League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen – Warrior

What does it mean to be a tender warrior?


Last week we began talking about the king in a man. That’s why we breathe respect. Because, there is a king in every man and you want to be able to do the right thing. We talked about the characteristics of a king, as a selfless man of integrity to the core. We talked about the functions of a king, about provision. We said every man should go home and play the man as a king who cares deeply as a servant king. Our text from scripture for this sermon is 1 Kings 2:2

David is charging his son Solomon who has taken up the throne. In this world we hear a lot about manning up or playing the man. If someone who is just passive and needs to show the king in them, they are told play the man, play the servant king in you, and get celebrated.

Today we want to talk about playing the warrior or being a warrior. I really think that it is the most celebrated of the four phases of manhood. We are talking about getting to sit at the table of men or the table of the honorable, joining the company of the brave, by being a warrior and bringing up the warrior inside of you.

Man as warrior

The warrior is the most celebrated phase in a man, we see the warriors in sports, one who just upsets the other team, as some of you celebrate our rugby team and we were happy when they were just hammering the other guys and getting to score. That’s popular in the world today. What about in business, we love it when some of these business guys are just getting the market share and they are aggressive in what they do. They are warriors in business. What about the movies? Some of us men love movies, when we see Jack Bauer or Arnold Schwatznigger or one of those guys really fighting, they bring out something inside of us.

That’s what I want to become-not violent, we are not talking about a culture of violence we just want a man who would break out the warrior and be able to fight. I love some of the scenes. Some of them, I pray for them and sanitize before I watch, but I love movies when they are clean movies they just bring out the warrior in man.

All of you men, women just think we are strange creatures and we really are. We are just simple, sometimes annoyingly simple but that’s who we are. We are warriors and we celebrate, these phases. Women just become women, they just wake one day and they are women and they have grown and they are celebrated, for men in our cultures, they had to go through a test and they had to pass that test for them to be celebrated.

Right of passage

For the Maasai men, the Morans had to get together find a lion and kill it. The message is clear to them, don’t you die if you are man, just kill the lion and come back. Note, when you are young as a Moran you’ve got to kill the lion and celebrate the event. Carry the skin or hide as a trophy. That’s how you became a man. You graduated to join the company of the brave. What about the Luhya, the Luhya had it a little easier, you just stood straight, let them do the cut and you say, thank you. You sure feel nothing and you just go through the knife and allow the knife to circumcise you and stand there.

You don’t call on anyone, not your dad, not your mom, you just stand there and show you are a man and then you are celebrated, to be able to go through pain. What about some other tribe in the Sudan. This one just scared me. I’m glad I was not born there, just for this reason. In this sudanese tribe this is how you graduated to manhood. You just stand in a field and they take a piece of iron and, of course you open your mouth and they knock off two teeth. And you say thank you.

And as I am thinking, this is just wrong, but they are testing the man, you don’t cry, you don’t show nothing, if they miss the first time and get you on the jaw. They would try another time and you say yea. You are just a man to go through this. After that they take a piece of iron hot iron and they just take it through your face, drawing lines of masculinity. You are there soaking the pain and acting as though you feel nothing, suck up the pain because you are man. That’s how we celebrate men. I am not saying you try this.

Sometimes when I am playing with my boy, we are doing dangerous things, my wife is interceding for us because we look like we are going to die. But we are just having a good time, because as men we just love it jumping up and down. I love one psychologist in the U.S.A, a lady who has written a wonderful book and the title of the book is Boys should Be Boys. What she is telling the women folk is, let the boys just be boys, don’t kill it, don’t kill the warrior in them. Let them be men and not break a neck, but boys should be allowed to be boys. The warriors roar, overtaking others and staying within the laws, that’s a warrior. Let’s talk about the real thing about men.

Gods call on Men

Let me read for us Gen 2: Ge 2:15 Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it. 16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; 17 “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”.

