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One of the things you can’t avoid noticing today whenever you read a newspaper is that we live in a broken world.

What are some things you’ve experienced or seen recently that show that the world we live in is broken?

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 Violence against women (Embasavva), Insecurity (e.g.. buses blown up, security searches in churches), Corruption in church (Kanyiri), Corruption in government (e.g. chicken gate), Middle East violence (Jerusalem shootings), tribalism, etc

Unless you’re living in denial, it’s clear that our world is broken!

So this whole month, we’ve been going through a series called ‘Blueprint’, and our thesis is that while Jesus lived such an attractive life that people could not keep away from him, the same cannot always be said of his followers today! And so we decided to go back to His Blueprint, and learn how we can live such lives that like Jesus we are irresistible to the people around us! 2 Corinthians 2:15 says we are to be the ‘sweet fragrance of Christ’ to the world around us, and 1 Peter 2:12 says, we are to ‘live such good lives among unbelievers that though they accuse us of doing wrong, they may see our good deeds and glorify God’.

We want to look at the 4th building block of the BLUEPRINT. Please turn with to Mark 16:15-20, which according to the book of Mark was Jesus’ last command to His disciples while he was still on earth.

As we saw when we began our series, Jesus’ agenda was to start a revolution of the heart in radical, passionate followers, who would then step out and effect God’s influence on their world. And one of the first things he did was to recruit the future leaders for His revolution. And we’ve already begun to see how he did it. Let’s recap the building blocks. Building Block #1 was to move them…

From Complacent To Consumer – we saw in week 1 that Jesus selected the least likely people, went where they were, and called them to follow him.

When we began Mavuno, God showed us we couldn’t sit in church and wait for those who needed God to find us. Just as Jesus went out to where the least likely people were, we too would have to go out of our comfort zone to reach people who didn’t think that church was relevant. Whether its through meeting real needs through our marriage and parenting classes or doing outreach events in our neighborhoods or in nightclubs, our objective is to get these complacent people to realize that their real needs can be met right here.

And as they come in, our approach at Mavuno is to present the everlasting truth of scripture to an ever-changing culture. We want to bring God’s word to bear on real issues in the culture; sex, money, power, gender, addictions, politics and so on. We want to be known as a real church where real people with real issues can meet a real God! That’s because the first building block of Jesus’ blueprint is to realize it’s not about us. As we said, God wants to make your life so attractive that you will influence many people for eternity!

But you know, it’s not enough to merely get people to realize that their real needs can be met by Jesus. A church of consumer Christians can become a very selfish church. They can become focused on meeting their own needs: Church shoppers – moving from church to church to find which one that is most convenient. That’s why there’s another building block. From Jesus’ blueprint, we learnt that Building Block #2 is…

From Consumer To Connected – Jesus surrounded himself with 12 men who would become his closest friends. He shared the rest of His life completely with them. Unfortunately today, we’ve been taught a very individualistic Christianity. It’s about listening to the deepest preachers, getting inspired and acquiring deep truths. It’s about ‘Jesus and me’ – I mean who needs others? We live in the age where many consume ‘church’ from the comfort of the homes through the Internet, because it’s so convenient. They have no one who knows them really well and who can keep them accountable to apply what they learn.

But this is not biblical. You cannot be a Christ follower by yourself! The next block of the blueprint is to learn that you were not meant to walk alone! You need to walk with others, which is why we have our Life Groups. There’s something very attractive about being in a community of authentic, real and loving friends.

But most people don’t naturally join small groups. They are suspicious and want their space. So God gave us a tool to help us help people enter into Life groups. It’s a ten-week study called Mizizi, which helps you connect with God, with your purpose and with others who will help you achieve that purpose. Every 4 months, we begin a new class. It acts like a boot camp and at the end of the 10 week experience, people form very strong relationships. These become our small groups! Our life groups are where real church happens. People meet every week in homes to eat together, reflect on the Sunday sermon together and pray for each other. They also create opportunities to serve society together.

Many churches stop there. But when we look at Jesus’ blueprint, we see that there is more. Building Block #3 is…

From Connected To Committed – The third building block is developing a servant’s heart. As we learnt last week, in God’s kingdom, service is the route to greatness. This is what will cause us to stand out and be distinct from those around us. Through service, we learn how to lead in the kingdom, which is very different from leading in a secular or business environment.

