The Four Horsemen Of Financial Ruin – The Hustler

What is your picture of what it means to be wealthy in this life?


One day before the throne of God he will ask what did you do with all the wealth I gave you? Some of us will answer what wealth? And he will answer, “well peter, when you started working at the age of 25 in 2014, I gave you a job where you earned 25,000 a month, it wasn’t much, but at 27 yrs. I gave you a raise to 35,000 a month and then when you turned 30, I started giving you 60,000 a month and at the age of 35yrs. I gave you 140,000 monthly when you were 40, you were earning 300,000 ksh, a month and at the age of 45, I blessed your little business and you were now earning, nearly 1M a month at the age of 55 which was your peak, your 3 business were earning at least 1.5 M a month and at 65 when you were slowing down you went back to 700,000 a month and at 75 yrs. You were back to 300,000 a month but you didn’t need much, at that time by now your net worth was over 50 million, you retired at the age of 80 and I called you home at 85 yrs. And so during your years on earth I allowed over 500m shillings to flow through your hands. What did you do with it?

And you think to yourself, you mean all that money went through my hands? I didn’t realize that 500m flowed through my hands, during my working years. I was so focused on only 25,000, I never stopped back to look at the big picture and I wanna challenge you today for those of you who have been working for a period of time, go home, take a pen and paper and calculate how much money has flown through your hands over the last 10 yrs. of work.

And you will be amazed to see how much it is. Now the point of my little illustration is not the figure itself, some of you here you’ve got the gift of making money, you are good at business and you will make 500m shilling in less than 10 yrs., for some of us maybe this is way above our wildest dream but the point of my illustration is that by the end of your life tones of money, millions would have gone through your fingers and one day God will ask you what you did with all the wealth I gave. Or will the 4 horsemen have ravaged it.




The first horseman, I named him the hustler. The bible says in Proverbs 29:18 without a vision a people perish. And the lie of the first horseman is to get you to live your life, your earning life without any financial vision. And as long as you do not have a financial vision you will forever remain hustling, this is what the first horseman called the hustler does.

If you believe that you will never make it financially, then you be locked in the prison and bondage of hustling all your life, believing that you will never do more than hustle. Let me put proverbs 29:18, without a financial vision of your future, you will perish, put it another way, if you want to create financial wealth in your life, you must have a vision. Have a clear goal of what it is you want, wealth begins in the mind.

And if the mind is foggy you will never be able to create wealth, if your mentality is one of poverty and hustling you will live a life of poverty and hustling. It has been shown over and over again that people who create wealth are people with a clear vision of where they are going. The reality is many people don’t have a clear vision, they live from day to days, and maybe that’s okay.


A Vision vs A Wish

There is a world of a difference between a vision and a wish. A wish says I wish I could be rich in this life, but does nothing about it except read. A vision goes further, a vision says, I’d like to be rich in this life and then it does 3 things. A vision develops an action plan. A vision defines deadline. Avision exercises discipline

That is the difference between a vision and a wish. Financial discipline is denying, myself today, so that I can have tomorrow. A goal is a dream plus action plus a deadline plus discipline, a wish is nothing more than a sentiment, so let me ask you a question. Have you ever written down your financial goals? Do you know what you want to accomplish financially in the next 5 yrs.? What about the next 15 yrs.?

You see most people don’t and they haven’t written it down, they don’t know, they have a wish to create wealth, but they have no plan and what the first horseman does to bring you financial ruin is to make you plan less, without a plan, without a vision you will perish, have you written down. Can you clearly name what your financial goals for the next 5yrs are?

Let me give you an example along this line. If I want to be debt free, by the time I turn 30, I picked up a loan from the university to do my degree and O have credit debt and etc., by the time I turn 30, I want to be free so what am I going to do, 30 is my goal or rather my deadline, I have a clear goal to be debt free and my plan is going to be, I am going to begin an income generation stream at home where I can pay off my debt before I am 30.