This what a man was supposed to be. Therein lies the word take care that is used for a warrior, for a fighter, a guard. So what this man was being told is, be in charge of this place, be the king of the garden, lead, climb a tree, figure out the future and take care of your territory, that’s a man. He was a king, a servant king. Secondly he was told take care of it, simple words, but he is being told, be a warrior here, keep the enemy out and ensure this place is safe, secure your garden. Be a fighter in this place and keep the enemy out. Did he do that? Not really. Read verse 17, before you judge the man.

God was clear to the man to tell him there are some rules here. If you don’t do the right thing, then you are going to die and of course you and your fruits together with you. He was being told, be a warrior enough to take care of your garden, but also to take care of yourself. He was being told don’t cross boundaries, otherwise you are going to die. That’s the warrior in man, did he do it? No he didn’t, he allowed the serpent to come in and you know the story when the serpent came in, the man went and stood next to his woman. The woman took the centre stage and the woman dealt with the snake. She began to talk to the snake, the man just stood there, the warrior who was supposed to be taking care, securing his place, but what does he do? He plays a passive guy. Watching as things deteriorate. He didn’t challenge the serpent, he didn’t even challenge his own woman and ask, ‘why are you doing this? We are going to die!’ He keeps quiet and doesn’t fight-the warrior in him dies.

Tragedy of humanity, is when men don’t fight the good fight. We are not talking about fighting as some fight anywhere and everywhere, fighting against the person driving next to you on Mombasa road. That’s not what we are talking about. You see, that war is dangerous, someone might die, and someone may get wounded. We fight, because there is a course. We fight for a mission, we fight for a reason.

So pick your fight as man and play the man as a tender warrior. Let’s talk about the kind of a man who is a fighter

He is a protector

He fights to protect, because he should, it is not just a show off. He doesn’t fight to impress his girlfriend, he fights because there is a course. There is something he is protecting. Protecting his women, his girls and I talked about women because I have three in my house. You fight to protect your own, to protect your reputation and for your country. You are fighting because there is a course. The conquering energy of a man is well directed when it is about protecting himself and protecting his own, his country, his community.

Every man has a name to protect. He has a name he gives to his wife and to his children and to the generation. He has a name to protect. We’ve seen the warrior in man when he is protecting his name. He has a family to watch over and fight for a reputation, he has a community, women, children, the weak, to fight for. We see the warrior in man when he is fighting to reduce his weight because he doesn’t want to have a heart attack.

I saw this man who was almost twice my size, the guy was very huge and was just running on the road. I was driving and I stopped just to clap, I said good job man, keep the warrior fighting and he waved and moved on, and you could see he was about to drop, but he was just saying ‘I’ve got to do this. I have got a family to live for’. He was fighting weight for the sake of his family, that’s a real man. You see the warrior in a man when he fighting a bad habit. I love this one, fighting bad habits.

One of the guys we have in the Man Enough program, when he came in, he was an alcoholic and I remember he asked me the first week. ‘Can I deal with this?’ He is fighting his habit and he’s in a good place right now, in fact his wife is celebrating, and all he is saying is, I have a journey to take. I have a name to keep. I have a family to protect. I would fight this thing to the end. I am better than this. I am better than watching porn and sitting there and enjoying those pictures. I am better than this. I have got to stand up and walk out. That’s a man, that’s a warrior in a man saying, this is not my forte!

We see the warrior in a man when he is fighting to defend his boundaries and when he is fighting for his marriage, saying this marriage is on the rocks, but I will get it out of there. I will apologize, I will pray if I need to. I will see a counselor, if I need to, but this marriage will not become part of the statistics. I am fighting for it. I am a man, I am a warrior in Gods name and I will fight for this institution. That’s a warrior in a man.

