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The City Invasion

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March series flier

In your dreams, what would you want this city to be or look like?

This city was founded to be a city of cool waters! Nairobi is a Maasai name that means exactly that. It was to be a place where families settled, relaxed, lived in safety and the enjoyed the amazing climate. I celebrate this great city. We have wonderful parks (the only city with a national park in its backyard), hard-working and warm people, and some working systems. We have some excellent schools and colleges that attract people from a far. Excellent tropical climate. And so much more!

Now flip the coin. Do we have issues as a city? What frustrates you about Nairobi? Water shortages, power outages, car-jacking, crime, slums with unimaginable living standards, poor health care? Nairobi has issues. We all experience them, and no matter your economic class, you cannot be fully insulated from the problems of the city. Would you love to see the glory of Nairobi restored?

Read Nehemiah 1:1-11

Two things we learn from Nehemiah’s response, vs 4-11

  1. God cares about the city, and so should we! Nehemiah was moved by the story of the city. He grieved, wept and mourned. God has a dream for the city. God’s frustration is to see the world of difference between his plan for Nairobi and the present reality.
  2. Prayer avails the power! He went into a long conversation with God about the city. Asking for guidance, power to be able to do something, for favor before the king (leave of absence, letters and resources) and strength to overcome the opposition

What is the Nehemiah way? Touch the Heavens, Transform the City!

Prayer is the tool that bridges the gap between God’s dream for the city and the reality at our hands. Prayer welcomes the King (Matthew 6: 10) – Your kingdom come in Nairobi and your will be done here as it is in heaven. The way to invade our estates, neighborhoods and the communities around us is to use the weapons of prayer and action. 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us that our weapons are not worldly, but they are mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds.

To be effective, our prayers and acts of love should be guided by:

  • Information: Begin to investigate the needs and issues around your community. Find out the relevant info by looking at the history, structure, relationships and attitudes prevailing in the city and in your community.
  • Insight. As you pray for the city, God will give you insights into the community as he sees it. He may give you a vision, discernment, a word or a picture of what is or what is to come. Use this info for prayer and action.

It is time to invade the city. It is time to saturate our estates with prayer and love.

Touch the Heavens, Transform the City!

Nehemiah’s story ended well: “So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days. When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence, because they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God.” (6:15,16)

ABCs—How do we apply this?

  • Always start where you are; 10 mins prayer every day for your hood, ask your small group to do a prayer walk/ drive in your hood – pray on site with insight.
  • Be honest with what your part has been (action), how are you part of the problem—sort out the man in the mirror; what are the things I have not done I should have/could have done? (inaction)
  • Continue with the conversation; Acts 17: 26 ‘it is no coincidence you live where you live’ Keep it going, it’s both an event and a process. Nehemiah prayed and worked until the place was changed.

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Get Connected

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March series flier
Ever felt stuck and in need of getting some outside help? Ever felt like your effort at work, in a relationship, in life and in your Christian walk is far from enough? Ever felt overrun, overwhelmed, beaten down, pushed around and defeated? I guess we all have. There is a story in the bible that speaks into our situations of powerlessness.

Read Exodus 17:8-15

Notice the following:

  1. Israel was in trouble; the Amalekites outmatched them. (You are in trouble whether you know it or not. Life is a series of battles)
  2. Moses went up the hill to get connected and unleash the power – as Joshua fights on. He knew that firepower was not enough. (You have a powerful weapon in your hands)
  3. The Lord showed up and brought the victory! (The Lord is our Banner of Victory!)

The one message of this text is this: Pray to Connect, Unleash the Power!

Pray to Connect – Prayer is like plugging in to a power source. Your flat-screen TV or iPad will not work until you connect it to a power source. Prayer is an invitation to hang out with our Father, God. It is a privilege, a conversation with the Boss of the universe. It meets the most basic of human needs, a need to connect with the higher power. Prayer is the way to build relationship with the source of the Supernatural.

Like every other relationship, it will have lows and highs. But you don’t run from a relationship because things are not working, you make it work. God is always waiting to listen to our concerns and complications. To speak into our darkness and to encourage us in our weaknesses. To enjoy our presence and wipe away our insecurities. Deep in your heart, you crave for a connection with God. You need God – whether you feel neglected or not, he is still your best bet. Thomas Merton puts it this way: Prayer is an expression of who we are … We are a living incompleteness. We are a gap, an emptiness that calls for fulfillment.

Many times we try harder, work smarter, push more, fight fiercer and blame everyone. There is a better option, go hang out with the Most Powerful. Do not be too busy to seek for power. Unleash your secret weapon of prayer. You have got the power, but you need to unleash it through prayer. As long as Moses hands were lifted up, Joshua was winning. When we pray, God shows up and there is a showdown.

Unleash the Power!

God gave man the stewardship or management of earth. This is your territory. He waits for you invite him to work with you. Without God, you can’t; but without you God won’t! God wont do a whole lot of things if we do not ask. He is honored as a father if we partner with him. He will intervene once in a while even without our asking, but that is the exception.

There is a lot more you can do with God at the place of prayer than you can do by yourself. Why struggle all by yourself when you can partner with the source of all strength and power? When you work, you work. When you pray, God works with you.

Prayer is partnering with God to unleash the power that we so desperately need. Prayer avails the power of heaven. It is inviting kingdom power, laying a red carpet for the heavenly dignitary. Prayer opens up the highway for miracles, interventions, power encounters, transformation, change, action and invasion.

Pray to Connect, Unleash the Power!

The bible has powerful testimonies: A powerless Esther and a few women prayed and an entire plan of genocide was reversed. In Acts 12, the church turned to prayer to get Peter out of prison where he was waiting for execution. An angel came down, staged a prison-break and got the 16 guards executed by their boss. Elijah prayed and closed the heavens for 3.5 years. Then he prayed again and it flooded.

Pray to Connect, Unleash the Power!

The ABCs of prayer:

  1. Always start from where you are. You do not need to be Pst Linda, just pray in the best way you know how. You don’t have to pray in a certain way for God to hear. Set aside the 10, 20 or 30 minutes for a time with God daily.
  2. Be absolutely honest – come to God the way you are, don’t try and put on airs for him. Tell him what you feel about him and prayer. Express yourself to him and just talk. He will listen to you. He is waiting to connect with you as your Dad.
  3. Continue with the conversation throughout the day. You may need to keep at it. Don’t quit. Even when you don’t feel him, keep praying. You either pray and win or live the cycle of defeat. Prayer is your indispensable secret weapon.

What would happen if we all took up the invitation to prayer seriously, and despite our earlier experiences gave it a chance? I think we would begin to hear more stories of victorious living – transformation, healing, restorations at home, breakthroughs at work, successful relationships, wisdom in decisions and success in business.

Pray to Connect, Unleash the Power!

What would happen if we all took up the invitation to prayer seriously, and despite our earlier experiences gave it a chance? I think we would begin to hear more stories of victorious living – transformation, healings, restorations at home, breakthroughs at work, successful relationships, wisdom in decisions and success in business.

Pray to Connect, Unleash the Power.

Let us make prayer a priority and see what God will do. What would you like to pray about this month? List 3 things in a piece of paper. Hand that in and we will pray with you. Commit to pray daily over these items. Let us see what God will do.

This March at Mavuno..

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March series flier

Cyanide, atomic bombs, nuclear warheads… the world is marked by disastrous effects caused by these weapons.. this March at Mavuno , come and learn the power that is inside you, which if activated will release the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.. Prayer!. You’ve got the power!

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