Don’t just wish, Plan

That’s the difference, most people don’t have that, they only wish, and so they watch other people succeed but they never see wealth themselves. The route to financial health is paved with good intentions, but no concrete plans and because most people don’t actually have concrete plans they are headed to financial hell. But an action plan a deadline and discipline changes good intentions into concrete goals.

Hustlers have no vision, no goal, no deadline, only good intentions and many dreams, and this is how the first horseman brings financial ruin to us, he deceives us into becoming planless. So for today how do we stop this first horseman so that he doesn’t ravage us?

I want to share with you ten financial plans that will lead you to wealth. Now we not gonna talk about the details today. I will come back through the course of the month. But I want you to step back and have the big picture.

Ten financial plans that anyone with serious financial plan for creating wealth needs to put in place]

Step I Financial Plan. The first one is what we have just talked about, financial goals as a plan, as the starting place, what are your financial goals in life? Write them down. Begin to know them so that you can actually actionise them. Because if you don’t know where you are aiming you will never get there. There are a few courses in school, in the university, that teach about it. It begins with the goal so this is the first thing you must do and if you don’t know what your goal is, go home young man young woman even for those of us who are older and have never written down our goals go home and write them down down. Tell Gods I want to retire this is way.

Step 2. Prayer Plan. Have a prayer plan. In the book of 37:4 Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

If you don’t know what your desires are you get nothing. But if you know what your desires are bring them to the Lord in prayer, because God is able to do the miracles and bring them about. So know your desires, name them, write them down, and be clear on them. Ask God to bless them because he is you father. He is willing to answer your prayers. I wrote down my desires and took them before God and after four years of praying for them God started to answer my prayers. He started to bring opportunities my way. He started to open up doors of opportunities for me

Step 3 Have a Spending Plan, some call it a budget. I call it a spending plan, and you know why a spending plan is important, the bible says in Luke 16:10. If God is already giving you that little amount that is 15k salary, it’s hardly enough for you, but you are not faithful even with that, why would he give you more because if he does it will just mess you up. And so you must become good with what he has already given you and the way to become God with what he has given you is, to have a spending plan. Put one together, most people think that the golden rule of creating wealth is get a well-paying job.

We used to say in the university when we were in university in India that I must get a six figure salary after graduation. Get a spending plan. The rule number 1 golden rule of wealth creation is actually this. Spend less than you earn. The secret to creating wealth is not how much you earn, the secret is spend less than you earn, when you do that you begin to create wealth because wealth is not dependent on how much you earn but it is dependent on how much you save. Many people are living the lie, of lets fake it until we make it. So they live in estates they can’t afford, they drive a good car, they have put there kids in some really nice schools and they eat out occasionally at some good joint but they can’t afford it and it puts them under immense financial pressure.

It’s not what you earn it’s what you save, so here’s what I take as a good spending plan, this is not from scripture, this is from wisdom of those who have studied these sort of things, and from the wisdom, I have found since I started to budget and save. If you take your paycheck and look at what is deposited in your bank, after the government takes its tax and its nssf/nhif and all the other statutory deductions that are made to your salary, what gets put in your bank if you are living on more than 60% of that sum, you are living beyond your means.


The 60% Rule

If you are earning 20,000 and you living on more than 12,000, you are living beyond your means. If you run 100k at the end of the month and you spending more than 60k to pay for food and fees and all those sorts of things you are living beyond your means. 60% of what lands in your account should pay for the transport, food fees and all those sort of things. 10% is to give to the Lord. 10% is for replaceables. Do you know one day your car is going to die and you will have to replace it, your fridge will spoil and will need to be replaced, your TV or washing machine , whatever you have in the home, even sofa set will eventually break and will have to be replaced you need to put aside for that. If you are young let me tell you a secret, the only car you should ever buy on a car loan is your first car, 3 yrs. is what a car loan is. You go borrow 1m against your salary, you pay 40k a month for 3 yrs.

Never again, should you buy a car with a loan, so replaceables 10%, you put aside as an emergency fund or an investment fund, I will come back to that and the final 10% is retirement, and so if you are living on more than 60% of what you take home, you are living beyond your means. What does this mean, what it tells us is that many of us live on 120% of what we earn, in other words, we live on a little more than we earn and so every month you are sinking a little deeper into debt and soon you begin to play games. When peter calls you don’t pick. You borrow Peter to pay Paul and so you duck Steven because you are living on 120% of what you earn.


