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Question: What are some funny habits you have seen in people?

One of the biggest killers of a reset are those familiar activities we do that are habitual challenges that hinder one from getting or enjoying their reset.

Habits have certain characteristics
– occupy our lives and we become stuck in them
– are repetitive, sometimes destructive
– brings you [and others] to the same place offering promise and help but never giving it – emotionally, financially, relationally
– you want to stop but cant
– produces a low almost as often as it gives a high
– have the potential to pull you back after you have gotten your reset

This month we are talking about Life : Reset. We mess up with things and do it wrong. Sometimes it is big time other times it is small time. Sometimes it is a hiccup in my routine but other times it may also precipitate a crisis. The consequences then end up with me and I have to carry them sometimes throughout life.
Is there a refresh button, a new beginning, a second chance?
God in the Bible makes promises of a fresh start, new beginning, second chance, a season of favor, outpouring of grace – in the midst of life’s blunders. This is what the message of the jubilee is all about. Jubilee literally means the horn or sound of horns blown in the 50th year to signify a new beginning – a new chapter, A Life master Reset button.
This is what Jesus came to do – to offer new beginnings for us. In Luke 4 he quoted the prophet Isaiah, in Is 61 This passage in its entirety explains God’s desire for a reset among his people in every sphere of their lives.
– Material/physical/health
– Spiritual/worship
– Economic
– Emotional/relational
The promise of a new start is available for you and I – especially in the places where we need it most. We will be talking about how we access this promise in areas of our lives where we have made mistakes and areas where we know we need a fresh start. There are live examples of this in scripture and we will be looking to see what we will learn from them.

Are there ways you can mess with or forfeit your reset? What are those reset killers that can erase your gains in? We look at a story with several insights of this.

I wont mess with my reset

 One of the things we know of Jesus is his knack for healing random people in different situations. Today we look at a healing passage with an interesting twist to it.

READ John 5:1-15

 Bethesda – in the language that Jesus spoke, Aramaic, means house of grace or place of mercy. It was the place where people came to find their healing. It was believed to be a pool that had some mystical power to heal. From time to time it was reported that an angel would stir the water, and the first one in got their healing.

The word Bethesda also sounds like the word for shame or disgrace. This place was also a disgraceful place where many sick and ailing people with wounds and bleeding would gather. It wasn’t a place you would want to go because everyone had an issue there. The people there shared one thing in common – the fact that they had illnesses and issues that they needed a solution for.

Every time we gather together on a Sunday as a large community and during the week as Life Groups we enter into a place of disgrace. We each come with our issues, illnesses and needs. It is messy and sometimes uncomfortable but we are all in good company – amongst normal ordinary people. In this way it is very similar to Bethesda. It is also a place of grace but in a different sort of way – it is not a magical place where only one person gets healing – it is a place where Jesus comes and promises his healing presence and power for everyone.

I won’t mess with my reset

Jesus promised in Matt 18, where several people gather together in His name – he will be right there by His spirit. This is why we are encouraged in Hebrews 10 to keep gathering together and meeting as a community in this sort of space.

If you battled with whether coming here was a good thing to do – you are in the right place, a place with some measure of disgrace because of our issues. But it is, more importantly, a place of His grace, where Jesus comes and finds us.

One of the ways you could mess with your reset is if you are not in that space where Jesus promises to be. You may well miss out on what God could do in your life. I am encouraged  that by gathering together with others I will find Jesus and get my reset.

I won’t mess with my reset

Out of the box Reset

When Jesus came by Bethesda, the place of disgrace and of grace, he found a man had been ill for 38 years. He was at the pool because he needed a healing, a life reset which we are told had not come for many years. When Jesus saw the man he had compassion on him and asked him a question –

6 When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

Jesus asked the man if he wanted his healing. He was available and present with all his power to do this new thing in this man’s life. He had done it for others and now he asked if he could do it for this man.

The correct answer would have been “Yes Sir, I want to get well.”

The man was so caught up in his situation that his answer to Jesus was focused on the pool and getting into it first. For him, relief could only come through what he had been doing for years.

7 “Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.

He had put his reset in only one possible method – he thought his healing could only come through the pool.

I won’t mess with my reset

Fortunately for him, Jesus stepped beyond that perception and gave him healing.

8 Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” 9 At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.

