Money Wise – The State Of The Heart

What’s one thing about your expenditure that would change if you really believed all your money belonged to God?


As much as I prefer not to speak about money, I realized that we are missing something as teachers of God’s word when we don’t, because the bible speaks a lot about money! If you’ve been coming to Mavuno for a while, then you know that Jesus spoke about money more than any other subject, except the kingdom of God! More than heaven and hell, and more than prayer and faith! Why? Because how we interact with money has huge impact on our relationship with God.

That’s why we often teach and talk about money at Mavuno. And this month, we want to learn some critical lessons about money from a billionaire Would you like to meet a real-life billionaire?

Today I want to introduce you to one! A man who makes Mayweather’s money look like pocket change, a man who trumps the Forbes list of the richest people in the world with his wealth, a man who is rich beyond imagination. And his name is (drumroll please) King Solomon! He’s the billionaire we’ll be interacting with this month. Fortunately for us, in addition to being a billionaire, Solomon was also a great teacher, and he didn’t keep his wisdom to himself.

He wrote many books, three of which are in the bible: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. We’ll be learning a lot from the first two this month.

Today, however, we want to start at the beginning. Turn with me to 2 Chronicles 1:7-9: Many of us have heard about a peculiar incident early in the reign of King Solomon when he had a very deep conversation with God. Let’s read what happened…. READ That night God appeared to Solomon. God said, “What do you want from me? Ask.” 

Okay, pause for a minute; how many of us would love for God to drop that question to you right now? How many know that the answer to that question can sort out the tens of issues that you currently are grappling with?

The God of all the universe basically gave Solomon a blank check to fill in; he told Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted! One of the questions that I asked myself when I read this, is, ‘why Solomon?’ I mean, it’s not like the guy really needed it! Solomon was already a king, why didn’t God chose a random, broke Israelite guy or chic to bless with that question? And it almost feels as if it is a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer! Do you sometimes feel like God is just blessing those he has always blessed and that you have to claw and fight for your blessing? You’re fasting and praying forty days for a breakthrough, and here, God just randomly appears to Solomon and gives him a blank cheque to ask for whatever he wanted!

So I decided to go back and look at this familiar story to see whether there was anything that made Solomon so special. To my surprise, there is an incident that happened just before this that I believe prompted the conversation between God and Solomon. Let’s go back to the beginning of the chapter 2 Chronicles 1

Now think about that for just a little bit. Solomon worshipped God by giving 1000 of his prime animals as an offering! Please note, there is nowhere in the bible that we are told that God had asked for this! This was not a normal or regular offering. Out of his own volition, without being asked or instructed, Solomon saw it fit to make this huge gift to God. Now, not everyone keeps cows here so let’s do the math. The bible doesn’t give a breakdown of the animals so let’s say the sacrifice consisted of cattle, goats and sheep. A healthy bull is valued at say KSH 100,000 and we value goats and sheep at say KSH 9,000 on average. If we were to put KSH 50,000 as the average cost of each animal offered, it means that in one day, Solomon made sacrifices valued at a minimum of KSH 50,000,000! That is an incredulous amount! But the animals weren’t the only cost: think about the cost of getting the job done. Think about gathering all those animals in one place, the man power to slaughter all those animals, the sharp knives and other equipment needed to make that offering. With all our technology today, meat production plants boast of being able to slaughter 1000 animals a day. How many people did Solomon hire for this? What kind of fuel costs were involved? I mean even the logistics for this operation are mind boggling!

Now here’s what my imagination tells me. At that moment when the offerings were being made, many people all over the earth were worshiping God. Some genuinely, some not so genuinely. Some in prayer, some with actions, some with song and dance. God is seated on His throne in heaven and in the midst of all that worship, one guy stands out because he’s doing something ridiculous. God is probably thinking “I didn’t ask him for an offering.” But there he is, making a crazy sacrifice! And that night, after that huge, voluntary sacrifice, God himself came down and appeared to Solomon with that question:“What do you want from me? Ask.” It is as if God is saying, ‘Solomon, are you crazy? ALL that for me? Hey man, what do you want!’

What can we learn from this story? It’s this; the use of your wealth reveals the state of your heart.

Many of us would love for God to bless us exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or imagine, but our actions, driven by the state of our heart, reveal that our hearts are very far from God. We would love for Heaven to stop to our attention and the floodgates to open, pouring out wealth. But what is the true condition of our hearts? There’s one sure way to find out… the use of your wealth reveals the state of your heart.

