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What is one of the biggest failures you have had at work or in business?

Today we start a series about starting over again. What are some of those failures that make you want to start a fresh? We mess up with things. We often do it wrong. Sometimes it is big time other times it is small time. Sometimes it is a hiccup in my routine but it may also precipitate a crisis. The consequences then end up with me and I have to carry them.

Is there a refresh button, a new beginning, a second chance?

God in the Bible makes promises of a fresh start, new beginning, second chance, a season of favor, outpouring of grace – in the midst of life’s blunders.This is what the message of the Jubilee year is about. Jubilee literally means the horn blown in the 50th year to signify a new beginning.

That promise of a new start is available for us – especially in the places where we need it most.

The work place is challenging.We all experience failure in the things we do which we want to count in our work, business and our careers.

Such failures, false starts and non-starts often make us

– question ourselves and our competence

– wonder what options are available for us

– depressed and unhappy about our work

– wish that there was a reset button; a way to rewind from the beginning and start over. This may be your question today.

Please Read John 21.
This is a story about the first pope. He was the founding pastor of the church. His name was Simon. Jesus nicknamed him Peter – meaning the Rock, the strong foundation, immovable ground on which Jesus would found His global movement. Simon was a fisherman by profession and later on Jesus told him that he would become a fisher of men.

We pick up the story from where Peter had denied Jesus 3 times. This fisher of men didn’t have the nerve to stand up for his boss. Eventually Jesus was killed and died. And as of Easter Sunday – he rose again.

My work is God’s business 

Peter Encourages me, He  is the Rock on which Jesus would build the church. Jesus made him the boss, the head honcho, the leader if his people. Peter failed in his two assignments.

– Failed as Jesus’ number two. John 18. He denied Jesus 3 times. He failed in his new job as the appointed leader of a global movement audaciously called – The Kingdom of God.

– Having failed in his role as Jesus’ successor, he went back to fishing. He went back to mind his own business.

o Sometimes when we fail we are likely to go back to our comfort zones. We want to go back to what we used to do, in the safety of familiarity.

o Peter’s failures remind me that we fail; many times. Peter’s story encourages me. It makes me feel human. I am consoled that the first pope who was personally called by God messed up his first assignment and even failed in what he did for a living.

o You may be at a place where you are wondering if it is only you who fails, be encouraged that this happened to Peter, and it happens to many of us.

o Be encouraged that this has happened to others.

My work is God’s business

God through his Son Jesus got into Peter’s business.

o It is easy to imagine that Jesus wasn’t there. He was there and present in Peter’s life and that of his other disciple friends.

o Jesus didn’t come in and be distant. The Bible teaches me that God is our ever present help in times of trouble. Jesus then intervened – he gave instructions on how to fish, he cooked a meal for them and he spoke words of life to them.

o Jesus can and will intervene in your life if you allow him in – it could be that he provides miraculously, or averts danger, or restores a situation, or perhaps even brings you in a place where you hear his word.

o It is possible miss a blessing in my work because we are so engrossed in our situation that we cannot even look up and see how God is intervening in my work situation.

My work is God’s business

– After all his failures Peter was given his second chance. He may have already given up. He got his reset – restart opportunity. You too can have the same restart opportunity.

– This is how it came about – Jesus invited Peter to reprioritize his life and work away from minding his business to minding God’s business. Jesus did this with his question and challenge to Peter – Do you love me? Feed my sheep.

– Jesus was the one who taught that loving him was an – all heart, all soul, all mind, all strength affair. [Luke 10:27] Loving Jesus is all about realigning all of one’s priorities with God’s priorities. It is all about taking every resource that He has given you then making it serve God’s agenda.

– Jesus also taught that his sheep are his community – the people of His Kingdom. He taught that we are to engage with, serve, care for and be committed to his people. [Matt 25:31-45]. This is a commitment that will take your effort, time and resources.

What Jesus is teaching us through Peter is that my second chance, my reset will come when I realign myself and my resources with God’s agenda. My second chance will be activated when God can see with my life and my actions that I am loving him and taking care of what is dear to him.

My work is God’s business

God is willing to turn your difficulties, failures and challenges at work into opportunities for a second chance. The way to do this is to love God, aligning your priorities with His priorities and with his people.

Here are some practical pointers of how to love God and aligning your work with God’s business

– loving God with your life: the first place is to devote your entire life to him. He says to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. [Luke 10:27]. He says that over and above all the things we strive for and work for –the most important is to seek him first then these other things will fall in place [Matt 6:33]. One of the ways to get your reset – is to give your life to Christ.

– align yourself with his people: one of the ways to get a second chance is to love his people. You can love his people and care for them by being connected with them. I encourage you to join a life group if you haven’t already.

My work is God’s business

– Align your resources with God’s priorities: we have an opportunity as a church to give our time and money towards God’s priorities for us. We can sign up to serve in an area of ministry. We can also devote our money towards God’s priority for us as Mavuno.