We see the warrior in a man when he is fighting every threat in his life and against his family and when he is protecting his daughter from destructive company. That’s a warrior. What a warrior says to himself is, ‘I can’t keep quiet when my children are being destroyed by someone. That’s a warrior. We need to celebrate these warriors. You see the warrior in man when he is working with the neighbors to secure the neighborhood. You see the warrior in a man when he is correcting his kids and ensuring there is discipline. When he is being assertive to say that, this when you go to bed, when it’s time for them to go to bed.

The warrior who is dead will allow the kids to continue to deteriorate. A tender warrior is assertive, he’s not overly aggressive, and he’s not too passive, he’s in between. He is a real man, tender warrior. We see the warrior in a man when he lets a staff member go because she is destroying the place. That’s a warrior. Let me tell you my dear friend, if there was a pillar worth saving in my masculinity, that was badly injured it was the warrior phase. I didn’t have a father to call me out, so I didn’t have someone to train me up to change into a man.

I am not saying men are not doing their roles. I am just saying they need to be the warriors that we need to be. Playing the man as a tender warrior

I love Abraham because he was a warrior. Remember when 4 kings came to attack his family and took away Lot and the others, he mobilizes 318 men and he took on four kings and four armies and he won his relatives back, that’s a warrior. He said, I have relatives, you don’t just abduct them, you will see me. And he brought them back. I love the Nehemiah, 4:14 he had a weapon on one hand and instrument of building on the other, they were building a wall to secure their people and they were fighting the enemies.

Nehemiah stood up and told the men-not the rest of the people, stand up and fight for your country. Fight for your city, fight for your women, fight for your daughters and fight for your sons, he never said, fight for your men. Because it’s the men who were to fight and rebuild the walls. Those are the men in the bible we get to celebrate. I celebrate Joseph because sometimes, the manly warrior thing to do is run. When Joseph had to run from Potiphar. That was a warrior, running for his life. He had enough courage to know. I need to protect myself from her and protect her from me, playing the man as a tender warrior.

Real men Persevere.

A real man who is a warrior perseveres. He doesn’t give up, he holds his shield up and fights on even when it’s difficult. You know like Job in the bible, who said, even though you slew me God yet will I trust you. I am in this till the end. I am a man. I fight to the end. We see a warrior in a man who won’t quit.

Who even though he is outnumbered, he continues to fight even when he is falls he stands up again and continues to fight, goes through persecutions, disappointments, disease, difficulties, opposition, but continues to fight for a worthy course. A real man is a warrior who keeps fighting for his mission in life. We see the real man when he refuse to give up, when his teenage daughter takes her for a date. She refuses to talk, but he says to himself, we will continue to have dates until you talk. Your daddy is here, I will wait for you until you talk to me. I don’t give up on you no matter what.

We see the fighter in a man when he perseveres through financial lean times. We see the fighter in man when he is going through trials and temptations and he holds onto dear life and dear faith. We see the warrior in a man when like a king for many years, he holds onto his convictions. This is what I believe in. The culture may change, but this is what I stand for.

Joseph was a warrior, who went through the pit and faced Potiphar’s wife, a sensual woman, went through prison, through the palace but he stood for what he believed in. I love Paul, when he was about to die. He stood up and said I have fought the good fight of faith, I have finished the race and I have kept the faith. That’s a warrior in a man who wouldn’t give to temptations. Who would fight to the end, all the men I say to you, play the man as a tender warrior. Not a rough warrior, but a tender warrior who would cry when he needs to cry, deal with the pain, when he needs to deal with, but he is a man of courage.


He has courage. That’s what keeps him fighting, whenever everyone is running away. He’s a man of courage, who wouldn’t back off like those men. I love it when a man stands for what he believes in, even when it’s dangerous, he is willing to meet his maker for it. Joshua was told be strong and courageous, because you will lead this people to inherit the land I swore to their fore fathers to give them. Be strong and very courageous.

I remember one day that the man in me just rose up. I was driving down with a friend of mine, we were driving around 10 o’clock at night. We got to a dangerous place and we saw a car parked and there was a lady standing next to the car saying she is about to die. So we said, ‘what do we do, she might be a carjacker’. You know that could be true, but also that could be someone’s daughter as well.

