This Is It – The Shrewd Manager


What is the most interesting and creative hustling idea you have ever heard of? 

The day after the president was sworn in; people were already selling pictures of the president, while the presidential press service was asking people to wait for the official photos.

Did you know that hawkers used to say the same thing over and over? Nowadays there are voice recordings that play all day: “Kiatu na bei”, “Mende, kunguni, panya”.

Some creative but not so positive ones are the Westgate DVDs, and pirated copies of Nairobi Half Life which was on sale before the original DVDs.

This month, my goal is to involve as many people, as young as possible, as soon as possible. The sooner you can get into a serving opportunity the better. The reason is because serving/ministry involvement is a significant faith builder. The surprising thing is that to occupy spiritually, you need to be smart. Turn with me to Luke 16:1-9 (MSG Translation)

The manager did not own anything; he was accountable to the owner for everything he did at his position as a manager. The manager was not living with the awareness that he would be held to account.  We are accountable to God also. Everything we have comes from God. He’s the owner, He blesses us with everything, your very breath is a gift from God, Your ability to walk and work is a gift from God. Unfortunately many of us don’t live with the awareness that we will be accountable at some point. We live like we are only living for the moment. We are extensively blessed but we consume it all up for ourselves. And what we learn from this passage is that you will be held accountable for the opportunities you have. And like this crooked manager, many of us are not being accountable for the opportunities/skills/expertise/networks God has given us. God expects that each of us will give a report at the end of how we used what He gave us.

The 2nd thing we see: When he was told that he was fired. He looked ahead. I am not strong enough for a laboring job.. After the manager discovered that he had messed up and all is over, he did not just sit and wallow in his mess. Instead he assessed the situation and came up with a plan. After coming up with a plan he acted on it. Once he realized there was a problem, he immediately assessed the situation and fixed it. He acted on his plan and he was praised by his master.

Christ is not commending this man for being dishonest, but he does say that there are some things he did that we can learn from. Many unbelievers are more wise in how they manage whatever they have than believers are. Why was he praised after he had just been told he was fired? He wasn’t praised for being dishonest, or for wasting months and maybe years of the master’s time and resources, He was praised for the fact that once he realized there was a problem, He immediately took action to fix it.

The one lesson that we learn from our passage today is, Be Street smart for Good

What are your strategic assets? How do you leverage on your professional platforms for the sake of occupying spiritually? Mavuno’s strategic asset is the thousands of creative or energetic professionals who are loyal to this church and who either hustling for the kingdom or warming the pews. How do we leverage our strategic assets? These include our professional platforms, those of us in schools, in businesses, as well as stay home moms or dads. We should have one eye on eternity and one eye in the present.

Or is it that since we got saved we have left all our street smarts at the river Jordan where we got saved. The people of this world know how to milk every opportunity for all it is worth. How do we begin to be street smart with what God has given us?

Prospect: Most of us are at the place where we are either misusing or underutilizing the resources that Christ has given to us, I encourage you to do an assessment of your life. What are the resources and networks that God has given you and how have you been using them? And I want you to recognize that God will hold you to account.

Plan ahead: What will you do with the revelation you have about yourself? Lay out a plan. Write it down but don’t take forever to think, give yourself a timeline

Promptly act: For some of us our miracle is a thought away. Sometimes it is an action away. Just look at your plan and ACT. Take a step. Just do it.

For many of us our involvement will take the shape of engaging with one of our ministries during the season. We have many opportunities in the fair for you to go and sign up to engage…..

Some of you God is calling to take a step outside of what you are doing right now and give a year off full time, intense, hands on ministry involvement – learning, growing and sharpening your leadership gifting. We have a special involvement opportunity through the Discovery experience. This might be the experience for you.

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  1. I should have stood up last Sunday on behalf of my extended family, on both divides. On tuesday, I received news that my uncle who was on fire for Christ has thrown in the towel, and is drinking alcohol, now more than ever. Just today, I receive news that my small brother is back to drinking alcohol. May God forgive me for not standing up on bfehalf of my family. XXL.


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