Refresh Challenge: Attitude of Gratitude


People in love are fascinating; they exhibit a deep and intense passion for each other that leads them to do things they ordinarily would not.

Nothing great is ever accomplished without passion; whether it’s successful business ventures, thriving marriages, or great literature. Passion is what drives scientists to find cures for diseases. It’s what drives athletes to break world records. It’s what motivates ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It’s the only way to live out your God-given purpose.

During week 3 of the #RefreshChallenge, we learn how to practice what we call the ‘spiritual disciplines’ of spending time with God; listening to Him in His word and speaking with Him in prayer. These practices are the key to a vibrant, passionate and fearless life. However, these same practices could actually block you from living the life that God created you for.

Read Luke 7:36-50 NIV.

In this scripture, when Jesus compared the faith of Simon with that of the prostitute, He preferred the prostitute’s faith to that of Simon. How could that be? The answer lies in a very simple word – ‘passion’.

The Pharisee had mastered all the spiritual disciplines, but it seems he had forgotten their purpose. He may have started out with a real love for God, but with time, his heart had grown cold, and his faith had become a dry to-do list. On the other hand, the prostitute was so aware of how much she was forgiven that she could not hold back her love for Jesus.

When it comes to relationship God, your attitude is directly proportional to your gratitude! 

There are two attitudes of gratitude we need to have:

  1. Risk: The woman in the reading risked a lot including her dignity by performing a menial task only carried out by slaves – washing Jesus’ feet and wiping them with her own hair. In her eagerness to serve Jesus, she did not care.

Read Psalm 51:17

  1. Extravagance: Simon had not done anything wrong in his hospitality. However, it was just enough to meet the minimum requirements. The woman though, gave extravagantly beyondany requirements. She understood what God had done for her. How often do Christians saunter into church late? How often do we pray like it’s a duty and skip it altogether when we’re busy?

Remember, your attitude is directly proportional to your gratitude!  

What do you do when you discover that your heart has become hard, and you are losing your passion?

  1. Confess to God your cold heart and ask Him to restore your first love: Psalms 51:12
  2. Commit to prioritize spending time with God every day: Pray, read the Word, and journal.Your disciplines fuel your passion, and your passion fuels your discipline.

Other readings: Psalm.51:17, Jeremiah 29:13, Ezekiel 36:26

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  1. How do you discover that you are losing your passion?
    As I ponder on that.


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