Let me give you a bit of a spending plan,

Your rent should not tale more than 15% of your income. Your school fees should not take more than 20% of what you bring home. The Kenyan way of doing it is to strain ourselves until you snap and that is the level we put our children in, and woe to you if you took your first kid to this posh school and they pay a ton of money and you get a second child what will you do now? Because you either have to take the other to a lower school and divide the money or strain even more to have them in the same school, it shouldn’t take more, all your children, 20% figure out which school is affordable and take them there.

Number 3 your food and utilities should not take more than 15% become friends with omena and ugali, snacks and heavy is spending on unhealthy food. all other things, pocket money, entertainment, etc. 10%, 60% of what you take home otherwise you are living beyond your earns.

Plan 4 Benevolence/Tithe plan. Because it is God who blesses you and gives you the ability to create wealth, never cheat on God, he gives you the health to create wealth, he gives you wisdom so that you can create wealth, and if you cheat on him how do you expect to survive, in 2 Cor 5, quote. In other words your faith should not be at the same level it was last year. That’s our desire, it’s our desire that you go to the next level in terms of your speech, in terms of your knowledge on the things of God, in terms of your passion for God in terms of your love for the brethren.

In all these areas we are trying to grow to the next level, Paul says in the same way also, excel in the grace of giving, in other words, this year your tithe should not be at the same level as last year, do everything you can to grow to the next level in your general pace in the things of God. That’s your benevolence/tithe plan. I have shared this before, my challenge to you is to increase your tithe by 1% per year and so if you start with 10% next year make it 11% the year after make it12% and let God reward you and bless you.

Plan 5. Your earning plan. Once you have a good spending plan the only way you can save more money if by increasing how much you earn, find a way to earn more and begin to believe God to enable you. I would say to many of you here God has already given you the answer because the question God asks you is what’s that you have in your hands. Let me explain that, one member of our congregation here once had bees come into her compound and she thought to herself, I need to get one of these big guys to come and get these swarm of bees away from my compound.

But then as she thought about it she thought. If I buy a hive and the bees go into there, I can get free honey and so she put a hive and got the bees to go into the hive and then she decides as these bees grow why don’t I buy some more hives and get them to swarm into these other hives and that lady began a bee keeping business selling honey as a product and she said, these bees are called blessing that he has showered me with now what will you do if bees come to your compound you will try to kill them off. That’s Gods blessing for wealth and this lady began a honey sale business.

God asks, some of you here are accountants you can do jobs in the evening and weekends, because Gods asks you what is that in your hands, some of you ask God give me a raise, he asks what is that in your hands, you have a car that sits at you parking from 8-5 o’clock, hire it out to be a taxi. If you look around you, there are many opportunities for you to create wealth, I have a friend who has the gift of the garb, he is a talker he is always talking, he lives in Boston, you know what he is doing, he has a very high flying job with an organization, but on weekends he hires himself out as an MC, and he makes good money, what’s that in your hands. An income plan

Step 6 Emergency plan, here I will ask a couple of questions, if you lost your job today, how will you survive? And if it took you 6 months before you get your next job, how will you survive, will your kids have to drop out of school, will you have to live the house you are living? Do you have a fund that is an emergency fund and if you don’t do you have a plan to build up an emergency fund. My wife and I do and here is a thing about t.

if I put away 10% of our salary them it would take us 5 yrs. of putting aside 10% before we can build up an emergency fund. That is the equivalent of 6 months of our living expenses at present. But it means that if I am sacked. For 6 months I really don’t need to sweat it out and I can take a break and then look for a job. Do you have an emergency fund, between my wife and I, am the spender, so we keep our emergency fund in a join account, my wife keeps the checkbook we both have to sign the check to get money out of that account.

That is the emergency fund. Do you have a plan for that?

