#Unanswered – When God Seems Late

What happens when God says yes, but takes a lot of  time to do it?


My name is Mr. Tamrat Layne. I was born in 1955 in the northern area of Ethiopia. I am married to Mulu Layne and together we have two children, a son and a daughter. I was the prime minister of a nation.

My friend Tim (Timmons) told me that the theme of this past week and this month’s preaching is about the time when the Lord doesn’t answer prayers. Why he is silent sometimes and he also told me today it’s about Lazarus from John 11:1-45. And he told me, ‘would you please share your life story a little bit?’

I said, ‘Lazarus, actually the pastor might have already taught about Lazarus’, and I said, ‘well that’s interesting. He asked me, ‘why?’ and I said, because I am Lazarus. Well, would you start your sharing by saying that you are Lazarus? I always start from that and I am really Lazarus and it’s not only then, in Jesus time when he was on this earth, that the story of Lazarus was done. But even now, in my own life.

And in many other lives. I mean in a way all of us who believe in our Lord Jesus are one way or the other in one form or the other are all Lazaruses. Do you agree with me? We are all Lazarus. But I am a typical Lazarus who was at one time, at one point in the graveyard. What that graveyard is, I will tell you a little bit later. And then Jesus came and He just said, come out Lazarus and He gave me another life. Here I am the Lazarus of Jesus in front of you with another life and this time, a different life.

My Beliefs

I have been a communist and my wife also has been that, for more than 22 years. Then for another 15 yrs. I was a guerilla fighter and organized wars and was a commander of a guerilla army. I hope most of you know guerilla fighting and armies. I was in there. In fact I started it with only 5 people and then my friend and I build an army of more than 150,000 people in the mountains of Ethiopia and fought for 15 yrs. the government and the army of the government at that time.

Number wise it was the largest army in Africa and after 15 yrs. we defeated that army and we took power and constituted a communist assembly and my friend and I were elected as president and Prime Minister respectively. And then after few years in power, I started asking and questioning that this system of communism. It was not working and because of that I became a political prisoner and was thrown to jail by my own friends.

And it was in prison, when Jesus came to me. That was the graveyard, the prison. And I was in solitary confinement and served my jail term for 12 yrs. For the first 5 yrs. I was always looking for another thing. Something new thing, a purpose, a truth, another life that I had no idea existed. But it was for me and my wife and family the darkest moment of our lives. I mean you can imagine being a prime minister for 5 yrs. and then being implicated and becoming a political prisoner, then suddenly I just learned that my wife had to flee and come here to Kenya to a refugee camp for 3 yrs.

So in just a matter of days I was up there, then I went to the prison and my wife was with me and then after about two years, she had to flee because she couldn’t be in the country and she had to go to a refugee camp and become a refugee. That was a disaster, losing everything that we had.

And not only the loss of prime ministership, or something like that, not only our things, but our family disintegrated into pieces. Our life was gone and most importantly, our purpose that we fought for and gave our lives for more than 15 yrs. was gone. So we had nothing. I mean when a person gets into this kind of state of mind and state of life and situation I call it. That person is a vacuum. Not only in a vacuum, but the person himself is a vacuum. There is nothing in their soul or in the spirit, only the flesh.

That was what we were and that was what I was, in that prison cell for 5 yrs. So I was desperate, angered, bitter in fact I tried to commit suicide the first few months, I couldn’t take away my own life. I think when I thought later on, I think Jesus said, well even if you try that, you can’t take your life by your own hands because I have got another purpose for you. I think that’s what he said. Because I really wanted to take my life. But it was to such a point, to such an extent that I was so desperate in life.

After the 1st year I tried as I told you earlier to find something new. Seek something new, seek something different, that I had no idea at all. That was in the grave yard. That was the pit that I was in. Solitary confinement, dark places. I was not allowed to communicate or see my children, we had two children and my wife, but now I was alone, by my own.

