2016 Leaders Day


On 14th May 2016, hundreds of leaders from across the Mavuno churches congregated for our annual Leaders’ Day. This is a time of commissioning, envisioning and prayer, as we think through the past year (2015), and look ahead to the next ten years.

Below are some of the comments shared by Pastor Muriithi Wanjau, the senior pastor.


PART 1: The first ten years of Mavuno Church’s was marked by the following:

1. Life-change: Transformation of lives through the 10 years

2. Social Impact: Bawa La Tumainia and Maono are some of the initiatives that have been started by Mavunites and are impacting hundreds of thousands

3. New Churches: Mavuno Bujumbura, Mavuno Nakuru, Mavuno Thika, Mavuno Addis Ababa

4. Stable Facilities: The move to Hill City, the Hill City grounds

5. Global Impact: We have been moving to global impact by partnering with churches from around the world.

We celebrate what God has done in these 10 years – To God be glory!


PART 2: Next 10 years

The next ten years cannot:

a. Be achieved by human strength,

b. Be achieved alone

The next ten years will be characterised by the following three numbers – 54, 100,500

  • 54 – Represents culture defining church in every capital city in Africa
  • 100 – Represents 100 churches in the various counties within Kenya and African capitals
  • 500 –  represents 500 churches that will partner with Mavuno from around the world

The DNA Within: Inside every single follower of Jesus, is the potential for a world changing movement

  • Addition
  • Multiplication
  • Staff does, congregation supports
  • Congregation does, staff supports
  • Equipping all, sending some
  • Equipping all, sending all
  • Sending out pastors
  • Sending out everyone
  • Support vision through prayer and finances
  • Support vision through everything 24/7

The catalyst for this is multiplication in these areas – associates, life-groups, ministries, and churches.

Are you ready to Multiply? This is the commitment God is calling you to:

  • Commit to multiply
  • Commit to go
  • Commit to give

Feel free to include your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.



5 Responses to “2016 Leaders Day”

  1. It was inspiring to hear from one group that talked about prayer and fasting for the 54,100,500 vision. Another talked about using our personal transformed lives as a witness to bring people to Mavuno, for their own transformation.


  2. Hey! I wasn’t at Leaders Day today but I so get this. I honestly believe that if we all play our part, whatever that part is, then all things are truly possible. The one thing that makes me believe this even more is that it’s God that brings the increase. I honestly believe that by faith, in God, the church will truly be unstoppable. God will change the World!

    I’m excited to be part of such an awesome vision. Its audacity scares me a whole lot; it now demands that I must be truly Fearless. Me and every other Mavunite!


  3. Sue Kimuyu Says:

    Planting a church in Dubai city will be a great opportunity to plant churches in the gateway cities of the world. This is because Dubai is the melting pot of almost all people from around the world. People from different countries around the world work and reside there. When we impact people there they’ll go back to their countries and and spread the word. Am glad to have met Pastor Grace from mavuno hill city (who i met by chance after the meeting) who has the same vision as me. Basically I think Dubai holds the key to planting the church in the gateway cities of the world.


  4. I’m Josiah from Mavuno Lifeway. I’m 3Way committed to the Mavuno mission. How I think we can do it? As leaders we should equip and duplicate ourselves in our mentees, the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. I believe that LG leaders have a huge task ahead of them, because what I think is that LGs have to be incubators for leaders. No one should be aloud to coast in an LG but be challenged to take on responsibility of our mission and vision. Lastly, missions should start shifting from the Church pastoral teams to the LGs (Which I think is what Pastor M said).


  5. We never heard anything about the current church plants especially outside, how they are doing etc


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