Refresh Challenge – Be The Difference


What would you do if you had only six months to live? Scripture tells us of a guy who was very similar to us, who suddenly found himself on the other side of eternity. And from that side of eternity he discovered that his priorities were completely different from how he had been living. Read Luke 16:19-31

Many of us like this man are living our life with no inkling that at some point our number will be called. The reason is because the nature of life is that we are very focused on living life today. We are busy with the demands of day to day life.

This guy who had been living in the lap of luxury completely changed his priorities after he was given a glimpse of eternity. His immediate priority was to get some comfort in the midst of his torment and to send an urgent message to his brothers to help spare them the torment he was going through. The rich guy seems to have been surprised by his reality.

Maybe this is where many of us are… We have heard that heaven and hell exist, but it is a distant reality for many of us. The biggest issue is the we are blinded by the life that we are living. A lot of us are also scared by death. So we bury our heads in the sand. For most of us if we were given a few months to live our priorities would change completely. My one point in this message is: Had he known he would have prepared!

Many of us are trying to be equipped for the world we know, and all we know is what we are experiencing now. We are caught up in all sorts of temporal pursuits.

The things you are after today, how are they stopping you from preparing for eternity?  Most of us spend most of our energy thinking about our future here. We hardly spend any time and energy thinking about our eternal future both for ourselves and our friends and family.  What this passage helps us to see is that there is a cap, and once that door is closed and that is it. Whatever we discover on the other side is irrelevant.

The rich man tries to send word to the people close to him, his immediate circle. Who are those people who matter the most to you that if you needed to tell them to have a relationship with God would be your top priority?

What is God calling us to do?

Step One: INTERNALISE: Write five names of people in your life who don’t have a relationship with God. Intrenalise their faces and picture their future.

Step two: INVEST in relationships with these people. Don’t share an agenda, but a genuine love for Christ with them.

Step three: INVITE people to spaces they can encounter the Gospel. Don’t give excuses for not evangelizing when you get on the other side.




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