Refresh Challenge: Service is the route to greatness

Your business has grown and you’ve realised you need to hire a new Managing Director to grow it to the next level. What is the most important quality you would look for? Would you prefer a person who is ambitious and visionary,  willing to do whatever it takes to get your company to the top?


Jesus was the biggest story of his day. Wherever he went, huge crowds were waiting for him. For his disciples, this was exciting. It seemed that their gamble to leave all behind and follow this unknown rabbi was paying off. On the contrary, instead of celebrating his popularity, Jesus began telling his disciples of his impending rejection, suffering and ultimately death.

Read – Mark 10.32-45

Jesus taught that true greatness is a paradox. The world teaches us that greatness comes as we step on others and grab positions for ourselves. However, Jesus taught, ‘whoever wants to be first must be slave of all’.

Here is an important truth: In God’s kingdom, service is the route to greatness

God created you to be a representative of His kingdom to impact the earth with the culture of heaven. You are created to impact society with God’s culture, until they look alike. Jesus taught us to pray, ‘may your kingdom come and may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.

As we influence society thus gain prominence and attention, pride and competition might creep in. We need to remember that in God’s kingdom, service is the route to greatness but greatness is the route to further service. It’s a virtuous cycle. Too many people jump straight into impacting society without learning the lessons of servant leadership. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! As a result, when power comes, people become corrupted. The job of the church is to prepare you for kingdom impact.

A major reason many Christians stop growing is that they are not serving.  Serving God’s people through gifts and abilities is essential to Christian maturity. The minute you stop serving, you start dying. Pastor Rick Warren puts it this way, ‘what matters most is not the duration of your life but the donation of your life…not how long you lived but how much you served’.

Serving moves you from consumer to contributor, from spectator to servant, from tourist to team member. You don’t just serve at church because the church needs you to serve; you serve at church because that’s where you train to be the servant leader God is calling you to be.

In God’s kingdom, service is the route to greatness.

As the Lord blesses us with promotions at work and families, let us be careful not to retire from serving. Learn how to motivate and lead without stepping on people. Learn to serve the public selflessly and cheerfully. Jesus lived a life of impact that was attractive to everyone around him. He was a go-getter par excellence; he knew what he wanted and went for it. He used the route of humble service and went all the way to the top. God does not condemn your ambition. He only proposes another way of getting there. The route of service will get you to the top, keep you there, and make your life attractive.


Matthew 19:28, Mark 9:33, Philippians 2:5-11

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