Hunger Games – The Scout


Every game or sport has a goal. The players know what a score looks like. Those who score win the game. The role of team managers is to get the best talent available to ensure that they have a winning team. So they scout for talent.

Who would you say is the most talented sportsman or woman in the last decade?

We all would like to be in the same team with winners.

We have different objectives in life. We see a win differently.

  • Make money
  • Live the life we want – holiday, cars, houses, etc
  • Power – to be powerful people
  • Celebrity  – to be famous and admired

Fruitfulness is the goal of every tree. Leaves and flowers do not avail much if there is no fruit and the end of day. One time Jesus was walking with his disciples. He spotted a fig tree and walked to it to try and find some figs on it. There was none. All attractive it was, but fruitless. What did he do to it? He cursed it.

Man from the very beginning was blessed to be fruitful. Genesis 1:28 says, “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number.’” After the floods, God blessed Noah and his sons with the same charge, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth.” (Gen. 9:1)

Jesus said, “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” (John 15:8)

A score is what determines the winner in a game. What is the Christian score? Fruitfulness. Last week we looked at the first fruit, which is the Christian character. Today we look at the second fruit and how to get it.

John 4:27-38

Jesus broke barriers to share the good news with this woman.

Now she runs to the city to share her story and invite others to the man!

There are many thirsty and hungry people in the city. We meet them every day at work, in cafes, on the streets, in the neighborhood and at school functions. We are to share our stories in appropriate ways.

2 things we learn from the transformed woman;

  1. Good news – she realized that she had redemptive treasure, a story of transformation
  2. Shared it – recruited others, impacted her own people by using her people skills. She invited them to come and meet the man himself.

To win in life, recruit for the team!

The sad fact is that those who are not in Team Jesus are lost. Lost in this life – playing the wrong games, scoring the wrong scores and hurting both selves and others.  “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

To win in life, recruit for the team!

We are to urgently recruit others for the game. Our family members. Our friends. Our workmates. Our neighbors and those we meet in the business of life.

Who introduced you to this game? Who invited you to church or to Mizizi or led you to Christ? Do you celebrate that person?  You can do the same for another.

The South African story;

The setting is the Jo’burg. Every 30 secs a woman or girl is raped in SA. David has his lovely daughter, she is adorable. She is 7 and school going. She is picked daily at the gate every 7.30 am, and dropped at 5pm.

This particular morning, Dad stood at the gate with his darling daughter. The bus drove by at 7.28, he kissed his girl goodbye and off she ran into the bus. Wide smile she wore. Dad shouted, “Love you darling! See you at 5.”

Dad went to the office. He was back home at 4. After tea and some television, he realized he was past time so he rushed to the gate at 5.08. Ready to receive the daughter. The bus was running late, so he thought. 5.30. No bus yet. No daughter. He called the school to check what had caused the delay. The school said all the kids had been dropped already. And the bus was on its way back to school. And that the bus had come in a little earlier.

So David, the father, walked to the neighbors. “Perhaps she got distracted and went to see her friend next door. No daughter in sight. Mum comes home. They involve the neighbors in the search. At 9 pm, no daughter. They are fearing for the worst. The police come in. He mobilizes all his friends. 30 people are walking all over, from door to door, street to street, looking for her.

Midnight; The search is called off. Dad and mum are thinking. “She might be with a rapist, may be dead!” The pain is too much to bear. Dad is shaking and sweating.

He wakes up, and it was a bad dream. He rushes to the daughter’s room. She is peaceful in her sleep.

He comes back to his bed. And God speaks; “I see you love your daughter. You mobilized everyone to search for her.”

“Of course. I do. She is my jewel.”

“What about my daughters and sons who are away from me, lost and destroying their lives? Don’t you think I have feelings too as a dad? What are you doing about them?”

What a lesson on reaching out to God’s children whose eyes are still closed.

The true shepherd leaves the 99 to go and find the one that is lost. Every one is valuable. There are people around you waiting for your story, invite and friendship. They need what you have. Do not be mean, share the good news.

To win in life, recruit for the team!

Mavuno means harvest. This is what we are about. Much of this city do not have the opportunity to receive forgiveness, start again, find purpose and find the Christ. You may be the only chance these people will ever have to find the satisfying water.

Share your story. Invite others to church. Recruit them for Mizizi. Let us bring in the harvest as we touch lives.

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  1. This message is timely. God has been speaking to me all week about reaching out to others. I have had the desire to minister to others about Christ. I even met someone in a matatu who began asking questions about God and he had a great need to understand how God can be God yet allow so much unfairness to go on in the world. Pray with me for wisdom to know how to approach others and minister to them. Thanks.


  2. Great message Pastor S! I was really convicted to think proactively of ways I can share about what God has done in my life with others. Praying I can facilitate a Mizizi group with some businessmen I’m friends with.


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