T.G.I.F. – Thank God It’s Monday (TGIM)


Everyone in life wants to leave an impact behind. That is why we love heroes – they step into situations in life and something changes for the better. President Obama won his first term in office on the theme of change. Yes we can!  It resonated with masses across the world. We want to see things change. In politics, in education, in the media, in business: where we work and the different sectors of society.

To sign in for change, we must hate the status quo. We must envision the possibilities.

As we conclude this series, we want to talk about falling in love with Monday. But let me ask you to turn to the person next to you first and ask them this question:

What do you hate most or get frustrated most about Monday?

  • Weekend is over and the next one is 5 days away. (Why is Monday morning so close to the weekend yet so far?)
  • Back to routine or the grind of work
  • Back to toxic environments and annoying colleagues
  • The demands of work – deadlines, late nights, targets, etc
  • Back to flat or strained relations at work, people you wish you could avoid
  • Back to temptations and ethical dilemmas

In this series, TGIF, we have looked at the challenges of the workplace. We began in week 1 by stating that work is a platform to fulfill purpose and honor God. We need to find our call in what we do between Monday and Friday. God has posted you there to use your gifts, education and personality to find personal fulfillment, serve others and impact community. Labor is not just painful toil, it is an act of worship and a ministry placement. We said that there is no sacred and secular, God is in all of life.

We also saw that there are many temptations at the workplace. Ethical dilemmas are part of the marketplace landscape. It is easy to compromise our faith and values. We said when tempted, take a stand and let God. The fourth man will show up in you and through you as you stand for what is true.

Last week we talked about power play or office politics. We saw that there will always be conflict or hostility as people fight for position, power and privileges in the marketplace. Through the politics, you should pursue excellence and let God fight for you. He will come in as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Is it ever possible to have TGIM? We are called to be fearless influencers at work. Why is that important? “The marketplace is the soul of the nation.” It is where it all happens. Think about it. The culture of a people is shaped in the market place. When you look at the sectors of society, you see that if any change is to take place in the nation, it must happen in these sectors. Church & Missions, Governance & Politics, Family & Education, Arts & Media, Environment & Health and Business & Economy. Life – economic, social, political and spiritual – happens there.

The rot and trouble of a people is seen in what happens in these sectors. Corruption in business, perversion in arts and entertainment, lies and deception in the media, the injustice and oppression in governance (judiciary, executive and assemblies) and the cheating in education – these are all reflections of the character of a people. These ills have to be confronted and change needs to happen right there. That is why you have been posted there – wherever you work.

The question in the hearts of many is this: What are some practical things we can do to transform the marketplace? How can we see the life of city reflect more of justice and righteousness? What can we do to change our spaces?

Daniel had a great national impact in Babylon through 4 administrations. Severally he caused the king to issue decree (gazette notice) for the nation to turn to the God of Daniel. God showed up in miraculous interventions. He, and his friends, did change Babylon. What can we learn from the book of Daniel?

1. NetworkDaniel 2: 17,18,48,49 – The team sought God together for interpretation of the dream. Daniel was greatly rewarded, but he pleaded for his friends to be promoted as well.  In Daniel 3, the three stood together against idolatry and into the furnace.

Daniel always worked with his friends as a team from the very beginning. We need to form teams at work, networks for support as we deal with temptations and impact the workplace. Life groups should be places we share our marketplace experiences for encouragement and counsel.

Get to know other Christians at work, build friendships and work together.

Work with others to change the workplace

2. Prayer: Daniel 6:10 – Daniel had his personal prayer time that strengthened his faith in governance. To overcome the challenges and demands of transformation at the workplace, you need consistent times of prayer as a Christian. Inner strength is found in our times with God.

But they also prayed together and expected miracles. In Daniel 2:17,18, they sought God together for answers to the King’s dream. They prayed against the challenges at work and sought for God’s interventions. When under attack, Daniel took time to pray for deliverance. There are spiritual warfare situations at work that need prayer.

There are those who get to the office early to pray for the office – for peace, understanding, justice and righteousness. That is commendable.

You can also take time to pray over certain situations, individuals or challenges at work. Pray for business, contracts, favor, projects, cases, and targets. Pray against temptations and evils at work. Pray for team leaders and colleagues. Pray for ideas and guidance.

Involve God through prayer to change the workplace

3. Wisdom: Daniel and his friends were given wisdom and understanding. (Daniel 1:17, 20)  He studied and he prayed for it. We need wisdom and understanding to lead at work in innovation and execution. Pray for ideas and pray for prophetic understanding and insight as well.

James 1:5 says: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” We should seek for God given wisdom in what we do – leadership, singing, media, business, etc

Seek and grow in wisdom as a change agent

4. Excellence: Give work your best. Like Daniel, distinguish yourself through an excellent spirit (Daniel 6:3-5). Work hard, work right and work well with others.

