League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – KING

What does a real man look like?


What are the words that you would use to describe the state of men today? Let me start with the good one. One lady said a few good men available in the place, weak, passive men who would want to stand up, but wouldn’t, another said, lost like the series, another said, confused, another said unreal, we want a man to tell us what is going on with their money and their struggles etc., another said untrustworthy, another said struggling, I could identify with all of that.

Because having dealt with men in the past few years I have heard those words from the mouth of men themselves. How did we get here? How did we get to a place where true masculinity is rare in town?

Role Confusion- We got to a place where you are not sure anymore what provision means. When your woman brings the bigger cheques means then you don’t know what provision means for you. It used to be clear. What it meant to be a man. You knew what to do and how to roar like a lion and things come to place. You knew who you were and what was expected of you. It is no longer that clear right now. It’s a little blurred. There is also no socialization, into masculinity, I wasn’t, many of us were not, nobody sat us down to say this is what masculinity looks like. That is how you play ball as man.

Fatherhood crisis, I believe fatherhood determines masculinity and feminity for a generation, it does determine. Because the man, the link between a man and His son is the most important link in terms of masculinity in a generation. What about the link between a father and a daughter, it’s as vital as well, because it’s the father or a man somewhere who plays the father role who calls out the woman in a girl especially between the ages 8-18. So the fatherhood crisis and it’s so huge, that as Transform Nations, we are actually doing a national campaign in the next few years to train and have commitment from 300,000 fathers across the land who will say we will be the fathers that Kenya demands.

What about the empowered girl phenomenon. There are many men who don’t know what to do with a woman who talks back. When they were growing up there mom never talked back, at least not in their presence. When dad says something, it works if you needed to question it, question it after the fact. Those are the kind of men we saw growing up. But now this girls gets empowered, can talk back, can also say even me I am bringing money and many men don’t know what to do with that, and so we’ve many men who are licking their wounds out of those experiences with empowered girls.

The culture would give us some insight, but the bible really tells us what God thought about men so we want to be talking about four types, 4 roles of a real man and I see a king a servant king. I want to read one scripture then well refer to others a s we go along Ge 2:15 Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. .

The man had been created, formed from the earth and of course we see that a woman came along. He was given some instructions which we will refer to, then he was given a territory and was placed there and was told this is going to be your territory there some animals, trees around and several other things take care of in this place. Be in charge of it, work it, and keep watch over it. That’s a king with a territory with some work to do, with some people, the wife and some possession to take care of and fruit trees.

I believe every man has a territory of rule by just being male, being born a man or male. You have some authority some influence and some look up to you and some want you to lead them. That’s the power that you’ve been given and you have a territory of influence. Let me talk a few things about a hero. Functions of a king-servant king

1.He’s a Leader- he takes initiative and gets to say something and it is done. When I got married this was really great. That I could be at home and then I could be asked what do you think we are going to so about this situation? And of course with Gods wisdom, I would come with a solution and I would say let’s do it this way. And I don’t need to be the smartest I just need to bring the wisdom together. When I wasn’t sure about something, I would say let’s talk about it and I would say even me I was thinking about that and we just went that way. The privilege of being a leader. Unfortunately many of us take it as our right, when a leader feels entitled to the power of leadership he is a danger to everyone. It is a privilege that as men we could lead, we can talk to others and begin to follow and you can lead your family, you can lead your wife, a little civilization. You can lead them somewhere what a privilege we have as men to be leaders. We can have a vision a picture and pray with the rest in our kingdom and talk about the future of where we want to go. But Mr. King before you lead others.

Questions To Ponder

Do you have self-leadership? Are you together, are you collected. Do you know what your vision is about? Where are you even going with this power? Where is it that you are going? Do you know the values, the convictions you stand for as a man? Its easy to do this for your company, for your business, to have a 5 year plan. What about your personal life. Are you leading yourself or is something else leading you, self-leadership that’s where it begins. Do you ever plan about your life and where you are going? What is it about you? One of the 3 things I have learned from Pastor Oscar and other pastors is that every 3 months is to go for a personal retreat and ask myself some question what is my mission statement.

What am I about? What do I want to be so that as my woman and children come after me, they cans say at least this man has some boundaries? Is controlled, self-leadership. All of you women who are looking for a man to marry. Just look at the lives and see, do they lead themselves or are they led by something else. Do they know what they want and where they are going? What about a picture of what their lives need to be in future? So Mr. Man as a king, as a leader can others trust you?

What Leadership is.

You see the foundation of leadership is trust. That you are taking us somewhere. That you will use your power well. Not to dominate and oppress and shout at others but to lift them up. Leadership is not domination its facilitation.

I think this is hard for us men, I think a mature use of a kings power is to serve. When you see this entire powerful man and king bending down to serve the poor, those who look up to him, his own children, how admirable is that!! I am praying that God makes me the kind of a king that anyone would celebrate not forced by the constitution to do it, but because the king is worth his respect.

