Growing, we believe that we can be and do a lot of things. When you grow up, you begin to realize that some things are impossible. You make your dreams realistic or practical. You begin to feel imprisoned by weaknesses, fears, generational issues and more. Then you look without – corruption, kanjo kingdom, politics, terrorism and other realities …You begin to wish you had special powers.

If you had special powers, what is one thing you would do or fix?

We all feel limited in some ways. We want to see change, but we feel limited, frustrated and disillusioned. There is always a desire in the human to tap into the supernatural and use the power thereof to fix human and earth’s problems. We want and actually need outside help. We were created with a desire to connect with the divine to overcome the limitations of the natural.


We have been going through refresh. We have talked about dying to self, serving, being good stewards, living in purity and impacting our industry and society. We have a work to do, but we need to be a certain kind of people with a certain enablement to do it. In Mavuno, our mission is turning ordinary people into fearless influencers of society. It does feel overwhelming to fearlessly influence society. Some have tried and succeeded to start an initiative. For others, it didn’t work. Some are struggling.

There is a story in the Bible that speaks to us in these realities 1 Samuel 10:1-11

In the Old Testament, certain people (kings, prophets & priests) were anointed for a purpose. The oil on them signified the coming of the spirit of God on them for the work they have been invited to. Saul is anointed by a prophet to be king.

There are 4 things God sends the Holy Spirit to do in our lives:

  1. Purpose:

The spirit comes upon us to lead us into and establish us in our purpose.

What is your calling? Which sector does God want you to become a witness in? What is the path God has invited you to take? What leap of faith will land you to your purpose? Invite the Holy Spirit to help you discover it and pursue it. Remember, you are anointed – set apart, recognized, empowered and accompanied to be and do.

The Holy Spirit is divine help to be and to do.  

  1. Power

We need supernatural power to get the job done. Power is the ability to do. The Holy Spirit comes as God to dwell in us and enable us do extraordinary things. Power to overcome limitations, to break through spiritual or generational limitations, experience miracles and establish the kingdom.

It takes more than Good to Great principles to build a God-organization. It takes more than effort to walk God’s path for you. We have worked by ourselves too long, we need the resource of heaven to impact the world.

Imagine walking daily in the power of the Holy Spirit. Imagine weekly stories of victory, marketplace miracles, family and marital healings and financial breakthroughs. Imagine the excitement in our life groups and on social media.

The Holy Spirit is divine help to be and to do.  

  1. Gifts 

We need the gifts and enablement of the Holy Spirit to get the mission accomplished.  Gifts are special abilities God gives us to serve his calling and mission in church and the world.

God has made gifts available to build the business he has invited you to, serve in the civil service, mother or father your children, teach in college or school, run an innovative business, start an initiative to empower the poor, set up a transformational mentoring program and fight societal ills as an activist – as well as to serve in church.

The Holy Spirit is divine help to be and to do.  

  1. Transformation:

When the power of the Spirit came upon us to change us. A new mission called for a changed man.  We need a change of heart – new character. We need the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The power may be faked, but the fruit cannot.   The greatest evidence of the Holy Spirit at work is Christlikeness in the life of a believer.

The highest achievement of the Holy Spirit is creating the fruit of the Spirit in us – day in day out.

The Holy Spirit is divine help to be and to do.  

So how do we walk a spirit-filled life?

  1. Wait – Saul was asked to wait for 7 days until the prophet comes to tell him what to do. The disciples were asked to go and wait in Jerusalem. They went to the upper room and waited. Waiting includes prayer, reflection, silence and expectation. Create time daily and regularly for prayer. Want and reach out for the Holy Spirit.
  2. Invite – Open your heart and mind to receive the Holy Spirit. Do not let your fears, pride, worldview and preconceptions deny you of the gift of the father. Clean the house and by faith receive the Holy Spirit and practice his presence daily.

The Holy Spirit is divine help to be and to do.  



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