I went on to studying at this time, the different philosophical books and then I started to study religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and finally Islam. I studied all the books and the only thing that I was allowed in that prison cell to do was to read books. Whatever books I wanted to. That became the only way out for me. And I was searching, looking for something and nothing could help me get out of that cell.

I became even more desperate, more bitter, even more angered against my friends who put me to jail. More than physically being there in prison, what really hurt me was the betrayal of my own friends, they labeled me and threw me to jail for 18 yrs. and there I was. So that hurt a lot and I was always thinking of taking revenge of those friends. Even though I had no idea how I could do it, because, I had no idea I could come out of that prison. But I was always thinking of killing them.

In this type of situation was the exact moment that the prince of peace came to me. And got me out of that pit, that grave. And here is how….

Encounter with Scripture

I was sick and was taken to a hospital; and in that hospital there was this nurse who brought me this piece of paper. She gave it to me and for the first time in my life I was introduced to this-the best of the scripture, to Jesus and things like that.

I told you I was communist for 22/23 yrs. I became a communist at age 18 and because, I was a student leader, a revolutionary, who believed in taking the nation and changing it into another nation through the guerrilla warfare and our motto, or slogan was Freedom comes out of the barrel of the gun, That’s why we picked up guns and we had to fight and defeat this government and change the nation into a socialist nation and this was in the beginning of 1970s.

Socialism, communism, Marxism, Leninism was kind of fashionable and that took into us youngsters in universities and high school and so on to change our nations, by way of guns, we became socialists or communists. That was the whole course, the whole purpose. So I alongside my friends gave our lives for that purpose.

Mind you within those 15 yrs. That we were in the mountains. I think the government army was tens of thousands and many of our friends gave their lives and died for that course. And we were the ones who were leading, that was the course that was going on. And you can imagine how I was lost in that idea. I had no experience of God, church, Jesus Christ or scripture. I had nothing before that, so it was the first time from that piece of paper that the nurse gave that I was introduced to Christianity.

There were just about 3 sentences on that tract. The first one said Jesus loves you. And I thought, Jesus loves me? Who is this Jesus that loves me? And the second was from the Gospel of John 14:6, I am the way, the truth and the life. And that message started stirring my mind. Because, it says the way, the truth and the life. And in a sense, in my own way, that was what I was looking for, for 5 yrs. in that prison cell, that graveyard. So it started stirring my mind and I thinking over it. The way the truth and life, who are you Jesus? I kept wondering.

And the 3rd sentences said, Jesus is the only one who can give you the new life. That is what I was looking for, but how will he give me a new life? And who is Jesus to give me the new life that I am looking for? So I dropped everything I thought I knew, it was as if I had dropped even things in my mind and these 3 sentences just took away my whole beliefs and I started thinking and meditating about them.

Who is this Jesus? How can he give a new life? Why? Is He whom I am looking for? I have lost everything I had and I have nothing here but that was what I was looking for. That was what I wanted, that was why I studied all those religions and philosophies, just hoping to get a new way. So it took me the whole day thinking. Going through those words again and again as though they would come up and give me the new life I was looking for by themselves.

Then at some point, what saved me unintentionally and unconsciously I found myself on my knees on the floor and stretched my hands and read that paper and started saying a prayer which I understood it to be a prayer later on, not at that time because I had no experience with praying.

I had no experience of kneeling down on my knees and pray except when shooting in the mountains. So I said, ‘you who claim to be Jesus and claim to give a new life and that you are the way the truth and the life. That is what I am looking for, so if you are real, then I want you to come here and show me whoever you are’. That was the prayer.

It was simple and didn’t have Christian vocabulary like…My heavenly father… and so on and so forth. And it didn’t take an hour or two or even days, it was just simple,, you who claim to be Jesus, and you said that you give a new life that is what I was looking for in those 5 yrs. If you are real then show me, come and show me. As I was saying that again and again, continually. I would go on my knees and say that and I would get up and pace around, I was alone in that room and I would repeat that again and again -I didn’t know why I did that.

For some hours, maybe 4 hrs. or so I did that, then I went to my bed kind of frustrated. Nothing was happening even though I did that and even though I had no idea why I was doing that.