– Align our practices with Jesus’ example: for those who have people working under you, you can give those who work for you a second chance in a responsible way. Find ways of helping them start over again in their work situations. By doing this you will be honoring God by taking his example. [Eph 5:1]

-Thank God that even though we all have failures in work or business, we have the opportunity for a fresh start. Peter’s story is a great inspiration for us to start over. Peter’s story teaches me that even though we all experience failure in at work, business and our careers, God gives us a second chance, a new beginning, a new season of grace – when we make a choice to love him tangibly and realign our work and lives around his agenda and priorities.

My work is God’s business

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14 Responses to “LIFE RESET: Restore your life settings – Reset at Work”

  1. Waaah! This is one of those sermons which question my intention in life. Now I realise I never walk alone.Pst K u just got me rhetorical,hope I’m not going to take for granted my chance to be alive again.


  2. RESET is quite timely, God has been speaking to me about & His second chances for me. As Pastor K prayed with the jobless he said some of us are securing their jobs before the month ends. I took that to be my personal blessing and I believe I’ll soon be back here to testify of God’s word coming to pass. Bless you Pastor as you allow to be used of God. Looking forward to the rest of the series.


  3. Hi Pst. Kyama,
    This is just what I needed. At the beginning of this year i decided to leave my job to pursue my education. I join school in May and left formal employment end of March. When I got my previous job, I had fire in my belly about how I would give,needless to say, I ROBBED GOD. As in big time, its like I pulled a con on Him. Yesterday, i realised that God was reminding me of who all this resources belong to. HIM. I feel that I will get a job this month. As you said,when that job comes, I will come back here and tell the blogosphere. My budget for that salary for the first month is made already: 10 percent tithe, 10k my expenses and the rest count me in. Watch this space,I will be returning to give account.
    Be blessed.


  4. collines omwenge Says:

    good message can i get the cd?


  5. This message is very timely, because I feel like I need a reset right now. I am in business and the last couple of months have been really rough, and I was wondering what God is saying through these hardships. Reading through the scripture in John 21, and listening to Pst. K. , it is significant to note that Jesus did not concentrate on the failures of Peter, but on his potential, this is an assurance that God is interested in my potential, and that will be instrumental in the reset of my life.

    So as I align myself with God, His people, and align my resources with His priorities, I know that He is interested in my growth and prosperity , and that is such a wonderful knowledge, and I know I will truly experience Jubilee. Thank you Pst. K for this timely word.


  6. Yes we all fail…but we should remember there is nothing wrong with being a half baked christian as long as you stay in the oven/church….And to purpose to grow in God daily…And in.our workplace we should be the difference…The God in us should show!!


  7. I was one of those who stood up wen pst k was praying for the jobless becoz i believe i will get a job soon n since i dnt hv a good suit i passed by a shop on sunday afta church n bought a very nyc suit to wear to an interview soon i hv faith that God will nt fail me.i will b back here to testify abt it


    • Awwwww….i love your faith all shall be well.Receive it in your heart


    • Pst K,
      I missed the last series but after reading all these comments I would like to encourage all the Jobless people in the Kingdom,God has a weird sense of Humor.He will surprise you with a Job that will take care of your needs,other peoples needs and HIS needs.
      I’m not a perfect Christian but this year I prayed to God not to give me a Job but to give me a way of paying HIM Tithe.

      After 2 years of successful interviews and no jobs,I am freshly employed with challenges at my work place BUT I know I’m there for a purpose because My work is God’s business.


  8. This really blessed my heart! Aligning my job to God’s priorities. Thank You Pst. Kyama


  9. That indeed was my sister’s and I sermon. We stood up to be prayed for in-order to get jobs and we constantly remind each other to claim that message.

    Just that Monday I was called for an interview and second one followed up almost immediately. Still waiting for a response. All in all, I thank God for His Mercies and goodness as I have a huge testimony coming right up very very soon and so does my sister.

    To God be the glory!


  10. My first time blogging about what God is speaking to me in the sermon.
    Today I am super lazy and for some reason south c seems very far away. I have decided in the age this digital era I will read the sermon online.
    As I try and recall all where this testimony started, I am a little confused but I know that there are no mistakes with God and this is just one of those seasons in my life i can either embrace or choose to consume me.
    I stood up in church when Pst K asked to pray for us. I looked for a job for 9 months before landing a non-paying internship. The work environment was great and so I quickly forgot how the past 9 months of sitting at home. I became comfortable at work not coming on time, doing other personal activities during my work time. Before i knew what my nine months were up and here I am again looking for another opportunity. I find myself not being very productive but I am working on how to manage this time best.
    If I could press the reset button I would have spent these 6 months better.
    A couple of weeks back I made my pledge to Count Me In. I had this strong conviction that God was telling me that 20k that you are holding on to so much is your 20% and so I made my pledge. I had no income at the time but I had a solid business plan I wanted to start. So I wrote down my pledge. Things started to happen to me. First, dad lost out on a job promotion, my allowance was slashed by half, I lost my grandma who was so dear to me, I started having family drama one after another, my internship came to an end and now I am back to tarmacking. That 100,000 just seems so impossible in my eyes.

    So this week I am committing myself to fasting and prayer. I have no doubt that God is going to come through and I will have a powerful testimony to share!


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