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The Four Horsemen Of Financial Ruin – The Panel Interviews

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What does it take to build wealth that lasts?


MW:   Good morning/afternoon Mavuno! How are you guys doing? It’s really great to be back home! Pst Carol and I have been away speaking at Nairobi Chapel this month, speaking about marriage and it went very well. We really did have a great time at Chapel, but all through the month I was thinking about Mavuno. I love this church and it is difficult being away from you guys – I just thought you should know that 🙂 Anyway, we kept hearing phenomenal reports about all the things going on here, and I couldn’t believe I was away! Throughout this month we have been celebrating 9 years of life-change at Mavuno. How many people can truthfully say – ‘my life or my family have been dramatically transformed for the better because of my being part of the Mavuno family?’ Come on, let’s celebrate God together!

I celebrate all the people who’ve given their lives to Christ here. I celebrate all the marriages and families that have been changed here at Mavuno. I celebrate all those who have discovered their purpose here and are living lives of fearless impact. I celebrate the many initiatives that have Continue reading

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