One of the ways you can mess with your reset is to put Jesus in a box and think that your reset will only come one way. It is possible to think this way because you have been doing this the same way for many years and expecting that you will get a different result. Don’t put Jesus in a box – he can bring your fresh beginning in any way that he chooses.

I won’t mess with my reset

The day on which this took place was a Sabbath, 10 and so the Jewish leaders said to the man who had been healed, “It is the Sabbath; the law forbids you to carry your mat.”

–        Jesus crossed the social barrier and stepped into a disgraceful place full of sick people.

–        He also crossed a religious barrier because he brought on this healing on a Sabbath when everyone was supposed to be in Holy-mode. Jesus entered this place on a day when there was to be no work, no traveling long distances, no lifting, and definitely no stepping into places with sick, wounded people.

Jesus crossed all the barriers of his day. Jesus has a commitment to you, to bring about a new beginning like he did for this man and many other people. He is willing to cross the barriers of our day to give you your reset.

You need to be careful though to make the commitment that you wont mess with your reset.

Deal with your Reset-Killer

After receiving his healing – we are told that the man did something which had the potential to return him back to the place he was before his reset.

14 Later Jesus found him at the temple and said to him, “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.”

I wonder what this thing is

–        Did he go back to the pool?

–        Was he begging again?

–        Did he get back into some old familiar habit?

We don’t know what specific thing it was but what we do know, is that this thing was endangering his reset. It was messing with his reset. It is possible to mess with your reset. One of the most potent reset killers are habits. Things that you were doing before your reset which still have a hold on you.

I won’t mess with my reset

What is your reset-killer? What will mess with the reset that God is giving you?

Any of these can stand in the way of your reset. They introduce sin in your life and mess with the fresh start that Jesus wants to give you. Jesus commitment is to give the reset. Your task is embrace that reset and strive for a life that pleases Jesus.

Practical things to do

Here then are some thoughts of what you can do to safeguard your reset and ensure that you are not messing with it.

–        Be in an accountability group – an Life group where people can remind you of your reset and let you know if you are ‘sinning’ [messing with your reset]. In a life group you are able to meet with people and build friendships what will protect you as you live out your reset. I thank God for several friends who form my accountability group who have helped me life my life in a christlike way, and who point out to me when I am going wrong.

–        Commit to regular intake of scripture which God will use to keep you focused on him. Get a bible and read a portion of it regularly. The Bible is God’s word to us. Through his word he is able to talk directly to us.

–        Sign up for a transformational experience like Mizizi or Simama which will sharpen your spiritual commitment and prevent you from lapsing back

–        Get professional help if a habit or problem is standing in the way of your reset

I won’t mess with my reset

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3 Responses to “Reset Killers”

  1. What another refreshing word. Being in an arab world and having no church to attend, i find it very refreshing to read these sermons. Jesus resets our lives in spontaneous ways. sometimes the very people who you expect to lift you up from a situation fails you but Jesus introduces his ‘hidden army’ during our times of need. Let us learn that in our situations there is a ‘hidden army’ dispatched for us. God bless us all


  2. The jubilee year, occupy, reset,,, what can be more appropriate than this package??? and reset,,,, i can attest to it in a 1000-page testimony. God gave me my big break when I least expected. At that time, I would have expected him to be beside me with His record book of wrongs (if He has any) and a huge whip scolding me for being disobedient and ignorant. Fortunately, his reset doesn’t have strings attached so I was reset. and just this weekend, God answered a request I have been praying for for the last two months with alot of pain, fear and agony.It was like asking for a 26 hour day, which has never happened but yes,God did it for me. in my walk with Christ, I have come to know that there will be more moments of weakness than peaks of adrenalin, But in all these, we are strongest because such circumstances cause us to seek God the more & its when we are that close that he reminds us of his never-ending mercy and love. Today, I am a free being because of Christ, because of the good things he has in store for me. while I would not want to mess with my reset, this is not for me to decide, because on my own I’m weary and capable of too little.I look up to God to help me sustain my reset and with him I will because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me


  3. This reset series is simply amazing! To know that there is a God who is actively and genuinely interested in giving us a fresh start, wow!! Life after Mizizi is awesome; to have a group of like-minded people concerned about me and constantly encouraging me to keep the fire burning is truly a God send, a sure way through which God has Reset my Life


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