At Mavuno, we have several courses to equip you as you serve, which you do with your Life Group. The first – Simama, helps you extend your influence in your family as you deal with the issues there. The second – Ombi, helps you learn to extend your influence to your workplace – and to overcome the issues there through prayer. The Third – Hatua, helps you to extend your influence to the society – by understanding God’s heart to impact our society. Each class is a practical experience to help you move your influence to the next level.

Many have asked how one becomes a member of Mavuno. We have two levels of membership. General membership is when you join a Lifegroup after doing Mizizi. But Associate membership is when you begin to regularly serve in one of our ministries. These associates are the ones who attend our Leaders meetings and who participate in significant decision-making. This is different from many churches where all you need to do to become a member is to sign a statement of belief and take a class. At Mavuno, those who serve are the ones who lead! We get this from Jesus’ blueprint. Building Block #4 from our text today is when you move…

From Committed To Compelled – It’s interesting that after Jesus had only been with the disciples for 3 years, when he sent them out to change the world! I suspect most of the disciples would have preferred to sit at Jesus’ feet for another 10 years and just soak in what he had to say! I mean who wouldn’t mind having Jesus as their pastor? Just listening to his sermons, soaking it all in, seeing Him do stuff! But Jesus says enough! It’s time to go out and do stuff yourselves!

You see, the next building block in the Blueprint is when you have a clear sense of your calling and your commission to passionately represent the Jesus’ mission out in society. Our intention at Mavuno is not to feed you forever. We don’t want you to come here and sit in your seat for 2 hours each week for the rest of your life so that you can be blessed! 2 hour Christianity is not attractive Christianity! God wants us to be 24/7 Christians out in the real world! You are God’s plan A to heal a broken world!

At Mavuno, we have defined six sectors of society that we want to commission every person here to impact for the kingdom. These are (LIST) church/missions, media/entertainment, politics/governance, health/environment, family/education and business/economy. The intention of our discipleship process, this whole Blueprint which we call ‘the marathon’ is to help every one here to discern which sector of society God is calling you to influence. Through the process, we pray you will start or engage in a ‘frontline initiative’, which is an activity or institution designed to impact society for the kingdom, in one of those six sectors. Our expectation is that rather than the church supporting a few missionaries through its missions program (the traditional way), at Mavuno, the entire congregation will be missionaries to the world in one sector or another! You are God’s plan A to heal a broken world!

This is why our mission at Mavuno is ‘turning ordinary people into fearless influencers of society’. Brian Murimi is a mavunite who started Lovelight 58 that feeds and rehabilitates street families in Nairobi and Mercy Ndegwa is a wholesale trader in Gikomba who since Hatua has signed up 100 fellow traders for NHIF

You are God’s plan A to heal a broken world! You don’t have to start an institution like Brian to be a frontliner. We also have many people like Mercy Ndegwa who have started initiatives in their workplace or through their business. A recent survey showed that up to 60% of Mavunites are involved in some regular form of societal impact. Many here are supporting children in school. Some have initiated regular neighborhood cleanups. Some were involved in stopping a factory that was releasing toxic fumes in their neighborhood. Some have organized medical camps in low-income areas. Some serve regularly in our prisons. Some regularly visit children’s homes. Some have been building homes for internally displaced persons. Some are political activists. Some have committed to go out to schools and preach every other week. These too are frontliners! They see their day job or the place God has put them as an essential part of their calling and are impacting their industry through their passion to bring God’s influence there. They are squarely where God wants them to be, impacting their generation, and advancing the kingdom. There’s something quite irresistible about such people!

Romans 8:19 reminds us that ‘the creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed’! Our culture longs to see true followers of Jesus, not just people who call themselves Christians, but people who follow Jesus’ blueprint. You are God’s plan A to heal a broken world!

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  1. Wambui Muragu Says:

    What a deep sermon! Thank You Mavuno. As I ‘digested’ those 5 C’s I could not help but wonder how applicable they are in the workplace. Currently, in the company I work in, we have had very low business due to stiff competition in our industry. As the year comes to a close we are having many consultative forums to discuss on our turn-around strategies to bring in back business. As I listened to the sermon and journaled it occurred to me that this ‘four-fold’ strategy can also be used in our business. (Transforming our clients from being Complacent to being Compelled).Rest assured that I am presenting it during our next staff baraza.


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