Refresh – Refresh Your Heart;Fueling Your Passion

How do we fuel our passion when life inevitably happens?


One thing I love about the New Year is the passion that surrounds it. We are passionate to overcome the limitations of the past. We are passionate to finish what we began. We are passionate to start afresh and achieve new things. And so we set goals and we launch out into the year with renewed passion.

But all too soon, the reality of January begins to sink in. Life happens. It’s back to work, back to paying bills & school fees and buying uniforms. It’s back to living for the weekend. Life inevitably takes a toll on our passion. And pretty soon, it’s easy to find ourselves just hanging in there, and just surviving through the year. Life has a way of diminishing our passion. This is true in all areas of our lives. But nowhere is it more true than in the things of God.

Our Sermon text is 2 Timothy 1:15-17

Because of his friend Onesiphorus, apostle Paul was refreshed in his faith and in his passion. Interestingly, ‘Onesiphorus’ means ‘bringing profit’ or useful’. And that’s exactly what he was to Paul. He refreshed Paul in two ways that are a great lesson for us…

1.By His Presence

Onesiphorus just showed up! Just being with someone in their time of need says, “I care about you and I’m here to stand with you”. In this age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and chat, we often misunderstand the value of presence. So we tweet ‘RIP’ and ‘So sorry’ or ‘tuko pamoja’ and we feel that we have represented. And in a way we have. But nothing beats the presence of a loving friend who just shows up! You know, presence costs!

2.By His Acceptance

Paul says that Onesiphorus ‘was not ashamed of my chains.’ There are people who are ready to accept you with your issues if you let them in. People who are ready to walk with you and pray with you but the truth of the matter we often feel we’re too busy for them We need each other. We all struggle sometimes and whether we admit it or not, we all need people to help us up in our lives. This is why it’s important to be involved in a Life Group or a ministry team with other people who are like-minded.  For those of you who have thought many times, “Maybe I should do that or try this,” I hope this is the day when you realize, “I’m GOING to do that!”

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