A real man is a leader, he has a thing to conquer, he has a vision to accomplish, a mission in life, he wants to live a legacy, he has a fort and know what he wants to be remembered for he is a king, he has a term to serve and after that a name to succeed him. So real king is building his name in the small things. The other day I just realized every single day by my service, I am making my crown.

Kingship in not walking around, looking important, showing your phone and things like that, driving a big car. That is okay, but who is the king in that chest? What does he do? How does he serve even the weakest in the community?

Men and Power

A real man is able to control his power in the way he talks, in the way he serves other people. A real king is about empowering others. Lifting up others, he is a leader, when they are asking for a vote, we ask them. what is your mission? What are you about? Show us your manifesto, that’s a real man. I want to challenge every man here, you owe it to yourself. If you don’t have a vision/mission/values and a picture of where you want to go.

Lock yourself in some retreat centre and come out when you have a thought about it. A leader shouldn’t be a person who has no direction, doesn’t know where he is going. Worse than a tyrant, worse than a dominator, worse than a man who is oppressive with his power is a king who wouldn’t lead. A passive man, when we used to call in others circles someone- a pink man. One who wouldn’t take initiative, who wouldn’t rise up, that was Adam and some point, he was supposed to speak, fight for his woman, save something, he never said anything, never did anything, leadership.

2) Provision- A real king has a work to do, he was told, this is your territory, lead the place, be in charge of the place ,but secondly make sure there is provision, make sure that what is needed here is given, there were some fruits there. There were some gold, some stones, you are a steward, a managers, and you needed to make sure that all of this wealth is controlled towards the mission. You are a steward, a real man thinks about getting out of debt and saving, planning for how things go in his kingdom, balancing the budget, that’s a real man. He is a shepherd, he wants the needs in his place to be met, whether they financial, emotional or otherwise.

Let me get down to the characteristics. What is the character of this king, who does these two things? Psalms 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; Mercy and truth go before you.

A Man of integrity- He is a man who has some convictions. What are the convictions of that man that you are dating? What are your convictions as a king? You see asking who doesn’t convictions is a loose cannon. He could do just about anything, could decide to use his power to run over a neighbor. Doesn’t have convictions, doesn’t have something he believes in. A true king swears to the constitution and says, I will live by and defend the constitution. He is not an authority in himself.

He is not man who can’t be talked to by someone else. He’s a humble enough to realize he isn’t all that. A real king is a king in authority and under authority. He is a man who is saying God I need your help, you are the king over my life. I submit to you, I bow the knee and bend the knee, that’s a real man, he’s willing to show weakness in the presence of a true king. He is a worshipper, he’s a man of prayer. He’s man who seeks for Gods help when the things are right, when things aren’t right.

You see a real man fears God, fears God to be able to say, I will do this not because you are around, but I would do this because I fear God. I have a God I fear, and honor, why should I do this. Against that God. Maybe nobody would notice but I fear God, that’s a real man, a man who fears God enough to say no when it is enticing. Not perfect but committed to character, but doesn’t get it right all the time. When he falls down, he will wake up again. Let me say a few things here. A real king in a man is seen when a man refuses to bribe. Even when it could cost him his job, that’s a king. The king in man is when he shows true remorse for wrong he has done and is willing to change. You will see the king in a man when he keeps his word even when it’s within a difficult time for him to keep his word. You see the king in man when he respects others especially the weak. You see the king in a man when he is honest about his money dealings. He’s open about it. He has nothing to hide. That’s a king. When he is humble enough for him to realize he has limitations and is willing to ask for help even when he is willing to ask for directions on the road. You see the king in man when he is committed to paying his debts and living in freedom, when he confronts injustice at work and neighborhood, that’s a real man. If you have seen a real king, in man somewhere give it up for them and let’s celebrate those kings. Men of integrity.

3.Selfless- A real king is not in power for self, but is in power for others. You see a hero doesn’t make himself a hero. He’s made a hero, by those he touches, that’s a hero. It’s the king in a man that bends down to help lift up someone who couldn’t lift themselves. A king’s desire is to see people flourish, to see people blossom, to encourage others, to celebrate them. It’s not about me, it’s about you first. It’s about how about your career, how about who you are supposed to be, about you flourishing. I have said it here before, I would say it again. 2 yrs. into our marriage began to realize I was crushing the flower, I got from her father, and I was crushing that. Because it had been for two years about me and not about her. God began to really deal with my selfish heart and it began to show me Simon this is not what greatness is about. This is not about you about her. You great as her husband when your wife is smiling. That’s what makes you great. AND I began to deal with the folly of the selfishness of my heart and call out to God and say help me to use this privilege well. You see my dear friends I couldn’t impress all of you, I could jump p and down here and make you think I am great but if my wife at home doesn’t think I am great, I am not. If my children, will see me jump up and down and see me on television, they don’t think I am great in the way I stoop down to serve them and wash their feet and take them to school and to teach them some games. If I AM not great in the eyes of my children I am not a king elsewhere. I am showing off.