Encounter with God

But in the middle of the night. I woke up and suddenly my room was filled with light. This light was brilliant light and I slowly sat on the edge of my bed and I stated looking around, for what was going on. That was the strangest thing I ever had because, I have not had that kind of experience before. In that light all around the room there were these balls of colorful light roaming around within the light-many types of colors, green yellow, red, black etc.

And then right in front of me was a wall, there was nothing but a wall and another light spot started blinking and it started widening slowly and came up. And then within that second light there was a kind of a circle and in it a person a figure came up from the waist down ward. It was clear that He was a person.

It was a person though I couldn’t figure out the details because the figure was made of light. And there was a powerful light coming out of that figure all over. The light started to get into my body and pierce into my body and I started shaking and shivering ad sweating.

After a while that figure said, I am Jesus, believe in me and our Lord. If you believe in me and follow me, yes I am the only one, who can give you the new life that you are looking for.

And then at that point, in the middle of this drama, I was already down on the floor and He went away and darkness came back into the room. I was on the floor and I spend the rest of the night there. In the morning I was kind of sure that I saw and heard all those things but I said I am not sure about this thing (vision) whether is real or not.

But what I did was, I took my note book and I wrote all the things that I saw and heard, but even then still doubted. Now you can imagine after 22 yrs. of hard headed communist, skeptical living, not believing or trusting anything except my own ideas and my own drive. So I said, I don’t think so, but what I did, was exactly the same thing that I did the previous day. I went on my knees, stretching my hand and prayed the same prayer again.

Now I took it to be a ritual for me, I had no idea, reading that tract again and then saying the same thing, ‘I am not sure about you who claims to be Jesus. So if you are really serious about it. And that is what I am looking for, a new life, you said you are the one who gives me life? Come to me again’. And this time I went through the whole day without eating or doing anything else. And that’s was my part. I was doing that as if after I do my part, my responsibility by asking him and challenging him if he is really the one to come and to do his own part. Okay. So it was a test.

If you are real come to me again. I need this new life but I am not sure about you Jesus. Sure enough, he came, same thing, same night, again same thing happened. He said again, I am Jesus believe in me and follow me. If you believe in me and follow me I am the only one who can give you the life you are looking for. He also said I will get you out of this place and you will carry my name and you will go to the world and testify of me.

And you will tell what I have been doing, what I would do in your life. He also said, he gave a kind of promise, ‘don’t be afraid I am always with you’.

This was more than meaningful for me at that time. Because I was always thinking of being killed in that cell day in, day out. So when he said, I will get you out of this place and don’t worry I am always with you in this place, that was more than meaningful.

So he did that the 2nd night so I said okay, I think you are real, I think you are real. But do me a favor one more time, just one more time, and then I will take it. And truly he did it the 3rd night. So 3 nights in a row Jesus came into that graveyard that was my prison. Then, you know what happened? Immediately the days after that, the first thing, that I experienced was peace. He is really the prince of peace. And then after that the coming days, joy, He is the Lord of Joy and then with that hope. He is the prince of hope.

Now imagine a prison, solitary confinement and there was torture, beatings, chained with chains and all sorts of things, I don’t want to take time into how horrific these things were and there were other things, I mean wasn’t allowed to see even my own family.

The Transformation

All among all those things, and I mean all those things, getting peace, joy and hope in a jail cell!! The police guards that were guarding me. I was a friend of only those police guards because I was in solitary confinement. Even they started asking questions. Because they know me for being a weird person, always trying to quarrel with them, insult them. You cops, you are fascists. Suddenly they saw me become the most peaceful person. Kind, calm and not only that, also happy, cheerful saying Hi, hello, how are you doing today my friends?

So some of them started coming and saying, Tamrat, what’s going on? Would you please tell us? Here is the thing three of them one was an atheist, another a Muslim, another a Coptic they now follow after Jesus Christ and we became not only close but also friends in Christ.

