Press Play – Influence Requires a Definite Plan

After you have figured out why I need to engage, what to engage and who to engage, what next?


Many of us have interest in something but we have no plan. If you had a friend for instance who had quietly expressed to you his interest in a beautiful lady, but over the course of several months, was not making any progress in actually doing anything about his feelings what would you say? The guy has been telling himself I really like this girl, I like how she walks, I like the way she laughs. Whenever he talks to you he tells you how he feels this girl, how he thinks she could be the one, how deeply she connects with worship and how friendly she seems to the people around her. What would you advise the guy?

For everyone, there is an area that interests you and you feel that this needs to change but how do you start and what do you do.

Nehemiah 2:1-9

Nehemiah was one guy who had an interest and did something about it. What made Nehemiah different from the rest of us was that he was ready with a plan. To influence society you must have a strategy, a plan, you must determine your approach or line of attack.

Nehemiah’s brother Hanani, returned from Jerusalem, reported on the sorry state of affairs in the Jewish capital. Nehemiah’s position as the king’s cupbearer gave Nehemiah access to the monarch and considerable influence.

There are many things we want to do but if asked by the people who can actually make a difference we don’t have a clear answer. And to make it worse as Christians, when people ask what we need, we usually say, give whatever you can give. When the king asked Nehemiah, he was ready with an answer.

Fearless influence starts with a definite plan

There are other places in life where we see people impacting society because they have a plan.

This week the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit was taking place in Nairobi. At the pre-global entrepreneurship summit, innovators had the opportunity to display their solutions to the entire city. In this space 450 startups were given a simple space to display their ideas. One of the most exciting solutions was a water dispenser that works like an ATM machine. At present people in the low income areas buy a 20 litre jerry can of water for the price of 50-100 shillings. This means that they are always at a disadvantage because those of us who pay for piped water in our homes get it at the cost of 2 shillings a litre… with this new ATM dispenser the Nairobi County Government is able to supply 20 litres of water at 50 cents, which means that people can access clean water at an affordable price.

It was clear that some of the ideas were still in the raw stages but at least they had a simple plan. As a result of writing their idea, and sharing it at the pre-global summit, they were able to make contacts and get perspectives they had not considered.

Lessons to learn:

Write: If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have a business plan you need to write one down. Research the area of interest to get facts and figures.

Share: Share your idea with people to keep you accountable and help you think through it so that you consider what you had not thought through.

Ask: Be willing to ask for help.

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