Bold – Boldness That Transforms

What would you say was the most bold thing you have ever done?

BOLD - Media Shout Version

Boldness is serious abandon because of the knowledge of the power behind you. We will learn about boldness today from a young man called Philip and an interesting encounter he had … Acts 8: 26-40

From Philips encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch we can learn 3 things about being bold;

Boldness is reliance on God – Being bold is not about relying on your own resources and going out there because you know how to or have the ability. The angel of the Lord went to Philip and he obeyed and went out (verse 26). To do something bold there has to be a space of waiting on God and asking “oh God what would you have me do?” a reliance of the fact that if God doesn’t do something you stand helpless.

Philip did not just get up and decide he will go because maybe the road would be nice to meet people. Philip had his radar so cleaned up that when the spirit of God whom he was fully reliant on said something he had the clean antennae to be able to capture that message and know God has said and then he moved in obedience. Maybe God is speaking to you and you have no idea, could it be your ‘satellite dish’ is rusty hence cannot receive the communication?

To be bold and do extraordinary things, it will take relying on God. To achieve more it will take being in that place where you can receive what God has in store for you.

What are you doing to rely on God? What are you doing to clean up the satellite dish so that you can be able to hear from God?

Boldness is respectful of people – You need to realise that people are made in the image of God. People are the goal, the end of Gods love. Philip seemed to understand this from the way he interacted with the Ethiopian eunuch.

First he begins his conversation by asking a question (verse 30) that is not threatening or condescending. It was engaging and inviting. Usually as Christians we look arrogant and we think its boldness. Philip respected him so much and the purpose of God in his life that he was genuinely interested in him.

Secondly Philip waited to be invited (verse 31) when we respect people enough, we earn the right to be invited. Sometimes we tend to be over-familiar because we do not respect people.

Thirdly Philip listened (verse 32-34)

Boldness is resourced with the word of God – Philip began with the passage the Eunuch was reading and explained the word of God. This shows that Philip knew the word of God. He began with that passage (verse 35) and being sensitive to his need he was able to explain everything to the center of scripture which is Jesus Christ.

Are you resourced with the word of God enough to engage society meaningfully in a way that changes someones life? We need to meet people at their point of need but move them to the center that is Jesus Christ.

The result of their interaction is described in verse 39 ” …but went on his way rejoicing.” because Philip relied on God, was respectful thus earned the right to be heard and he genuinely listened to him to the point the eunuch asked to be baptized (verse 36).

We have been placed on this earth to transform lives; it is not enough just to reform society. We need to fully rely on God, have a respect for people through interaction that earns us the right to be heard and finally relying on Gods word which is the only agent he has given authority and potency to change men and womens lives.

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3 Responses to “Bold – Boldness That Transforms”

  1. Jacquey Says:

    This sermon came just in time for me, i just recently started being Bold,” i was softie sana and that was taken as being jingaaaa :-), BOLD is my new thing and i like it!!


  2. Pastor Munengi is an awesome preacher who kept the audience attentive and his message spoke to me alot about relying on God in everything i do…


  3. This message is uplifting and encouraging. Sometimes I have struggled to be bold and failed and now I realise my reliance was not based on God. Thank you.


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