Just by looking at me chained and radical and suddenly, that weird person is now very a peaceful person and they started seeing me in that prison cell alone doing things that are different and being very friendly with them because of that they started following Jesus. We started praying together and even started studying the scriptures together.

Then I was looking and hoping to come out of that prison immediately because Jesus said that. He told me, I will get you out of this place-the cell. It was in my memory and my heart, I believed it wholly. Almost every morning I would ask God when is that time Jesus, when is that time when that you promised. It took him 7 more years. That’s how God works, that’s how it is. 7 more years. I said later on after I got released and even now. I tell people for those 7 yrs. it was good that I was there for 7 more years after I got saved. This is what I say to people and they usually don’t take it, in of all my life up to now, those 7 years in that prison cell were the most beautiful times of my life.

The main reason I say that was because I had all the time, He was there and I was so close to Him. He was always there.

One of the things my wife and I became disappointed many times in our country when we go to church. Most of the churches nowadays and most of the believers and my friend Timmons will affirm this, they don’t take it seriously in regard to the Holy Spirit. We know that. My wife and I know, that the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus. He said I will go to my father and my Father will send the Holy Spirit and He will live with you and He will witness about me to you. In that prison cell. It was the Holy Spirit who was witnessing to me that the Jesus that I saw was real. That’s why I love those 7 yrs.

Forgiving Others

Another thing I loved about those 7 yrs. was that in a very painful process of about a year and half after I met Jesus. I sort of forgave those friends of mine who threw me to jail because Jesus started to face me head to head and He was telling me to forgive. He started working. Because even after I met Jesus for a year or two, I was still with my vengeful heart, that wants always to take revenge against those people and He was always telling me forgive them. And I was wrestling, I was saying no, how can I forgive these people? After they did all the things that they could be to destroy me and my family and everything that I had, they destroyed it. They did this number one and they did this number two, they did that number three, counting up their mistakes to maybe hundred or so. How can I forgive these people? Even after I met Jesus, unforgiveness, revenge and hatred is a dirty poison that lived in me for years. So He had to wrestle with me and every time reminding me saying to me, forgive them. And it was one night, one beautiful, one painful night, I repented and I forgave. Calling them name, one by one and said I forgive you, I forgive you and forgive me Jesus. In fact I started saying, who am I not to forgive them? After all the things that I did against you Jesus and you forgave me, you gave me your mercy, so who am I not to forgive.

Then I promised God when I come out of that prison I will go to my friends, all my friends and He was the president at that time and tell him what happened to me. And sure enough when I got out of the prison, 2 days after that I called to His office and talked to his aide that I would like to meet him and He agreed. That was an answer to prayer and I met him, I went to his office face to face after 12 yrs. as enemies. I went and hugged him and said to him I forgive you my friend I love you.

And also I asked him for forgiveness, not because I did the wrong that he charged me with and labeled me, but I had to ask him to forgive me because all those years I was thinking of killing him. So it was about thinking evil of him. So I told him how my life is transformed, I told him I am changed now, Jesus and the full story and I did the same thing to all my other friends.

God was late

During those 7 yrs., I was always asking Jesus, when is the time Lord, when I will come out of this prison?. After all you promised during those 7 yrs. About 2 yrs. before I got out, when I was released. I was really asking and praying intensely for a week. My prayer to God was for letting me out of the prison cell. You know what happened? At the end of the week, somebody whom I had never known, never seen before came, from far away about 200km from the capital where the prison is. He came to me for a visit and he got in and said, well, I know you and I know you over the T.V. and so on. But I am pretty sure that you don’t know me. I said yea, that’s true.

So he said, while I was praying in my bedroom, the Lord started talking and he said, he sent me to you. He told me to visit you and tell you this message, I asked, what is the message? He said, you have been fasting and praying for the whole week and asking God to get released. I said, yes. There was no way that he could know about this. I was in solitary confinement. Even the police guards didn’t know. Nothing gets out and I did it myself. Between me and God no other person knew about my request to God.

When He talked to me about that, he said to me, this is the message, you will not be released because it is not your time to be released. That’s what the Lord said.