Pursue excellence to gain credibility as a change agent

5. Outreach: Daniel ended affecting those around him with his faith story. It is no secret that they knew he was a man of faith and prayer, which is why they sought to catch him in ‘the matter of his gods’.

Reach out to those around by showing love and concern for them. Encourage those who are low, help those who need it, give counsel, offer comfort, show mercy and share you faith. Build meaning relationships at work. Essentially, the only way to experience true change is to have a heart change. Where you can, do Mizizi.

 Reach out to others and bring change to individuals

The one lesson for today is: You are a change agent in the marketplace.

God would love to see his dominion, his kingdom invade every sector of society. A key theme through out the book of Daniel is the reign of God in the affairs of men. He wants to use you and I to reveal his wisdom, power and dominion in the market place. Are you willing to be a fearless influencer at work?

What will you do as a change agent in the workplace?

Will you take up the challenge? Imagine the impact of our faith being seen and experienced in schools and colleges, banks and enterprises, public service and politics, in the courts and by the police, in malls and in public transport, in hospitals and in restaurants, in prisons and in county governments. Just imagine that! This will happen as you realize that You are a change agent in the marketplace.

I still believe that we can see transformation in Kenya in the next 7 years. We can see poverty levels reduce from 62% living below 2 dollars a day to 30%. I believe that we can see our software (value system) change especially in the areas of negative ethnicity, corruption, lies and dishonesty, drugs and teenage pregnancies leading to lots of abortions. I believe that we can see more people get to know the salvation and healing of Jesus Christ across this nation. Currently only 20 % of the nation does attend places of transformation like Mavuno every Sunday. We can see that number double in 7 years.

This is what God is calling you to. Wherever you work, whatever you do: You are a change agent in the marketplace. Network. Pray. Seek wisdom. Pursue excellence. Reach out.

This nation must be transformed. Our generation needs to experience a better lifestyle socially, morally, economically and politically. It will take transformation at the marketplace for that to happen.

You are the agent of change for this nation – from Monday to Friday. So go to work every Monday in the mood of TGIM. Go there to make a difference. To bless others. To touch people’s lives. To confront corruption. To stand for truth. To pray for God’s intervention. To work with excellence. To reflect God’s wisdom. You are a change agent in the marketplace. May God count on you.

I want to challenge you today to make a resolve. I want to give you a prayer that you can pray weekly as we seek to change the marketplace:

God Almighty, I pray that you will help me use my workplace as a platform to fulfill my purpose and honor you. I ask that you will strengthen me when tempted to take a stand and let God do the rest. I pray that you will help me pursue excellence and let you fight for me through work politics. I ask, God of all sectors, to use me as a change agent to affect my workplace, industry and sector for God.  Amen.

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5 Responses to “T.G.I.F. – Thank God It’s Monday (TGIM)”

  1. Thank you very much Pastor S for this sermon series. I have never associated the book of Daniel with the workplace. This has truly been an eye opener for me and I look forward to putting into practice what I have learned. God bless you


  2. This series hit the nail on the head esp today’s sermon. God has been gracious & given me good networks; wisdom; excellence at my work but am seriously struggling with all that… i.e Pride as I left church today I was depressed plse pray with me it’s killing me softly….


  3. My Galfriend Says:

    Am leaving the office now..
    4 hours later from my job description time.
    Reason.. I had a target to meet.
    I have had the same targets for the past few months but been leaving work at my exact official time with a met target.
    Well a fake met target.

    Thing is, a colleague taught me how to `fix the tool` that it doctors my output figures for the day. IT stuff that I dont understand so wunt explain… but yes.
    Until I showed up for sermon two weeks ago and pst S `brilliantly` asked us to tell the neighbor wot stuff we do at work that we shunt be doing.
    My neighbor is always my amazing boyfriend. So I confessed. And we laughed about it. But he looked at me with shocked eyes I could tell he was shocked am capable of that. He only said one statement though, that he would never do that He is better off not meeting his targets than meeting them unjustly.
    The guilt that landed on my spirit since that moment is beyond tell.

    So I have been battling with the guilt all these days.. I wake up, purpose to be honest that day, even pray in the car on my way to work that Go to help me be honest, but wen my leaving time clicks and am far off the target.. I peep at my boss and do the obvious. I had grown addicted.

    Until today. To be honest even today I did the same when my home time cliqd.. but on my way out a voice within whispered asking me where am I rushing to go that warrants the lie? What would that boss do to me if I just went and honestly explained my strain or better yet, wot bone in me would break if I worked beyond my official time to do a right job?
    Suddenly I longed for peace.
    So humbly I went back to my computer, deleted all the errors and picked up on my pending job. Guess what; apparently I haven’t dropped dead for working extra hours! If anything av taken less time that I expected.
    And do i feel genuinely at peace or what?
    I was just thinking to myself as I log out `by the way God.. I want to keep up an honest work life.. and av been trying.. but you need to meet me halfway here.


  4. I couldn’t agree more with this blog


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