Refresh Challenge – Ordinary People Engage


If you were to participate in this opinion poll, what are the top three issues you would say you are concerned about? I imagine if a similar poll had been conducted in Israel in the times of Moses, the top three problems would have been an oppressive government, miserable working conditions and a rising cost of living. READ Ex. 1:6-14.

The Israelites are in Egypt, and are really being exploited economically and being treated ruthlessly. What was God’s response to all this? Because how He responded could give us some insight into how we his children are to respond. READ Exodus 3: 7-8.

Before God gave the nation of Israel a spiritual solution in the form of the Ten Commandments, he intervenes to address their physical, social and economic condition. Supposing we know or even believe that we should engage, the reality of our circumstances is that many of us have many good reasons for not engaging in the work of changing the physical and social and economic challenges around us.

God calls Moses to intervene in the affairs of Israel and despite his personal sense of inadequacy God works through him to change the situations around him. MY ONE POINT IN THIS MESSAGE IS THAT GOD INTERVENES THROUGH ORDINARY PEOPLE.

Moses was an ordinary guy looking after sheep, a job he had done for 40 years, but before that he had been taught in all the wisdom and the learning of Egypt. A majority of us here are very exposed just by the sheer fact that we live, study, work and hustle in the city of Nairobi. It is us that God is going to use to intervene at the level of structures in this nation. Possibly Moses could have excused himself on the basis of the fact that he had not been in Egypt for 40 years. The challenge for many of us however is that we can allow our lives to be such a bubble that we cannot see and we don’t want to see. What does it mean for me to see? The big question is how we can step out of our comfort zone in order to see? GOD INTERVENES THROUGH ORDINARY PEOPLE.

Many of us want a quick fix and a feel good intervention. We take comfort in the fact that we have run a marathon and contributed to a worthy cause but don’t want to take the trouble to ask the hard questions about accountability in the use of public resources for our public health care systems.

  1. GOD INTERVENES: God is taking a good hard look at the physical, social and economic conditions in this nation, because this is His nature. It is how He operates. When we think about all the different challenges, He is not asking you and I to start something new. This is what He has been doing. He does want to address the physical, social and economic challenges in this country. It does not start with my effort. It starts with God’s heart for his people.
  1. GOD INTERVENES THROUGH ORDINARY PEOPLE: Secondly, God works through ordinary people: God is calling us to take a good long hard look at the situation, to hear the people’s cry and to come to where they are to help them. What are the material needs around us? God will intervene through you. God is calling us to what he does… take a good long look. God intervenes through ordinary people.



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