Solomon’s giving was driven by a love for God. Solomon didn’t give to show off, he didn’t give because he was forced to, he didn’t give because God had asked him to. Solomon gave because he understood that it was God who had blessed him in the first place; that it was God who owned everything he had. Therefore he had absolutely no hesitation in honoring God with what God had blessed him with. Some might argue that Solomon was rich and probably the 1,000 animals was really nothing to him. Wait till God blesses me with that job or gives me that promotion or sorts out my issues, and you’ll see how I’ll become a serious giver! But that’s putting the cart before the horse. If your attitude towards money is fearful and tightfisted when you have a little, it will continue to be fearful and tightfisted even when you have a lot! The use of your wealth reveals the state of your heart

Now I can already imagine someone here thinking that this sermon is about giving. Not really! Do you know it’s possible to give a lot of money to the church and yet still have a heart that is cold towards God? YEP! That’s one of my problems with the prosperity gospel. Its focus is entirely on giving and it teaches that you have to sow a seed if you want to guarantee God’s blessings in your life. But while God’s word does teach about the importance of giving, this single focus is very ‘self-centered’. It’s about what can I do for God to make Him give me what I need? It’s almost like how a farmer feeds his or her chickens. Have you realized that farmers don’t feed chickens because they love chickens! They do it so that the chickens can grow big enough to sell for meat or to have many eggs. Farmers don’t feed chickens for the chicken’s sake but for the farmer’s sake!

James 4:2 says, ‘you do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with the wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures’ Solomon didn’t give his huge offering in order to boast or to impress. He did it because of his love for God. He caught God’s attention because of his expression of his love for God, and as a result God was ready to trust him with anything that he asked for. It seems to me that God looked at how Solomon was using his wealth and said, ‘there goes a person who is completely surrendered to me and to my purpose for him. And because he is, I am ready and willing to give him anything that he might ask for to accomplish that purpose’.

If we were to see on a video screen how you’ve spent your money in 2015, what would it say about the state of your heart? The mistake we make is when we think that God is only interested in our giving. But imagine if you had a broker who kept 80% of your money to meet overheads (leather seats, nice car, good school for kids) and only returned 20% back to you – what would you do? Probably not something we want to say aloud in church!

And yet the reality is that ALL our money is God’s. Psalms 23:1 The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it…

He is interested in how we invest it for His purposes.

The reason why many of us will NOT receive more blessing – bad managers of the little we have… if God made us rich, we’d miss heaven. So the best thing for us… keep us poor!

What’s one thing about your expenditure that would change if you really believed all your money belonged to God?

I want you to take a moment and think about your highest dreams and aspirations. Those things which if you achieve them, you will consider your life to have been successful. Those dreams don’t even come close to how far God wants to raise and build you up. This is true even of our finances.

I believe God wants to raise up millionaires and billionaires from right here in our midst because the mission that God has called us to is a costly one. Changing the world is an expensive affair and money makes it possible to do that. Even Solomon in Ecclesiastes 10:19 admitted that money answers all things!

If God looked in this room for people to whom He can entrust significant resources for His purpose, would He pick you? Can He look at you and see someone He can trust with greater resources? The answer to that question lies in another one: what is the state of your heart first?

Here’s a thought for you: many if not all of us are trusting God for greater resources. “God, please let that deal go through coz if it does, I’ll be sorted for the next year.” “God help me get a promotion so I can make more money.” Many times our prayers are genuine and they’re based on real needs. But could it be that God, on the other hand, is looking down at us and is also asking a question: “who genuinely loves me that I can pour wealth to so that My kingdom may be established?” Could it be that even as we seek God for wealth, God is seeking people to give wealth to? Could it be that the challenge is that when He gets to me he’s not convinced that if He increased my finances phenomenally, He would still be in control and not me? God is looking for people who, like Solomon, love him so much that they are willing to give everything to expand God’s kingdom.

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  1. very good there a service on suturday?


    • @ Andrew, sorry for replying eons later 😦 No, there is no Saturday service just the 9 and 12 o’clock Sunday services. Be blessed


  2. Nduta Ng'ang'a Says:

    this teaching made me realize that my expenditure does not demonstrate that I love God, that i put Him first. This has challenged me.


  3. It’s been hammered into my head for as long as I could understand a spoken language that this section of the bible talks about giving – give over and above and you’ll catch God’s attention. How to manipulate God is all I’ve ever heard!
    Awesome new perspective!


  4. Wait, what was the homework? The video cut out before the homework was given. Can someone help a sister out?


    • @Fresh, the homework was praying for expenditure you make this week, and this seeks to involve God in your daily use of money. The assignment for the second sermon is reading through the book of Proverbs. The book has 31 chapters, the assignment is to read at least one chapter a day. Be blessed 🙂


  5. Wow, its homework indeed. On it


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