Refresh Challenge: Finishing Well

As we began the year 2016 we wanted to start the year by waiting on God to refresh us. Our desire was that God would refresh us in every way – our minds, bodies, hearts, and calling, so that we can live with fresh energy the life He has called us to.


Many of us agree that it’s easier to start strong than to finish strong.  We start well but then in the process, life happens. We face external and internal challenges that make it very difficult to carry on and in that moment it is easier to give up and let go. We lack the energy to keep going on.  Now that you’ve finished this Refresh journey, how do you ensure your faith fire doesn’t go out? How do you ensure that you finish well – as passionate for God as you are now or even more?

Have you ever been lost when you didn’t get your directions right?

There are three things that I’ve discovered about all of this:

  • People who are lost rarely get lost on purpose.
  • You are never aware that you are getting lost.
  • You always end up where the road you’re on takes you.

The direction you take will lead you to a destination. Where you intend or desire to be is irrelevant for as long as you are on the wrong road. The outcome is that we ask God hard questions like “What’s wrong, God?” Well… what’s wrong is that you chose to walk down a path that would never get you to your desired destination.

In every area of our lives, the direction we take, not our intentions, hopes, dreams, prayer, beliefs…but the direction we take ultimately determines our destiny. To finish well we must be intentional to stay on the right course.

Scripture Hebrews 12:1-3

The author refers to our Christian journey as a race…not a sprint, not a dash but a marathon. One of the basic teachings of Christianity is so simple: It is not how you start that matters; it is how you finish. Not everyone in the Bible stayed in the right course and made it into the Hall of Faith.

The message today is this your direction determines your destination.

These are the two things we must focus on to stay on the course:

  1. Lay aside all Obstacles.

The obstacles come in two forms: weights and sins.  I once heard someone say, “If it’s not a wing, it’s a weight.” A weight is anything that hinders us from carrying out our calling, something non-essential to our mission, which consumes time, and energy that could be better used in advancing God’s kingdom. It could be anger, unforgiveness, seeking people’s approval, too much of sleep, social media, procrastination, watching tv and movie etc. that do not help us grow in our relationship with God.

The author also encourages the readers to get rid of “sins that so easily entangle”. This refers to sins which cling to, distract, entangle and cause us to trip as we walk on the right path. Whatever that sin is-lies, jealousy, bribery, gossip, sexual sin, greed, lust, disobedience-it must be stripped off and avoided at all costs.

Remember your direction determines your destination.

Ask God to give you the wisdom and courage to “see danger and take refuge,” because, as Proverbs 27:12 says, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

  1. Choose your Focus

This term rendered “keeping our eyes fixed” is one that has two-fold meaning. It first of all refers to looking away from something and then looking intently on something else. Often times, it’s the things or people that grab or capture our attention that influence the direction of our lives.

But not only do things & people capture or grab our attention, but there are those things or people we choose to give our attention to or pay attention to. Grabbing our attention captures our emotion. Giving attention is about intentionality

 Your direction determines your destination.

 Fix our eyes on Jesus.  Concentrate on Jesus – His Will and Purpose for our lives.  Allow Him to empower and inspire you, as He is your main trainer and equipper for your assignment.

What do you need to begin giving or paying more attention to after Refresh? How do you ensure your faith fire doesn’t go out? How do you ensure that you finish well – as passionate for God as you are now or even more?

Your direction determines your destination.

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