We drove back and we stopped there and my friend stayed on the steering wheel just in case-something went wrong and the pastor in me decided to go out. So when I said, what is wrong? Is there a problem, she said, ‘help me’. So we went round locked the car, put her in our car went to a petrol station, got some fuel, rode back and we helped her. We said, let’s drive with you to know that you are safe as you go home. We drove behind her, got her home and drove to our own home. It was when we were living, that we realized she had seen me on T.V. so she looked at me, greeted me and she said, ‘I have seen you talk on T.V. about men. I can see you live it out’.

Was I afraid when we were doing that? Yes I was. I was praying in tongues. That means in both my mother tongue and English combined. I was afraid, but I just thought that could be my daughter. I could die. I could get carjacked, but it is a worthy course. I was trying to help a woman around me. What happened to the men who were warriors enough to fight for women they don’t know their names and they are not interested in their phone numbers? What happened to that generation of men?

They would fight just because they are men and men shouldn’t sit back and see trouble brewing around them. What happened to the men who would confront a boss even if they risked being fired, because the man is sexually harassing other women in the place? May those men come back to life!! May they come back to existence. Someone said moral courage separates men from the boys. Moral courage; the courage to do what is right even when it’s dangerous. Courage is seen even in the small things, saying sorry, quitting an addiction, confronting something that is killing you. Courage is selling the computer because you are realize, that’s the only way to deliver yourself from porn.

If a man is not disciplined he becomes a prude, he’s dangerous to a community. He wants to beat up people and slap his wife and harass his children. That’s a brute, not a warrior. A real warrior is disciplined. Strength under control. Play the man by being a tender warrior. When a warrior mindset is taken too far it becomes violence. It becomes fearsome and when he gets to the house everybody walks on egg shells around him. That’s not cool, that’s bad.

He has discipline. A warrior without discipline hurts others. He becomes an abuser. Sexual abuse, verbal, emotional, physical abuse, which is for those soldiers who are out of order-undisciplined men. Rogue soldiers doing psychological torture, who don’t talk to their wives for one week because they are trying to torture them.

You see that in a man who is out of order but needs to talk. He’s always hunting for a new weapon or a new relationship or a new woman in town. That’s a soldier out of control, who is not displaying masculinity. What about on the other side. A soldier who wouldn’t talk. A man whose warrior in him has died.

He is a wimp, he’s a coward, and he just won’t do his thing as a man. He’s passive. He won’t fight for business, he won’t fight for his wife, to win her back, by saying sorry. He won’t fight, he just sits there. He needs a rescue mission from heaven. A true warrior is a tender warrior. Assertive, not aggressive, not passive, but assertive like Jesus Christ.

Men who are here, let the lion and the lamb coexist inside of you and play the man, as a tender warrior but don’t be like a man in the bible called Ahab. He wouldn’t fight, in fact Elijah the prophet condemned him and went away. So Ahab sat down and stared telling his wife, guess what happened? I couldn’t get that plot of land and he began to whine and the wife looks at him and says what’s wrong with you. The wife took up the fight and she fought for him and unfortunately she killed some people fighting for a man who wouldn’t fight.

When a man won’t fight and the soldier in a man dies. A lot dies with him. But for all the men who are here. I want to challenge us that we would stand. We still have domestic violence, and we still have women being slapped in their homes. We still have daughters in our homes being abused sexually by the men who live around us in this age. The men who are here, it is time for us to resolve that domestic violence must end. Its cowards who do it, we are real men, we fight against it. We fight to protect, not to harm.

