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 What is the most affectionate thing someone did for you recently?

Today we will talk about the most talked about act of affection in the bible done by one of the most issues-ridden people in the bible –
we will also talk about a special kind of reset that prompted this lady to do what she did.

We mess up with things up at times and do some things wrong. Sometimes it is a big deal but other times it is insignificant. Sometimes it is a hiccup in our routines but it may also precipitate a crisis. The consequences then end up with us and we have to carry them sometimes throughout life.

Is there a refresh button, a new beginning, a second chance?

God in the Bible makes promises of a fresh start, new beginning, second chance, a season of favor, outpouring of grace – in the midst of life’s blunders. This is what the message of the jubilee is all about. Jubilee literally means the horn or sound of horns blown in the 50th year to signify a new beginning – a new chapter, A Life master Reset button.

This is what Jesus came to do – to offer new beginnings for us. In Luke 4 he quoted the prophet Isaiah, in Is 61 saying

Isaiah 61

1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,because the Lord has anointed me

to proclaim good news to the poor.He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,to proclaim freedom for the captives

and release from darkness for the prisoners,[a]2 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

This promise of a new start is available for you and I – especially in the places where we need it most. But how can we access this promise in areas of our lives where we have made mistakes and need a fresh start? Well, there are live examples of this in scripture and we will be looking to see what we can learn from them.


Like all our stories this month, this one is taken out of the book of John. It is a real life story that happened to real people – like you and me. This particular episode happened six days before a celebration of an important historical event. The Passover was a time when God pushed the reset button for Israel and changed leadership from Pharaoh to Moses.
It was a painful time for Egypt because they lost a labor force and their first-born sons. It was a great time for Israel because their sons were passed over and did not die. The end result was a reset button from slave to free. Sometimes a reset can be a bitter-sweet experience.

Freed to worship; if you love Jesus, let Him know

 Who is this woman?

She knew Jesus, she had a sister called Martha and a brother called LazArus. We know that she spent much time with Jesus together with her siblings. She loved to hear from him. Martha was big on hospitality. Lazrus was a good friend of Jesus. So good that when he died Jesus wept. Mary, she was just happy to be in Jesus presence.

2 Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him.

Note: Mary was bold in her commitment to Jesus and his teaching. Women were not allowed to sit and be taught the scriptures in those days. Mary was bold and insisted on sitting at Jesus’ feet to learn and hear from him. She broke that mold – and, thank God, Jesus recognized it and accepted it. [Look at how many ladies we have in God’s house today – lets appreciate the ladies who have come to hear from Jesus today]

This was typical of how things went with these siblings and especially Mary.

The other thing we need to know about Mary was that she was a sinner. According to Luke 7:36 onwards she was not all that good. The Pharisees had an issue with her. They called her a sinner. She had sin issues.

What’s the big deal about her action?

v.3 Then Mary took about a pint[a] of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.

Freed to worship; if you love Jesus, let Him know

To understand her action we need to understand her background.

She had two issues – the first was in her family but the second had to do with her.

Family Reset: Jesus had resurrected her brother. Everyone thought that it was over for Lazarus. In fact it had been over for 3 days. The family got a reset. We will talk more about this next week.

Integrity Reset: Jesus through his life and his teaching had healed her from a life of personal moral failure. She was a sinner. She knew it – and it seems like everyone else including the religious people knew it. We do not know the details but the bible says that she was not known to be a woman of high moral standing. She had personal issues. Most probably she had slept with other men. Perhaps she was practitioner of the oldest profession.

But, we know she was someone who needed Jesus forgiveness for what she had done and was grateful. We do not know the details – but we do know that somehow she had experienced forgiveness and had reformed her ways. She was now in relationship with Jesus. She got a personal reset.

She had failures in her personal life much like us. Mavuno is a place for ordinary people with issues but who recognize that we need Jesus like this woman did.

It may be in the big things or the small – either way like Mary, we too struggle with failures in our private lives

Freed to worship, if you love Jesus, let Him know

– Time: Mary gave her time sitting at Jesus feet. Your reset may be activated by giving your time and doing everything you can to learn from him. Take time to read your Bible this week. Sign up for Mizizi where for 10 weeks you can sit at his feet with others and learn from him.

– Mary gave her expensive perfume. We don’t know where she got it from, perhaps it was for her past life, perhaps it was from her savings. All we know is that it cost her much – Your reset may be activated by giving out of what God has given you. This giving is not to get something back, but giving in response to love. What is your perfume equivalent? Give it up to Jesus and activate your reset.

– Mary became vulnerable before Jesus in an act of public worship. She opened her hair to clean Jesus feet. Your reset may be activated by seizing every moment you have to worship Jesus. Her act of devotion was an act of affectionate worship. That is what we do when we sing, dance and pray. We sing and speak words of affection to him.

 Freed to worship; if you love Jesus let Him know 

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6 Responses to “Reset: Intergrity”

  1. Woah! A great revelation! Wiping Jesus feet with her hair meant not minding the shame thereof. Breaking off societal norms and reaching out to the king. I love these sermons. God bless Mavuno church ministers.


  2. Pastor mentioned that there is a service on Saturday “relationships reset” or something like that.
    Will this sermon/meeting be put on youtube as well, for folks who aren’t in Kenya but are following the sermon series?



  3. Nkirote Makirone Says:

    One thing that struck me from the last sermon; anyone who would love Jesus MUST love and tend His sheep. Our love for His people needs to be practical, nurturing, even sacrificial… Yet, here is Mary, impractical, passionate, extravagant. Our love for Jesus must be like this too! Not considered, calculated, quantified. Like Peter hastily jumping into the sea in child like haste when John exclaims, ‘It is the Lord!’, we too are called to worship and adore our savious with child like abandon, and like Mary, release the sweetest essence for Him… I am reminded of Paul’s words, ‘whatever is true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, worthy of praise… Think on these things’. I am convinced this is how I can store (within me), a fragrant essence that pleases my Lord when I come into His presence. And so today, and every day this week, I will pray for the Lord to show me a person He wants me to bless, in His Name. Thank you. As I think about each sermon, I am getting more and more. Cannot wait for the next one. God bless you.


  4. Thanks for sharing Mary’s story. The message kept ringing in my head all week. God also re-iterated the same story to me through other Christian speakers. I broke my personal ‘alabaster box’ as God revealed I needed to release a dear friend in order to walk in freedom and enjoy His blessings.


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