Refresh Challenge: Service is the route to greatness

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Your business has grown and you’ve realised you need to hire a new Managing Director to grow it to the next level. What is the most important quality you would look for? Would you prefer a person who is ambitious and visionary,  willing to do whatever it takes to get your company to the top?


Jesus was the biggest story of his day. Wherever he went, huge crowds were waiting for him. For his disciples, this was exciting. It seemed that their gamble to leave all behind and follow this unknown rabbi was paying off. On the contrary, instead of celebrating his popularity, Jesus began telling his disciples of his impending Continue reading


Refresh Challenge: Whose Feet Are You Washing?

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Imagine with me that you just got a new job at a very prestigious company you always dreamed of. Then the HR manager approaches you and informs you that you can choose whichever boss you would like, how would you describe your ideal boss?


Some people may say they want a boss who makes clear goals and targets that are achievable or challenges them to grow. Others want a boss who would involve them in decision-making.

The truth is most people want a boss who would give them a pay hike whenever they need it.

Today we will look at the greatest Continue reading

Refresh Challenge – Prepared for Opportunity

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Which Is Your Default Money Habit? 


Since we began Mavuno, we have taught about money and how to manage money well. This is a lifetime topic that you can never hear enough about, and that we need to keep learning about money for the rest of our lives! When it comes to money we all tend to revert back to our default money habits. Continue reading

Jesus Can Do It for Me

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What does the Easter holiday mean to you?


The Easter story marks the most significant event in our Christian lives. The Easter weekend is when, through the death of Jesus you and I were reconciled with God. There was no hope for our sinfulness but God did it. Continue reading

Refresh Challenge – Ordinary People Engage

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If you were to participate in this opinion poll, what are the top three issues you would say you are concerned about? I imagine if a similar poll had been conducted in Israel in the times of Moses, the top three problems would have been an oppressive government, miserable working conditions and a rising cost of living. READ Ex. 1:6-14.

The Israelites are in Egypt, and are really being exploited economically and being treated ruthlessly. What was God’s response to all this? Because how He responded could give us some Continue reading

Refresh Challenge – Be The Difference

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What would you do if you had only six months to live? Scripture tells us of a guy who was very similar to us, who suddenly found himself on the other side of eternity. And from that side of eternity he discovered that his priorities were completely different from how he had been living. Read Luke 16:19-31

Many of us like this man are living our life with no inkling that at some point our number will be called. The reason is because the nature of life is that we are very focused on living life today. We are busy with the demands of day to day life. Continue reading

Refresh Challenge – My Future. My Choice

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When it comes to sex, are we acting in ignorance or do we understand the consequence of our choices?


We live in an over-sexualised society, and I believe our biggest problem today is our ignorance to the fact that our choices today will affect our tomorrow. We have separated what we do today from the life we live tomorrow. And this ignorance has resulted in stories of regret, confusion and pain. When it comes to sex, are we acting in ignorance or do we understand the consequence of our choices?

Today, we’re going to look at a story in the Bible of a man who was hugely successful, but one day made a choice that Continue reading

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