Undeserving – Hope Resurrected

How would you describe the first quarter of 2015?


Great – You have exceeded your expectations? (Thank God)

Okay – Nothing big to write home a bout!

Disappointing – Some things you hoped would have happened by now have not? A change of job, financial goals, relationships, etc

Many of us have begun to manage expectations. It looks like after all, this is going to be a year like the last. For some, something has died. Passion, a dream, hope, a relationship,

The disciples had been with Jesus for three years. They were waiting for the kingdom to come. In fact, severally they had argued about who would take which slot. Masses followed the rabbi everywhere. They were enjoying being part of the movement.

Then, he was arrested. They kept waiting for a divine intervention. Nothing. He is tried by the Jews and by the Romans. He is declared innocent but handed over to be crucified. Then, deep darkness covers town for three hours. He dies.

For the disciples, death was like end of things. It went dark … What happens next? Was it a hoax? Yea yea, he said he will rise again…but who does? Is this how it ends?

Then, the resurrection ….

What the heart is to the body, the Passover (death and resurrection) of Christ is to Christianity. Jesus was born to die. When the Jews were asking for a sign, he told them that only one sign would be given… the sign of Jonah. When Peter was telling him not to talk of dying, Jesus said, “Get behind me Satan.”

The people in Jerusalem saw Jesus die. In fact, the roman soldier used a spear to confirm. Water and blood flowed. He was dead. He was buried in a grave given by a member of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish equivalent of the Supreme court that sentenced him.

On the third day, they could not find his body. He was gone.

Did the resurrection really happen and what is the implication? Luke 24:1-12

Because he lives, I can face tomorrow!

The resurrection did happen and a few things testify to it:

Jesus had predicted it severally and his word is truth! (Verses 5-7)

The tomb was found empty, and yet it was under guard! (Verse 3)

Women were the first ones to get there, then men followed to confirm. It was culturally risky and suicidal to use women as first witnesses. Yet the story stood the test of time

He appeared to hundreds of people, including the disciples as the resurrected Christ.

The story was written within the generation that witnessed the happenings. And it was not effectively refuted; instead the faith grew in great numbers.

The faith has continued to grow until today! 2000 years of Christianity with transformations, miracles and resolve to follow Christ

Because he lives, I can face tomorrow!

Hope beyond death, broken relationship, buried hopes, unexciting career, dying dreams.

Jesus is alive, resurrected. He conquered the grave, and will conquer every obstacle for us. He worked mightily with the followers in the book of acts – healing the sick, changing lives and even communities. Religious, business and public leaders were among those who converted.

And he is alive today. Has he touched you? Changed your life? Met your needs? Given you words of life for your hope and comfort? He is worthy of our praise. The power that raised him from the dead is available for us.

To resurrect dead lives, relationships, projects, crushed hopes Luke 22:14-20

That is why we must remember him as he instructed. We take the bread to remember his broken body and take the juice to celebrate the life-giving blood, which was shed for us. Because he lives, I can face tomorrow!

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