Talk of prayers going unanswered. I said well, what choice do I have? And then about 3 yrs. Passed. Two weeks before I was released that same person came back and he greeted me and I told him, I remember you. What have you come to say this time? Well, he said something happened and I have a message for you? Okay, and what is that?

In fact he didn’t tell me the exact date, he said, the time is very near, the day is coming when you will be released. Your time is coming so get prepared, your will be free. But I don’t know the exact date. This looks like a fiction for some people. Then a week after the person came. Another person a young person of about 18 yrs. of age came from another place, around 600 km away. This young man came and visited me. The way he came and visited has its own miraculous story, which is for another time but he came to me. He greeted me and said you don’t know me. Here is the thing, God sent me to tell you, He came on a Saturday and said next Friday you will get out of this place, get prepared. Nobody knew when I got out of that prison. And not only about knowing, nobody expected me to come out of that place. I expected it though, because Jesus had told me. Before that promise from Christ I was thinking that’s my end of life. So exactly as that boy said, exactly as Jesus said. The Friday after that, I was released!!

He has his own time, even in the situations of dark moments. What you have to do is, I learnt this spontaneously not intentionally, later I had to be intentional, even when you are in the darkest moments of your time, He is there, pray and pray and pray.

I remembered at this point an author who says, the shortest distance of all is between our knees and the floor. Kneel and pray. God is there all the time, He comes and gets us out of our pits that’s how I became His follower, and he does it every time even now. This happens if we earnestly follow Jesus. When I was there for those 7 yrs. I had Jesus through his spirit, I had the scriptures-the bible, for the first time, I got it from that nurse.

Family Reunion

There is another miracle and this is the miracle. You remember I told you my wife and children were here in Kenya in a refugee camp. I was in prison, one time one of those 3 police guards brought me a cell phone and the number of my wife who was here in Kenya in a refugee camp. He took the risk, He told me you have 30 minutes, call her, then I will come and take it and I called her.

I called her and got her and told her all the stories, after all those years, praying at the same time that she would also receive Jesus because she was an atheist, she was also a communist. So during the call, I was praying in my spirit, would you Christ get to her?

So she asked me, when did that happen? When I recounted to her the three nights that Christ came to me in the prison cell. I told her all the events of the 3 nights. She said, right at that time Jesus was also with me and in this way we became His followers nothing but His followers….

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11 Responses to “#Unanswered – When God Seems Late”

  1. My story begins during the 1st season of Mizizi last year (2013). I lost my job on the same day Mizizi was being launched at the dome. At the time, I wasn’t too worried. As I was working, I managed to start farming and things were looking up or so I thought. I figured that I would dive head long into farming and things would work out, after all I had God on my side. My confidence was high, after all doesn’t He say all things work together for good for those who love him?

    I guess not for everyone! The almost 200 acres that my family and I were farming was attacked by some blight and the yield was poor to say the least. Cash started running out fast. For a man who had prided himself in being able to provide for his family, things became thick. Savings dwindled and soon we were left with only my wife’s income. I was not able to pay my daughter’s fees and fell behind on my loan repayment.

    I cried to God, I started serving in church but God was/ is silent. My marriage began to suffer under the strain of financial pressure. I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I even asked God if not for my sake then God would provide for my family. I prayed, I fasted, I begged and pleaded but nothing changed. I applied for jobs, I called on all my contacts but nothing changed.

    It’s been a year now. I still don’t have a job. My farming failed. I have so much debt which keeps me up at night. I have been listed in the credit reference bureau for non payment of loans but God is still silent. I have resigned myself to the fact that maybe God has His favourites and am just supposed to be some footnote in a bigger story. I used to be angry and bitter with God but now am resigned to what life has thrown my way.

    I just have to suck it up as a man and pick the pieces. I am not special and others have gone through far worse situations than I have so in the meantime I try as hard as I can to make do but I know God has definitely forgotten me.