Wounded Warriors

You know some of us have been wounded. The warrior in us has been wounded, you want to fight but you can’t fight. The ,man in us was crushed. He wasn’t called out, he wasn’t encouraged, and some harsh words from overbearing mothers or fathers hurt the warrior inside of us and it becomes hard for us to fight. I had to pray myself and say, Lord help me be an assertive as a leader, as a husband, as a father and as a friend, help me out. The warrior inside me has died out. I had to pray for it, because something had died inside of me.

So we are not here to crush what remains in you. We are here to encourage you to tell you Jesus himself about your pain and heartache. The tender warrior is here to heal you. Come to him and let him hear you. So what am I saying here, men let’s not be gorillas, doing gorilla fights. Let’s heal so that we fight fair, men who are here. I challenge you to step up and step out. To stand for something. To fight for what you believe in. What is it you need to deal with? Is it a discipline issue? What is it from what I have talked about? What is the one thing that you would fight for as a warrior?

That you would do it and you can say as a tender warrior, this is one thing I would do this week and glorify the Lord of Host. I must say God is a man of war. He fights. He’s not a guy in the area who just thrown stones. That’s what a man of war ought to be.

A man of war needs to be inside of us, in a controlled manner. We need to be tender warriors, so all the men, may we stand up.. All the women who are here, let’s not kill the lion in a man. Pray for them, let’s not bash them, and let’s not crush the lion in a boy. For those of us who are single moms, allow once in a while your boys to hang out with other warriors just so that they can stand up as warriors. And all of us who are here, let’s pray, let’s be in prayer.

Let’s go home and pray for real men who would be warriors. Do you know why I am so passionate about this? Do you know how many children are praying for their daddies to be warriors? To fight for them, to go through education. Do you know how much we suffer in our nation because of lack of tender warriors? Do you know how many women who didn’t marry because they are looking for a tender warrior and they are not many in town? May the Lord help us as we pray. For the men let’s go home and play the tender warrior as we glorify God.

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8 Responses to “League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen – Warrior”

  1. This is so enlightening.


  2. This is what i needed. I don’t want to hurt the person i will be in a relationship with in future. I have hurt alot of ladies just to gratify my ego and now i am feeling convicted, a true warrior never takes advantage of the weak and now i choose to repent. God help me be more nurturing and sensitive to other people’s pain.


  3. The message is an eye opener.Whoever watched the movie Courage then should understand what impact has on his family and society.
    Like you said Man of God,many men grow being told of how hard they have fallen,or they will never make it hence society imbalance.

    I have seen many marriages even broken hugely because the man was not the warrior to protect against failure.
    The Prayer is on to ask God to restore Men to the warrior HE intended them to be.

    Favour be unto You.


  4. Timely word in due season… especially the part of the wounded soldier… reminded me of those 12 disciples, they were just ordinary men who for three years walked with Jesus the Extraordinary man… each day and night they were watching Him who transformed lifes in their very own eyes, He not only taught others but He taught them them personally … God continue to use you mightly Man of God… the seed of the word God sowed through you will bring forth fruit that will last many generations …


  5. Erick Ashihundu Says:

    I am following the league of extraordinary men so closely. Being a servant king makes me a warrior, I have to fight for my own life, my own future. I have to protect what is mine and what will be mine, I have to value all the women, hence becoming a tender warrior to my unborn babies, to my future wife, to daddy, to mum, to my nation.

    I am blessed for this post. I am waiting for the next episode.


  6. men Ahuu!!
    Kings and warriors. lets stand and be counted as the tender Kings and warriors that we are. I pray that the Holy Spirit will make these words alive in us and we shall live that life God has for us as men for His glory. Thank You Pastor Simon


  7. Hi kindly forward me the blog on extra ordinary men elder deleted by mistake. I have five people who I forward to faithfully we discuss it on weekly basis untill I receive the next one. Mavuno you are touching lives. Love faith from Texas on behalf of my group of 4 in different locations of the USA Sent from Huawei Mobile


  8. King Muindi Says:

    Awesome article / sermon, a man is born to be a Tender Warrior, so help us God. Amen.


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