What about God dealing with us inside, dealing with us as men. To be like Jesus, who serves the bride? Who washes her feet? Whose there to empower her. What if in our country we began to see men who are not focusing on themselves, the spotlight was in them, it was on others. They were just holding it. We have heard so many women across this country as men. We have wounded not a few, at the place of work, we have crushed quite many on the streets as men, because of our ego. What if taking that ego and laying at the feet of Jesus who said God just like you stoop to make me great I want to stoop to make others great. I want it to be about others. When as a king in a few years you come to the sunset of your life. What name will your children, will your wife, will those that work with you, will your guards. What name are they going to have about you? A king leaves a name, the guard remembers many years after he was buried. A name that’s served like a servant, and whenever we are burying the king these are the kind of words we say. This man was great because he helped the poor, this man was great because he could deny himself something for the sake of his wife, this man was great because he could deny the world himself to be with his children. This man was great because he truly cared for those around him. What if we had this kind of King? Joseph was a selfless man. He used his privileges that he got in a country that he was sold by his own brothers to bless his own brothers. He told them come back. I want to bless you, he struggled with forgiveness. But after he was done he treated his brothers well. Listen to what he says in Gen 50:19 Joseph said to them, “Do not be afraid, for am I in the place of God? It’s not mine to get even I am in power to save lives. To empower others to lift up others we see the king in a man when he works hard every day to provide for his family. But talks when he needs to stop to go home and be with his family. We see the man, the king in a man, a young man who is not married when he keeps his hands in the pocket and puts boundaries around him to respect and honor a girl he desires. That’s a king. Self-disciplined. We see the king in a man when he leads his woman and children spiritually. We see the hero in a king when he risks his own life to be a blessing to another and conducts himself honorably in the market place. We see the king in a man when he gets down to help his little one to do homework. We see the king in a man when he encourages, when he empowers, when he takes his wife for a date, when he takes his daughter for a date. When he blesses a random man he found somewhere, man be asking worth your respect. A hero is seen in the small things, not in the great things, Mandela might have been a hero to all of us. But 6 months later after his gone, we will tell whether he was really a hero to his children and to his family. You see my dear friends. This is a picture I want to end with. Do you see the lion, who is he? The king of the jungle. Do you see his power? Do you hear his roar? You see that great king could be demobilized by a thorn in his paw. He has been wounded, he can’t run. He can’t hide. He can’t protect himself. He is in a corner somewhere mourning because of a thorn.

Make a Resolve

There are many men sitting here today who want to be king, want to be respected, who want to serve their sergeants so to speak. Who want to be a blessing to others, who want to be man worth the respect but who have been wounded, Who heard from their father that you are good for nothing, wounded who want to be respectable. Or maybe a girlfriend you had who said you are useless in bed and killed the king inside of you or maybe someone else a random person who said you are not even a man and you are not the king inside of you or maybe your wife who never shows you respect. I do a lot of counseling for married people I have never heard a man say this woman doesn’t love me enough, the women always say that. He doesn’t love me enough. But the complaint I have heard over and over again his woman doesn’t respect me enough. Because love is spelt respect. For many of us life has not respected us, failure happened and began to crush the king in side of us. Or maybe some disease or maybe some sexuality disorder that makes you not feel like man. I want you to know today it’s not what you do, it’s not your physical ability that makes you ailing, it’s when you become a leader, is when you become selfless, is when you have integrity, is when you provide to the degree that you can, is when you do these things that even Jesus himself celebrates you as his own king. You may not have the money. You may not have the car, but you may have a heart of asking. And if you have been wounded like a lion with a thorn in its paw. Who is willing to deal with those issues? And call out and release the king in every man. What if God began to release many more thousands of kings across this nation? What if the man you get to marry is a true king in that sense? What if the men who are here made a resolve and said, I want be a king worth my throne and I want to make my crown every day by getting down and being a servant king. What if we talk for Jesus, what it means to be a man, one who died for his own and served them? I don’t know how many of you ladies would like to marry a man that I have described. If you like to marry a man like that give me a shout.

I know every man here wants to be that kind of a king. I want to but I need Jesus, because He is my hero.


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  1. Erick Ashihundu Says:

    21 years but I feel like a ten year old.I have been a king to myself but I have learnt that’s not enough.there are many loose ends and weaknesses that I can correct.I need to work to be great all the way to heaven.thanks a lot, for that great post.I love it.

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  2. This is deep,i have a King in me so i can be a king..thank you Pasie.


  3. THIS!
    After the sermon on Sunday, I realized how powerful our paternal and maternal relationships are up to date. How many casualties of parenting exist. This video shows how uttering words of forgiveness is such a release. How facing each other in forgiveness is non confrontational but a loving gesture of trying again…together. The man was not weak, the man was not a coward, but he says he knew God would break him and he would heal…it would be tough but he stayed on.

    I hope you can share this on Sunday, I feel many will relate and see that healing and forgiveness is a step to being an extraordinary man.


  4. Angela Ndereba Says:

    Great inspiration to men


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