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    • Hang in there bro,he will come through for ,Christ felt the some when it was darkest ,he will be glorified in your life,He is a good God he does go silent for nothing ,i pray that he will reveal himself to and you family.

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    • Dear ”Abandoned”,
      thank you for sharing your painful story.It may not be of any comfort to say this to you but you have spoken for many silently dying….
      What I do not understand is why many Christians are so full of talk and so lacking in acts.I have 2 friends,both born again who’ve suffered professionally and one recently told me how he would attend fellowships..leadership/bible with fellow Christian leaders and when he presented his trying situation,these men of God simply ignored his plea.When he was high flying,all was well,when he hit a storm,they were the most impractical persons.Why are we this way in the church,why?How can we then claim to be doers of the word and not hearers when we ”pray”for the jobless instead of giving them a job or hooking them up with one of our contacts so they find work?
      Even believers can be fair weather friends .I hope you have a parent like mine whose actions speak louder than her words.Mothers stand with you even when the church and its occupants smile weakly and very falsely (fake smiles) and quote scripture when you are hungry.


    • Hey Abandoned,

      I have read your story and I relate to it.

      I am a father and a husband. I lost my job when things seemed to be all rosy. I had a senior position in well known and innovation N.G.O. That was this year in February. Just like you, after the job loss, I felt like things would work out. With continued and unwavering faith in God. With continued and unwavering trust that God will work miracles in life. Its been months and the business I invested in is little more than a laughing stock. Now everyone comes out bashing me and telling me of the mistakes I made. That I should have done something else.

      The financial situation is also painful. I find myself not able to provide for my family. All my friends are doing well and are now better than me. And guess what? They dont even pray. They dont even go to church! I have so much debt from friends and family…and banks…I even have an MShwari loan.

      Family life is just as harsh. You know that things have hit rock bottom when your wife says she wants to leave. That is when it hit me…Maybe God is actually Mteja. Either that, or His grand plan doesnt involve me. When you are in financial turmoil and your wife is going for dates at expensive restaurants with someone who is very well to do, you cant help but feel like God changed his number, and he didnt give you his new Tel number.

      I know that it makes sense to give up. Common sense dictates that we are barking up the wrong tree. However, my faith and trust in God is beyond common sense. My faith and trust in God is inexplicable. I know that in His time and in His own way, He will listen and answer my prayers. I will keep believing and trusting in Him. I will keep praying. I will work on my marriage. I will show my wife Love and I will do my very best for my child.

      In the meantime, I ask that you also not give up. God has something very special for us. He has something He is saving for us.

      Good luck my brother. God eternally bless you and your family.




  2. Hi abandoned. I read your post and it reminded me of a terrible wilderness I have just come from – barely surviving and even thought of taking my own life. I know the feeling of – feeling like a mosquito fighting an elephant (God), feeling like you are talking to a brick wall- being resigned to what God’s gotta do and accepting and moving on, in church but numb. Every day harder than the last. Afraid to sleep coz sleep brings morning and morning brings the same old pain. And God is silent – apparently refining me, building character – sounds cliché, its true but doesn’t make sense when you are in there.

    I know only one truth that I cling to. My friend – don’t ever look at your circumstances and question God’s love for you. God’s love for you was settled on the cross. That has never changed and will never change. Hang onto that – its the only truth. Love Him and I know you do.

    Jesus’ silence in your life is not rejection. He is around the corner. He is coming. Stand. Hold on. Doesn’t make sense – Just stand. Too hard – Just stand. That storm has roared and roared na Mungu hapatikani – Simama. After you’ve done all you can – stand (Donnie McClurkin – I used to sing this song by Donnie McClurkin (Stand) when the bible didn’t make any sense, when I needed to cling to His promises but my bible was rock solid – unopenable. I would stand (literally) on it.

    Mwokozi anakuja kwako! Hold on.

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    Dear Pst.Muriithi,

    The message on sunday by The Former Prime Minister,Tamrat Liney really struck me,how can you forgive people You trusted,close friends that You thought were “on Your side”to a point that they threw You in a prison for those many years,throughout the message tears fell down my cheeks as I listened,I almost ran out when he asked us to forgive those who have betrayed or hurt us.

