diseases. It’s what drives athletes to break world records. It’s what motivates ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It’s the Continue reading

Refresh – Refresh Your Heart;Fueling Your Passion

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How do we fuel our passion when life inevitably happens?


One thing I love about the New Year is the passion that surrounds it. We are passionate to overcome the limitations of the past. We are passionate to finish what we began. We are passionate to start afresh and Continue reading

Is She Worth Fighting For? – Born to Bless: The Homemaker

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Who is more naturally inclined to take care of the home? Man or woman? And why?


This month’s series seeks to define the woman as God defined her: Is she worth fighting for? Who is that woman worth fighting for? What does it mean to be feminine? Last week we talked about the Queen: Beauty & Brains. Today we look at another quality of a great woman. The Homemaker:

The woman has come a long way. She has, in time past, and still today in some parts of the world, been assigned home and the kitchen as her exclusive place. During the industrial revolution, women stayed at home to nurture the children as the men went out there to look for provision as they worked in industries. Dads left home, and we have dealt with the absence and passivity of men at home since. Continue reading

Imagine Me -God Loves Unlikely Candidates

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Whose the person you would want on your team if you were going to change the world?

Imagine_Me_rev.400Last month, we went through the series ‘Press Play’ where we got to learn  what it means to  be a fearlessly influencer. WHY we engage – we demonstrate God’s presence in our lives by solving societal issues.  WHAT we engage – fearless influence begins right where you are.  WHO we engage – and the importance of finding the right people around you to engage with.  HOW we engage – and that a critical step towards becoming a fearless influencer is to create a definite plan.

In a sense, the series this month is a follow up to last month’s. The series is titled, ‘Imagine Me’ or ‘why ordinary people like you and I can change the world’. We will look at Continue reading

Money Wise – The State Of The Heart

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What’s one thing about your expenditure that would change if you really believed all your money belonged to God?


As much as I prefer not to speak about money, I realized that we are missing something as teachers of God’s word when we don’t, because the bible speaks a lot about money! If you’ve been coming to Mavuno for a while, then you know that Jesus spoke about money more than any other subject, except the kingdom of God! More than heaven and hell, and more than prayer and faith! Why? Because how we interact with money has huge impact on our relationship with God.

That’s why we often teach and talk about money at Mavuno. And this month, we want to learn some critical lessons about money from a billionaire Would you like to meet a real-life billionaire?

Today I want to introduce you to one! A man who makes Mayweather’s Continue reading

Position Yourself – Character

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Why is it that success and trustworthiness are not often synonymous in our generation?


The missing ingredient is one word; character. What is character? Author Bill Hybels famously described character as ‘who you are when no one’s looking’. Another word for character is ‘integrity’, which is defined as ‘the state of being whole or undivided’. When one has character, what they say they believe and who they really are on the inside are one and the same thing!
Continue reading

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