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What’s a unique thing about your family?

Many of the things that are unique about our families are wonderful things. Other things are less honorable and if you could erase them you would. Some of the consequences of family weigh heavily on us. They may look, and possibly are, insurmountable to us – unless some supernatural intervention.

It is this immense challenge and seeming hopelessness of these situations that makes us crave a reset. What remedy is there?

Today we look at a story of a family situation with a seeming impossibility and a reset that Jesus gave.

When Jesus forgives us it activates a reset which we then respond to by acts of devotion and affection – these are acts of worship.
These acts of worship involve giving what is precious from our hearts, giving back to a God who has forgiven us and given us a personal reset.
Today we look at the area of family where some of the consequences of family issues weigh heavily on us. They may look, and possibly are, insurmountable to us – unless some supernatural intervention. It is this immense challenge and seeming hopelessness of these situations that makes us crave a reset. What remedy is there? Today we look at a story of a family situation with a seeming impossibility and a reset that Jesus gave.

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus

Please Read John 11

Love before Reset
– Jesus loved this family. They had issues but he loved them anyway. Martha was probably a workaholic, detail-oriented person. Mary was not a very moral person, at least at the beginning. If we go by what we know about her life – she had done things she may not have been proud of. She had done things that needed forgiveness. This notwithstanding, Jesus loved this family regardless of who was in the family or what they had done in the present or the past.
– We know of another family of James and John and their pushy mother who was lobbying for positions in Jesus’ Kingdom.
It gives me comfort that regardless of who is in my family – their temperament, their past, their present, their issues – my family too, can be the recipient of His love.

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus

He’s in the know: Jesus was aware of the situation. He acknowledged that Lazarus was dead. He also committed to going to do something about it. He was also willing to take a risk and even go to a cost in order to visit this family and right the situation.

When one is going through challenges in a family it is easy to think that God is aloof, distant or disinterested. That is how it feels in the moment. The encouragement here is that Jesus is not unaware, he has full knowledge. Jesus is in the know and intends to do something about it.

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus

Martha understood and acknowledged that her brother was dead. She was also honest with Jesus about her frustration and despair with the situation and the fact that he was late. She said “Jesus if you would have been there then it would not have happened”
She believed that Jesus somehow had the power to do something.
However in her despair she didn’t think Jesus could at that moment. She had missed the point – Jesus was more interested in her understanding that he was also the sovereign Lord of the “Now.” He was not limited by the past or by the future. Jesus redirected her understanding

This important exchange tells me that this story is not about Lazarus but about Martha and her spiritual reset. Jesus affirmed that Lazarus would rise but it was more important to Jesus that Martha understood who he was and what life in Him means. Jesus says whether in life or death – He is the life who gives life.Martha got her reset once she understood, believed and affirmed vocally the sovereignty of Jesus over her and over everything – whether in life or death. That was when the reset happened.
Jesus will come into your circumstances and enter your family – but it is more important for him that you understand who he is and get your own personal reset even as he gets into your family situation. That is where God begins to be glorified.
Sometimes we doubt because of fear, lack of knowledge, lack of experience – but I find that most of us, including myself doubt because we have a sense of hopelessness and despair.Martha was in that place and so have I. “Could not that person who healed my friend,  not work in my family situation.”
Thankfully Jesus was not moved by the doubters.

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus

It  was gory, smelly and messy but Jesus didn’t mind. It is easy to think that God will only act if it things are all together. Jesus does not mind stepping into the goriness of Lazrus’ 4 day old death.

– he is fine with the fact that people are not saved in your family
– he is ok with the tears, the pain, the disappointment
– he can see the messiness of the separation
– the quarrels and the hurtful words said will not drive him away [they may drive us away]
– he can see the embarrassing actions and hear the cutting words
– Jesus is not put off by the negative consequences of the family situation

None of these things prevent Jesus from acting in your situation – especially if like Martha you have come to the understanding that Jesus is the ultimate authority, the Messiah the king over your life and that of your family.
His question to you is the same as Martha’s – Do you believe in His sovereignty over everything in your family life? Like Martha are you able to say
27 “Yes, Lord,” she replied, “I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.”
Listen to the second reset for Martha and the reset for the family –
40 Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus

 Family Reset is possible
Once more Jesus activated a reset button for this family. This story teaches us that Jesus can and will act in an impossible family situation – when I have allowed him to do a reset in my own life.
We have dead Lazarus situations some of them dead for days, others months, others years.
The despair and hopelessness has began to check in and like Martha and Mary we are saying ”Jesus if you would have been there it would not have happened” –
– Land and financial squabbles
— Unwanted single parenting situations
– Come-we-stays
– Destructive sibling rivalry
– Multiple tension filled marriages or step family situations
– Absent fathers – or mothers
– Job related and financial issues, abject poverty
– Alcohol and substance addictions that have reversed family gains
My question is like Martha’s ”Jesus if you would have been there it would not have happened” Jesus is asking a different question – “I am the resurrection and the life” I am here do you believe in me?”
Jesus resurrected a dead brother. He can do it – Nothing is too difficult for Jesus – do you believe he is the resurrection and the life?
What is your family situation? Is it too difficult for God to act? Is there a crisis, a problem or a challenge that will test God’s sovereignty? If God could raise a dead and rotting person – what can he not do?

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus

It was Martha and Mary’s belief in who Jesus is that opened the door to their reset.

To open that door in your life, here are a couple of things you can do
– Take charge of your life reset: put yourself in a place where you can begin to learn more about who Jesus is in your life. The place to begin is to invite Jesus into your own life. If you have already began this journey – a next step could be to submit your life choices and decisions to Jesus’ priorities. If you are the person who adds to the complication in your family life take some time to explore our relationship with God, and others and get a sense of your purspose. A good place to explore that journey is to sign up for Mizizi and plug into a community of people with real issues, just like you, encountering a real God.

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3 Responses to “Family Reset”

  1. Hi Pastor K,i have missed church three weeks in a row,wallowing in despair and wondering whether God cares.I came to church out of a sense of obligation as i felt my kids were missing out.Long story short the words ‘Nothing is too difficlult for Jesus’ and ‘Do you believe in His sovereignity over everything?’ really challenged me.I felt God really spoke to me and am challenged to take charge for myself about my own belifef about the living God.Indeed the devil had managed to grow fear and hopelessness in my heart but guess what ‘Nothing is too diffciult for Jesus!’And what can be harder than raising a stinking cops back to life?And like a continuation of your messege Joel Osteen today preached about replacing fear with Faith.I start a new week with a different perspective,refreshed and knowing that Nothing is too difficult for my God!God bless you pasi and your family.God bless mavuno church


  2. SarahJulz Says:

    Hi Pastor K… Two days before I heard your sermon on Sunday I was a lady in despair. Despair because my lovely sister whom I love so much had been given a week to live by the doctors. She has been suffering from on and off cancer since February last year when she gave birth to her now 1year old baby boy. In short am saying my family and I had received news of a situation that was Lazarus kinda dead. All I can say is that sermon was quite timely as i realized truly truly There is nothing Impossible for Jesus. As you preached I felt like I was the only one at Church that day & I truly believe God spoke to me, because I found myself asking the question,’Do you believe’ Just like Jesus asked Martha. I found my faith becoming stronger when you said Jesus is interested in my NOW and He weeps when I do. As a family, we have resorted to prayer and are waiting on the Lords report, not the doctors report. To God be the Glory for Mavuno Church. Please help my family and I pray for a reset…that our Faith may not waiver.


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