League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen – Elder

How does a man ensure he leaves a legacy?


When you are a man and you have done well for yourself. You have taken time for your personal stuff such as education or career. You have mastered all the gifts got has given you and everything is going on well. Then you move on and you are given more responsibility perhaps as a family man whether its in the extended family or starting your own family. After taking responsibility for yourself plus added responsibility for your family, as a man you have another responsibility; The responsibility in community, in other words you are called to be an elder. Being an elder has nothing to do with age, experience or wealth.

In scripture, king Saul had the best opportunity to be an elder but he failed. In definition elder means the state of being content with who God has made you to be. In other words to be okay in your own skin therefore able to be an example to the others who are looking up to you. It is not a lack of ambition but it is ambition with a purpose. An elder is a man of legacy. He is not only a man who has reached but is also able to get others to reach there as well.

King Saul had been chosen Israel’s first king. 1 Samuel 9:2 says he was shoulders above everybody else. He was not looking for ‘political office’ however God appointed him. King Saul had two unique opportunities to become an elder, unfortunately he failed at both. The first opportunity was with his son called Jonathan however he failed in raising him up and becoming the man God wanted him to be. Many of us fail in the opportunities God gives us with younger men and women that are around us. We do not allow them to stand on our shoulders so that they can see further and move faster. An elder is a person who allows himself to loose some sense of recognition and reputation to allow others to move faster and further than him.

Secondly Saul failed in becoming the catapult for David because he chose to crush David. 1 Samuel 18:6-9

Three things cost Saul the opportunity to be an elder specifically to David. The first was that ….

Saul lost Focus: Saul lost focus on the fact that he was a king who was ruling on behalf of God. He focused on the fact that the women attributed to him only thousands but to David tens of thousands. Had the focus been on the number of Philistines being killed Saul would not have cared about who killed how many between him and David.

Many times as men we lose focus as men. We crush the young men coming up like David; Who may even have no disloyalty, political ambition or even without sight of the leadership position you hold. Many times we as men back stab each other so that people may not sing praises of anyone else. Many CEO’s are unable to take leave because of insecurity. They don’t want any action to take place when they are not there.

What’s your focus? Saul’s focus should have been number of Philistines killed, the more the merrier. Many of us we are loosing the opportunity to be elders like Saul because we are because we are busy crushing those under us. The second thing Saul did was that …..

Saul Lost His Calling: “…. what more does he want but the Kingdom” (verse 8) He lost his calling when the maintenance of the kingdom became his calling. When he forgot that God had brought him into royalty for “such a time as this”. It had been a miraculous thing for him to be king and it was stewardship while he remained king and there was coming a day when he would not be on the throne. However because he lacked that mind set he was driven by insecurity. Holding on and hoarding the kingdom became his occupation and pre-occupation. This loss of his calling disqualified him from being an elder.

What has God called you to? When you realise what your calling is then the waves of insecurity don’t drown you to begin chasing favors, to begin being jealous. Saul seemed to have forgotten the journey of his calling; oil poured on him by Samuel. Even though “politically” he was a nobody, God had chosen him. Sometimes we forget the precious oil of God and his purposes for our lives that when insecurity comes, we lose our calling. Abdicate our responsibility as an elder. The third thing Saul did was that …..

Saul lost character: “…. Saul kept a jealous eye on David.” (Verse 9) Saul maintained a jealous eye on David and on three occasions Saul tried to kill him. Saul described it as “pinning him to the wall”. In other words Saul had murderous thoughts towards David. However their effect were so diluted because his character is lost. He therefore began the process of trying to kill David and making him a fugitive. So great is his anger and so confused is he that one time he even tries to kill his own son Jonathan because he is siding with David.

Character is lost by king Saul when we find David can no longer trust him. In several occasions Saul even says he won’t hunt David again however a few verses later, he’s at it again. His character is so eroded that he is no longer trustworthy, he has become a liar he is no longer a man of his promise.

Unfortunately many of us in high positions nobody trusts us. You were appointed by God to a position where you can get others to their destiny however you have become so insecure that your character is so eroded that your word cannot be trusted.

Are you an elder? Can God entrust you with more? Have you battled with insecurity in your life and dealt with it to the point where you can celebrate somebody else and not just in silence but with much conviviality as God uses you to bring them up? There are many young men who have bruises of their time with king Saul. You can’t be an elder till your willing to let go. You may have all the trappings and decorations of wealth and power but If you loose your focus, if you loose your calling, if you loose your character you will never be a man of influence.

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  1. Amazing revelation… call it “what works in leaving a legacy”… So many David’s out there have been pinned to the wall … lets continue to be fearless for Jesus ” For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Romans 8:19 . My life will never be the same again after this sermon and the life changing blessing of a Father that followed …


  2. King Muindi Says:

    Quite eye opening.


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