Position Yourself – Successors

Who is one person in your life who believed in you and helped you to accomplish more than you could have imagined?


Veteran leader and author J. Oswald Sanders once said, ‘the true test of a person’s leadership is the health of the organization when the organizer is gone’.

In our culture, succession is often a foreign thing and we are used to leaders imposing their succession plans to us while they are at their deathbeds or leaving the people to figure out issues after they’re dead. And we all know the aftermath of such transitions. Many times the issue of raising up younger leaders is often a sensitive issue, in offices, churches, ministries and even our homes!

Its easy to see this weakness in national and corporate leaders but what about you? How about in your office with your colleagues? Or at home with your children or younger siblings? In whatever responsibility you are carrying right now? Do you have a successor in place? Are you raising people or are you using people? This is a life and death issue! No successors, no future! 

Three reasons you must be in the business of raising successors…

GROWTH – It allows for your growth. It frees you to have greater impact.

CAPACITY – Your business/ministry/family is able to accomplish more because it has many capable leaders who can do much more than one superstar!

CONTINUITY – Your vision needs to outlive you. You can only carry it so far and you’ll need someone else who can carry it beyond you!


In 2015, if you want to position yourself for success beyond 2015, then remember, no successors, no future! 


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