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Our place on this planet is related to the assignment God has in mind for us even before we were born. Jeremiah 1:5 / Jeremiah 29:11

To whom was this promise in Jeremiah being given? Israel was a people in exile; and under the dominion of Babylonians, a people removed from their safety. While under the yoke of the Babylonians, God’s promise to them addressed their immediate and far future needs. This shows how much God cares and is interested in every detail of our life.

In most cases, the mountains we face are opportunities to cause us to dream and not complain. These are moments when we can have the faith that makes God show up.

In regards to their immediate future, as they served in exile, God gave them a promise:

Jeremiah 29:4-8

What a promise in a moment of such desperation? But am sure they were wondering why they were being called to settle down instead of God showing up with His deliverance.

The only way the children of Israel were going to survive and ultimately see God’s final deliverance was by taking the first step of: building houses; planting gardens; marrying; getting wives for their children – they were being called to take dominion while in exile.

Sometimes we limit God and deny Him the chance of setting a table for us in the presence of our enemies.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

That is why, “those who are willing to take the greatest risk to step out by faith will indeed enjoy God’s provision.”

However, there is no miracle without a hindrance in its way. For the Israelites, their hindrance was going to be: 1) their refusal to appropriate the promise; 2) a choice to believe the false prophets. God warned them, “Do not listen to them … they are telling lies”.

What do you think would happen: “If you were willing to step out, dream and trust God?” In life we have those who: NEVER dream — FEAR to dream — DAY-Dream — Dare to Dream

This is who we were created to be – to dominate the earth by being creative and productive. A study of growing companies reveals why such companies remain ahead of the game.

The Power of One is the DNA of Winning Teams:

Genesis 11 has a story on a people who gathered to build the Tower of Babel. Their intention was evil. They wanted to compete with God. Although led by selfish motives and misguided priorities, these people had a unity toward their dream that attracted God’s attention.

God many times honors the Power of Creativity that He placed in His people. Key to our success in life is the understanding that our dream must be known to us and must be jointly owned. This is what rallies PASSION, FAITH and the PROPHESY within us to rise. Proverbs 18: 21 says ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.’ We must speak to our fears & doubts and drop our excuses and feelings of inadequacy.

What must be clear is the fact that:

Focus and Determination has the power to open spiritual doors and turn dreams to reality.

Our faith must be in sync with the God who makes the Impossible become Possible – Hebrews 11:1,3

When we Stop Dreaming we Stop Growing:

Walt Disney – “All our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to pursue them.”

God has placed greatness in each one of us TO DREAM; TO CREATE and DO EXPLOITS. Daniel 11:32 says ‘the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits’.

Greatness is not found in our achievements, but in the fact that we KNOW God and He Knows us. Relationship with God is key.

Those who keep themselves on a path of success must continue to remain in God and His words remain in them. These are the people who will embrace visions larger than their current position or ability to contain.

When we truly own the dream God has for us, we will be willing to make sacrifice for it to come to pass. The moment we stop dreaming, we become inward looking, start declining and allow death to settle in.

When the King of Aram surrounded Elisha the prophet, the servant was afraid of the great army but when the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. Today some of us need our eyes opened.

Robert H. Schuller says, “The only place where your dream becomes impossible 
is in your own thinking.”

Today’s transformational leaders must see with spiritual eyes and be moved by a faith that has the power to actualize the dreams from the supernatural realm to the natural. Most of us have read stories of leaders like Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Wangare Mathai, Desmond Tutu and many others; For example, Martin Luther King was an American who dreamt of a country where every man is free, where blacks and whites sit together as brothers.

Today America has realized part of that dream with Obama as the first black President to ever take the White House. Martin Luther’s dream educated, inspired, informed, chattered a path and redefined the cause of history not just for the people of his time, but people throughout generations that were to come. Was it easy? No! Sacrifices had to be made.

Some of us have stopped dreaming because of fear, circumstances, complacency or the price we need to pay. In such a state, it is easier for us to settle and accept the status quo. We soon fall into the trap of giving excuses and settling for substitutes instead of the real thing.

Excuses do nothing but: 1). Provide us with a place of safety from the pain of trying; 2). Blinds and hinders the potential within us. 3). Kill the desire to try and dream again. Are you letting these excuses block you from dreaming?

Being told that you have potential should no longer be a complement but a statement that causes you to great reflection and action.

My question to those who have stopped dreaming is, “What do you need to do in order to dream again?” You have to believe that just one more step could be all it would take to make things different?

Big Dreams must be activated by faith and trust and not fear: Why?

Because we walk by FAITH and not by sight.

All that Moses had was a stick in his hand and faith in God’s Promise. In Exodus 7:1 while Moses gave excuses, God affirmed him “I will make you a God to Pharaoah.