    You see my boyfriend and I got pregnant early this year,that was not part of the plan.My Mum was so upset that she went and reported him to his employer and he lost his job.Bitterness in my heart set in,instead of standing by me,my boyfriend bailed out on me 4 months into the pregnancy,more pain sunk in me.

    As if that was not enough,my parents who I was staying with refused to give me any food since Im living with them,it got so bad that I started eating in hotels and at work,can you imagine?when I need to eat healthy,my own family refuses to feed me,it didnt come to any surprise when I got food poisoning,I ended up in hospital admitted for 4 days,I had lost so much water that they had to continuously put me on a drip for 3 days.The bitterness in me exp loaded.

    I refused talking to my parents and we lived as strangers in the same house for 3 whole months I even refused to attend my mums birthday though the entire family attended the party.

    Fast forward,Im seated at Mavuno seated close to the pulpit and Mr.Lyney is preaching,forgive,do it quickly,you may not have time.
    I left Mavuno in tears,sat at the back of the bus on the way to town still crying,why lord why should I forgive my father for allowing me and my unborn child almost die in his house because they would not feed me?why should I forgive people who mistreated me and an innocent baby?

    I had a choice,in tears,I went straight home after I left church (delayed obedience is disobedience) I found my Dad,I sat down and told him with all the respect I could gather and gently said to him,Dad,thank You for bringing me up,but how You have treated me and your unborn grand child has really wounded me,but I choose to forgive You,and with that I slowly left his presence.

    DEATH COMES KNOCKING : On Tuesday afternoon at 2pm on my way from an assignment with my colleagues,the driver lost control and the car swerved several times almost hitting other cars parked to the left and to the right almost knocking a brick wall,all I could do was call on the name of Jesus,I saw with the eyes of my spirit two angels one on the left and one on my right,when the car would swerve on either side,they would push it back to the road.

    The car by Gods grace came to a halt,my life,that of my unborn child and the lives of my colleagues were saved,Praise God.

    The main question that came to my mind was if Tuesday was my last day on this earth,my unborn baby and I could have gone to the grave with bitterness and un-forgiveness,where could I have spent eternity?

    Thank You lord for giving me the grace to be strong enough to forgive and to forgive on time in my case immediately after the service.

    Thank You Pst.Muriithi for this message,Unanswered and Mr.Tamrat Lyney for sharing Your story on forgiveness.

    Im alive and well,healed of my father wounds and willing to serve Jesus the rest of my life,being a living witness to the power of God through Forgiveness,just like He demonstrated on the cross.


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  4. Sarah Thiriku -Saved From Death Testimony



  5. Thank you for this testimony. It encouraged me to continue believing! That indeed God is real and I have encountered his presence in my darkest moments.

    His reason for believing especially jumped at me:

    “It was good that I was there for 7 more years after I got saved. This is what I say to people and they usually don’t take it, in all my life up to now, those 7 years in that prison cell were the most beautiful times of my life.

    The main reason I say that was because I had all the time, He was there and I was so close to Him. He was always there.”

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  6. woow…mavuno goes on..I love that sermons are on point…
    Saadly you cant borrow bus fare to come to church…I opted for a local church as I go on slowly through life

    After looking at this I want to be proactive and use my pain to the glory of God…perhaps a manual on coping skills after a job loss or perhaps a blog “Jobless single mums diary” maybe after I settle down through the pain…Maybe after God says yes or directs me differently coz eeeh Im numb in pain and in still in salvation

    its painfull and I cant write it all down
    Lost job in 2013 and I’m still counting days ..The court case with my former employer has never been heard..
    From professional with a masters degree to all odd jobs selling shoes,selling clothes name it..
    From not having a single loan to being in debts and selling all my household stuff to recover
    Im single parent so it cant get worse..Im packing my bags to go back to my parents at 3#..with a child


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    what! you really need to read this


  8. Isaya Shauri Says:

    Thx for the testmony.


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