Hunger Games – I Love This Game


Right now the English Premier League is going on. We have fatherless kids, soccer singles (wives), and soccer fans glued to the tv for the action. Amazing how people love to be part of something big. They love the game, but more than that they are excited to be part of a movement!

That’s sports. In life we love to be part of a big cause.

What big cause have you been part of in the last few years?

Remember these:

  • Kenyans for Kenya
  • Numerous peace initiatives before last election
  • Marathons for different causes have increased

For me it has been Msafara, Mavuno, God Bless Kenya and Transform Kenya

We all want to change the world. To be part of something that will impact our city or nation or even continent. We are beginning to see the middle class giving more and participating more in worthy causes. There is a desire to be part of something more than the pursuit for a car, house, a great job and such. People are looking for a game that has impact on the community around. They want a game that will change lives and community.

Africa is up for grabs, it seems. The Chinese want it. The West has been working for a slice of it! Forces of darkness like corruption have had their claim on it. The soul of this continent is being contested. It is clear that it is our time. Time to save the soul of our nation and the continent or delay what generations have waited for.

Jesus cried over Jerusalem because they missed their time of visitation in Luke 19. They had a window of opportunity to get things straightened but they took a nap. We need to seize the moment and shine forth.

The Samaritan woman ended up being a part of a big story in her world. She seized a moment and rewrote history. Let us go back to the story and see.

John 4:28-30; 39-42

Her encounter with the Messiah changed her life and formed a story. She runs to the city to share her story with everyone. They all come to find the man. Jesus is asked to stay in the city for 2 days (A Jewish teacher in a Samaritan town). Many believe and a movement I believe starts. This is the kind of game that I love. A game that leads to transformation.

What does it take to start a life transforming movement?

  • An Ordinary Life – any ordinary people here? God starts a great story with ordinary men and women like you and I.
  • A transformation story – anyone who has a before and after story? The ordinary person encounters the extra-ordinary God and things begin to change. It is no longer his or her story, but God’s story in man.
  • Courage to share – Any fearless people here? A story untold is a story wasted. Sharing takes time and it has a cost to it. You may share your story in your networks or create a network for the word to spread like a frontline initiative. Mavuno, Mizizi, and the church plants make such platforms.
  • A critical mass – You need a good number of people in a city thinking in a certain way to get a city or nation transformed. Jesus stayed for two days to ensure that a good group of people was transformed to form the core for city transformation. There were costs to it: accommodation, food, cross-cultural experience, etc. It was not convenient! We are planting churches in the cities. We want to establish communities for transformation around the continent and in the gateway cities of the world.

To win in life, join the movement!

One is where transformation starts. But one is too small a number for broad impact. Mandela did not change SA alone; neither did Martin Luther King Jr. They were all part of a great movement, just the faces of the movements.

Jesus started a movement, the body of Christ. This movement is expressed in local congregations or individual movements like Mavuno. The aim is to spread the kingdom and see the will of our God for the harvest fulfilled. Will you play ball in the movement he places you in? What will be your role?

To win in life, join the movement!

Your work place is waiting. Will you be the one who will open doors for the kingdom in a certain city or industry? Are you ready to pioneer? Malawi is waiting. Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Africa.

How do you participate fully in the movement? Here are ABCs for involvement:

  1. Avail yourself – volunteer. As we move to our headquarters, we need workforce. As we plant the churches in the nations, we need people who will volunteer their skill, time or privileges. LGs to adopt countries.
  2. Bless the work – Give to the work. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Many have sacrificially given for Hill City. Are we still need to give. It is a privilege to partner with God in this way.
  3. Commit to go – be a church planter, join a team that is going out to Malawi or Rwanda or wherever, adopt and visit some of the plants as a life group. America and Europe over the years have given up their young for the global cause. It is time for us to give our best energy to the cause of the king.

To win in life, join the movement!

What do you feel God is asking you to do? To avail yourself more, bless the work or commit to go? In fact, you could do all three.

Mavuno, let’s build together a movement that will in our generation restore God’s glory in this continent. A movement that will create transformational stories for single mums, men, the youth and wives. A movement that will impact our work places. A movement that will bring joy to homes, streets and entire nations. The streets of Africa have known war, accidents, car-jacking, poverty, lack, poor sanitation and violence for far too long. We can, and should, change the story. You have a part to play, because

To win in life, join the movement!

This is what I want to give myself to. Because I love this game of changing lives!

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  1. Thank you for making this notes available. I am part of the mavuno movement and I am going to do everything I can to impact the society for God. 🙂


  2. I wish you would open a church in Nakuru.


  3. Adebanjo jjay Says:

    I love it, it make sense!


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