However, the possibility of fear, conflict and doubt will come in the way of actualizing God’s dreams for us. Like with Moses, I am fascinated by innovators of our time like Facebook, twitter and Google.

My Question is: “What if…”

In life, God may not reveal the whole big dream to you; and where he does, he does not do so to scare you. He gives you a big dream so that you can trust Him.

Faith is my currency!

Sometimes God will open our eyes to see the vastness of the task ahead so that we can base our dreams on Him. For example, Nehemiah had to survey the broken down walls to see the devastation before he embarked on rebuilding. Moses on the other hand had to send the spies into the dreamland (Promised Land) before the Israelites made the last journey to enter and posses. Ezekiel had to take the tour of the Valley with dry bones before the question was posed, “Can these bones live?”

Successful growth requires that the way to accomplish dreams is not by wishful thinking but through informed choices and actions that are driven by faith and facts.

Sometimes realities can scare us into inaction. But, being informed helps us remain dependent on God’s promise, leadership and provision. As we make a careful evaluation of where we find ourselves, we should not be held captive by the sideshows or negativity.

When Moses was tempted to fear Pharaoh’s might, He gave excuses. However, God asked him a simple question: “What do you have in your hand?” Dreamers must get to the place of believing that “we are our greatest asset.” What you feel about yourself has a lot of bearing on your spiritual engagement.

Faith requires that we prophetically call our destiny into being. God asked Ezekiel “Can these bones live.” I don’t think Ezekiel considered the fact that he could be called upon to prophetically call the bones to life. What a task?

 The past experiences we’ve been through are a part of God’s way of preparing us for the task. As for Ezekiel, the Spirit led and exposed the prophet in two ways:

He allowed Ezekiel’s wife to die so that the Prophet could identify with God’s pain towards Israel.

He took Ezekiel on a tour of the Valley of dry bones to see the depth and breadth of the problem at hand

Ezekiel’s verdict, “I saw a great many bones … they were very dry” (Ez 37:1-3). Ezekiel saw bones in the valley that were:

“very many” – need is too big

“very dry” – situation is desperate

 Deliverance comes when we see things with the eyes God sees them with. The revelation Ezekiel got from God:

Revealed the greatness of the task and Ezekiel’s inadequacy

Revealed the desperateness of the need and God’s ability

Can you remember the situation in Mark 6:35-37 when the disciples wanted Jesus to send the multitudes away?

In the hands of a little boy were 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. This is what made the miracle.

“What do you have in your hands?” This could just be what God would want to use.

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7 Responses to “Dare To Dream – Bishop Philip Kitoto”

  1. Thank you so much for this powerful message Mavuno.
    I must say listening to Mavuno sermons has turned out to be something i look forward to every single day.

    I grew up knowing and reciting Jer.29:11….”for i know the plans i have for you…….” however yesterday I felt like I was listening to it for the first time. All throught the sermon I was fighting back tears it was a powerful message.

    Thank you Mavuno for making me feel at home here.


  2. This is a month where I sense clearly that God is asking me to fully trust in Him. Rather than have a plan B or have an escape route I am required to fix my eyes on Him and place my whole’s heart trust on Him alone (Psalms 34)


    • Caroline Says:

      God Says: Trust Me with the Frightening Future
      God’s word concerning the frightening future: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Revelation 22:13. All you need to know about the future is that I am already there, and I am good. I am the End, the destination to which the whole Creation is going. I am already seated at the end of time, with the victory in my hand, looking back at you. I control the outcome, tomorrow as always. Do not worry about the future or attempt to manipulate it by worldly means. Do what I’ve told you to do and trust me with the future.

      be blessed.


  3. I am a 36 yr old virgin, and I have been kinda feeling that life is definately passing me by, recently also my business failed and I had to close it down, so this message really resonated with me because I was feeling like God has abandoned me, but Pst. Kitoto really brought the point home when he said that sometimes the mountains in our lives are an opportunity to see Gods greatness, we just have to be obedient to the promise of God, and He has not stopped doing His work in His people.

    So now I am encouraged to step out in faith, to dream again, and know that the God who did it for Jeremiah, Daniel, and all those thousands who ate the 2 fishes and five loaves, is still in the business of miracles when I look to Him.


  4. Great insights and well balanced.


  5. refreshed Says:

    After pastor Kitoto’s sermon, I felt energized and refreshed to continue my walk of faith. My job is nowhere near my academic qualifications but im waiting 4 a gd job by faith. I had even stopped serving out of frustration. However, this week my attitude towards my job has changed because im so positive and the response has been gr8. This was a timely sermon. God bless u Pastor kitoto


    • Caroline Says:

      Feel encouraged… you press on. I would like to share this verse that encourages me and hope it does the same to you “O Sovereign Lord! You have made the heavens and earth by Your great power. Nothing is too hard for You!” (Jeremiah 32:17).


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