Step 7 an investment plan as you begin to put aside money how you will invest that money. You should never have money lying around that doesn’t have a plan, because you will eat it. We will talk about this one later on in the month as we continue with the series.

Step 8 An insurance plan, let me ask three questions here, for those of us with dependents what will happen if you passed away today, let say you unfortunately died, what will happen to your family if you have dependents? Will your spouse become destitute? Will your children have to be pulled out of school? Will your house be reposed, get a life policy on your life so that you can live your family with something to transition out on your death. What if you are in an accident and did not die but you were disabled and couldn’t go back to work ever? You see if all you have is a life policy and you don’t have a disability policy the when you get hit by a car, because if you are disabled and you don’t die, you can’t get the life policy and now you must survive with all the medial bills of disability.

Get a disability plan, because you have dependents who will need to be covered. Third question, what would happen if your house burned down today and all your possessions? Would you have clothes for tomorrow? Where will you live for the next couple of months? If you own a home and don’t have a domestic cover over that home, you are playing with financial ruin. Now we all think insurance and policies are just another way for people to milk us off our money, but if you don’t have these sorts of cover including a health cover you a risking financial ruin

Step 9 A retirement plan. You work from the age of 25 to 75 yrs. that’s about 50 yrs. You retire from 50yrs of work and die at the age of 90yrs because we all want a healthy long life, but how are you going to survive 15yrs with no income, no job and you are in retirement or if you retire at 70 or 65 and you have 20-25 yrs. with no salary, how will you survive. Many people retire into poverty, because they never planned, and if you are here today and you are 20 yrs. old, 25 yrs. Old.

I tell you begin to put aside just, 10% of whatever you are earning today. If you put aside for 60 yrs. this is what happens. It’s subject to the magic of the power of compound interest. If you put 100k aside today and don’t touch it for the next 60 yrs., 110k today at 10%interest in some accounts after 60 yrs. that money would have grown to 35m shillings and that’s just the one putting 100k. If you put 105 all your working years you will not need to worry about your retirement.

Step 10 estate plan. What will happen when I die, does my wife know what my assets are or our assets are? Does she know what shares we own? Does she know the life insurance policy I have? Does she know how to cash it? Who will she contact? How long will it last after I am gone? Will she sell the house and move into a little place, or can she stay in the house because there is enough for her to live here. What is your plan beyond your life? This is what we call a will. Do you have a will?

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  1. I must admit that i had a plan but it was not this visionary.For a long time i have been planning to do lots of stuff that require finances and none of those stuff has pulled say the least ,i lacked an action plan but now am informed.i look forward to trusting in the Lord to enable me be visionary enough to plan and put my plans in both prayer and action


  2. Im blessed yesterday i dint make to church but i feel pastor was God sent to speak to me.


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  4. Am so blessed by your inspiration. Eye opener.


  5. THIS IS THE BEST SERMON YET…ON MONEY! WHAAAT! it’s also encouraging to learn that i wasn’t too far off with my plans, thanks mainly to your mentee (sic), Pastor M and this book on Financial Fitness. You guys are both amazing and mwendelee hivyo hivyo…can’t wait for horseman number 2…giddy up!


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  8. They say that money is the source of all evil but in reality, the absence of it is the source of all evil.
    In life there are 3 types of education; academic (From Class 1 to Form 4), Professional (Tertiary colleges/University) & Financial (Taught nowhere).
    I believe it is the role of the church to teach the congregation on how to live meaningful & purposeful lives. This sermon was a blessing to those who cared to listen and may God bless us all from this financial ruin.
    I strongly concur that most people live way above their means and then go ahead blaming others especially employers for their predicaments.
    we all want to live in a good house, a good car and everything else that is good but the question is, what do we do to this end?
    It is very sad that there are people who out there seem to be living very good lives but when an emergency strikes, they aren’t prepared.

    Keep up the good work church.


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  10. Wow! This one was an eye opener esp the spending Plan – I have gotten it all wrong. First thing to do is cut the entertainment budget which takes about 40%( a lot of travels). This was real – Thank you so much Pastor


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