Press Play – Becoming The Change Agent

How do we move from being people who murmur to people who actually influence society?

Press_Play_400You don’t have to tell Kenyans what is wrong with the society around us, we know the problems and we seemingly have the solutions if social media is anything to go by. Even in casual conversations on the street or in the matatu, Kenyans are discussing the society around us. Many of us are doing the bare minimum. The hash tag has become the new tool for engagement.

We are master murmurers. Social media is murmuring. There is hardly anything that comes out that is strategic. A lot of it is just murmuring but we don’t go beyond it. There is a comfort in the fact that we are all suffering. But in the interaction on social media, there is a feeling that the solution does not depend on me, but on someone else… Someone else who is in the position of responsibility, someone else who has been elected or appointed or who is being paid is responsible to solve the problems, not me…

Many of us feel that we are caught up in our present circumstances… when I am finished with me, I will do those things you guys are calling me to do. I have my issues, when I am finished with my issues, I can plug in. No one wants to take responsibility. Most of the time most of us think we have enough challenges to keep us busy. We are not looking for more work. So when big problem appears, if we can get away with ignoring the information we will.

How do we move from being people who murmur to people who actually influence society?

Acts 6:1-7

A dispute arose in the church between groups. The Grecian Jews and the Hebraic Jews. Between these subgroups there were certain barriers: language and culture barriers. There was also tension and discrimination. The problem is that the Hellenistic widows of the Jerusalem church are being overlooked in the daily distribution of food.

Incidentally there are many  rumblings of discontent in our society today. Back to the Widows, the important thing is that their concerns are valid. For their part, the apostles do not ignore the problem or try to hold on to this important responsibility. Members of the congregation are asked to choose seven people who can take care over the social service work of the church.

The twelve obviously had great stature and power in the church community and could have chosen the leaders on their own. They do not do it. The apostles turn the authority for working out the solution of the problem to the church.

Like these widows many of us are part of the community and from our vantage point in society, either our neighborhood or our profession or sector, we are in touch with situations that are unfolding. And just like the widows we are embroiled in tension and suspicion, and quarreling.

The turning point in this story however is the identification of the seven change agents. Someone had to be decisive about that otherwise we were going to lose the plot. What is clear in this passage is that while it is granted that there are problems in society, there are certain people within the same community who have the capacity to provide solutions to the problem.

You and I are the ones who have the responsibility to go and do something… Influence is making the decision to do something about the situation. Stop Murmuring and start playing your part.

Stop murmuring and start playing your part otherwise God is going to use someone else. So how do we become change agents? Look around you, where are the rumblings of discontentment. In the words of one grocery store in the UK, ‘Every little helps.’

The first time we ever hear of these seven men, is when they rise up to meet the challenge of addressing this problem. After that in fact we only hear of Philip and Stephen, we never hear of the other five again. Maybe if these seven had not come to the fore we would never have heard of them. And there is nothing in the passage to suggest that they were not part of the dispute. The way for us to hear about you  is for you to step up.

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