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What are the most important things you are really looking forward to accomplishing with God’s help in 2015? 


We all have strong desires! It’s part of what makes us human. Our day to day busyness sometimes crowds out this fact, but each of us was made to pursue and accomplish worthwhile God-sized goals and to have an eternal impact. And yet not everyone will see their dreams turn into reality. Not everyone will have an impact on this planet that will outlive them.

We’re beginning a brand new series called POSITION YOURSELF. As the New Year begins, I sense that God’s word is that if we want to enjoy godly success in 2015 and beyond and if we don’t want our success to one day destroy us then we must position ourselves – by ensuring that certain qualities are in place in our lives.

Exodus 18:13-27 (NLT)

Moses had two main jobs. As Israel’s judge, he adjudicated in disputes between them and made legal judgments. As Israel’s priest, he represented the people to God and taught them God’s ways. But Jethro immediately noticed that he was doing the right thing the wrong way. And you know the right thing done the wrong way is the always the wrong thing! That’s why Jethro rebuked him in v.17, “What you are doing is not good”. Jethro suggested that he set up a system in which others could help him manage the majority of the cases that took up most of his time. This would allow Moses to focus on doing what he was uniquely qualified to do – to intercede with God for the people, to teach them God’s ways, and to decide the difficult cases.

This is a valuable lesson for us today. We may desire to be successful and to have a lasting impact. But if we lack systems, then our dreams will remain just dreams. And whatever success we manage to achieve will actually destroy us! This is true for you regardless of, if you’re starting a ministry, running a business, growing in your career, taking a study course or running a household… Without systems, your goals are nothing but a dream! 

Why do we find it so difficult to create good systems? Several reasons…

Giftedness– Many of us are victims of our own giftedness.

Feeling Needed– The problem is that when you put in such systems, people stop needing you so much.

Busyness– Like Moses, we are busy people, working hard to cope with the demands of our various roles on our time. Our response when someone points to a need for better systems in our homes, at work or in our business is to say we just don’t have the time.

Because of inadequate systems, we pray for money but have no budgets or set priorities! We pray for promotion but don’t understand our bosses’ job! We pray for more business but haven’t grown our employees to manage it. We are just not prepared to succeed! The result is small, informal, unstructured and unsustainable success built around individuals that last only one generation at most. You see, without systems, your goals are nothing but a dream!

What systems have you set to position yourself for impact in 2015 and beyond? I want to talk about several basic systems that you could begin to set up and apply in your life.

Goal-management system– Do you have a system where you regularly check-off progress towards your goals?

Time-management system – do you have a system that helps you ensure that you give priority to your important relationships with family and friends, that you are sleeping and eating healthily, exercising regularly and that you are faithfully spending time with God?

Money-management system– do you have a system to ensure you track and manage your expenses, tithe, save and invest consistently?

People management system, – do you have a system to ensure you delegate those things that others can do so that you are left doing those things that only we can do?

Your success is only as good as your systems. Remember, without systems, your goals are nothing but a dream!

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8 Responses to “Position Yourself – Systems”

  1. wow!!!!!!i needed this!


  2. God am believing in you this 2015… Am Positioning my self and setting this important goals this year! Thanks mavuno for your continued series which continue to change my life!


  3. I was very much challenged with sundays sermon so when will the Bible reading plan be uploaded


  4. This message is totally on time. I have very tall goals this year, and I want God’s stamp of approval at the end of the year, thanks for sobber advise, I will achieve, and testify coz I got my systems right.


  5. This is the message God had been voicing out throught out 2014 for my family. 2015 – all systems had to be in check!


  6. yasser Mirza Says:

    This is good. I will have to update my system s for 2015.


  7. […] At the start of this year, one of the things I asked God for was a team to work with in Lapid Leaders. Yester as I attended one of my 2 services, this desire was firmly cemented. This sermon was about some of the things we need to be doing to position ourselves for the success God has in store for us this year (This sermon has been posted here). […]


  8. They say form follows function
    And if you just function properly then things will form themselves


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