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Over the whole month of February, we’ve been reflecting on Kenya’s national anthem. This song was written 50 years ago out of a Pokomo lullaby as a prayer, so that every time Kenyans would sing it, they would invoke God’s blessings over this great nation. In each line of the song, we’ve found an important key to tapping into God’s blessings for Kenya.

We want to conclude with the final line of that first verse, plenty be found within our borders’ – or ‘raha tupate na ustawi’.

Please read  Psalm 67:1-7.

50 years ago was a time of great hope and anticipation by the people of this great nation. For 68 painful years, they had witnessed the British forcefully and systematically grab their best lands and relegate them to poverty. Now with the exit of the British, the hopes of all across the nation were high that they were finally entering a season of great prosperity for all. This hope was matched across the continent as many other African nations also attained independence around the same time. Perhaps this sense of hope explains why the writers of our anthem ended that first verse with prophetic words of great hope…

Plenty be found within our borders

It’s a natural thing for human beings to long for plenty or prosperity. Everyone wants to do well! You might not be one of those who longs to be rich, but I’ve rarely met a person who aspires to suffer in poverty! The bible encourages us to seek God’s blessings; spiritual, material and otherwise. As Jesus said in Matthew 7:7, ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ There is nothing wrong with wanting to be blessed. We shouldn’t feel guilty for asking! Sometimes when people have good things happen to them two or three times, they begin to wonder, ‘what’s the catch?’ ‘What am I being set up for?’ ‘What bad thing is about to happen next?’ But our God is not like that! God is a God of blessing! He delights to bless His people. And that’s why we can prophecy over this nation,

 plenty be found within our borders’.

We are declaring prosperity & well-being over this nation and the people in it. The journey towards prosperity has been a long time coming for Africa. The European colonization was a systematic theft of the wealth of this great continent that left Africa broken and brutalized. But who would have thought that just a few years later, a new dawn would be rising over Africa! And in the last couple of years, the world is just waking up to this fact. The wars in Africa have mostly ended with only 3 or 4 active conflicts remaining across the continent . Most of Africa’s dictators have been toppled and many of Africa’s democracies are coming of age. As the West continues to struggle with economic downturns, Africa’s public debt, once regarded as practically insurmountable is now among the lowest of the world’s continents. Poverty and child mortality rates have decreased and access to clean water and education have increased. Africa is on the rise! The famous 2010 McKinsey report called ‘Lions On The Move’ confirms that Africa is among the world’s fastest growing economic regions. By 2040, Africa’s productive work force will be larger than China’s or India’s [iii]. As we sang earlier, Africa, this is our moment! Kenya, this is our time!

Fifty years into our journey together as a nation, I believe that this nation stands on the verge of the answer to that prophetic prayer…

Plenty be found within our borders’.

How do we know God has blessed this nation?   Despite many years of political suppression, we are still here! Despite many years of economic neglect, we are still resilient. Despite the divisions that we had and have as a nation, we managed to agree on a radical new constitution. It took the US 90 years and a civil war to get to this point! Despite the challenges of a coalition government, we have achieved regional integration, massive infrastructure development, and county devolution; these three things have positioned this nation for amazing economic growth in the next few decades.

Why has God blessed Kenya so much? I believe it is not because we’re so impressive! It’s not because we’re less corrupt than other nations, or more spiritually deserving! In Deut.7:7, Moses told the Israelites what I believe he would also tell Kenyans today ‘Understand, then, that it is not because of your righteousness that the Lord your God is giving you this good land to possess, for you are a stiff-necked people.’ Right from the formation of their nation, it was clear why the Israelites were to be blessed. In Genesis12:2, God promised Abraham, ‘I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

God’s people were blessed to be a blessing. But in the bible, they often forgot this. They often began to think that God’s call and blessing was their right: For themselves. They forgot what they had been called for and began to live as they wanted. For example King Solomon was given great wisdom & wealth but used it mostly for himself; he married 1000 wives and lived a lavish lifestyle. They lost their privilege because they didn’t understand their responsibility – that they had been blessed to be a blessing.

Plenty be found within our borders! 

We too have often forgotten the purpose of blessings. Since independence, leadership in this nation has been about leaders helping themselves and perhaps the people from their ethnic group. Our nation has been rocked with scandal after scandal. One of the most infamous is the Goldenberg scandal, which reportedly cost the Kenyan government 600M USD or 10% of our GDP.

Sadly the government does not hold the monopoly on this selfishness. As someone once said, the difference between our personal every-day corruption and grand national-level corruption is simply the scale of opportunity! Because of our individual selfishness, we are in danger of the same judgment that the Israelites underwent. I believe this calls for us to repent of our ways. We must realize that God wants to bless this great nation. He has already given us all we need for our needs, not for our greed! And in His mercy, He has given us a second chance.

Plenty be found within our borders!

We stand on the verge of great opportunities. Our fathers did so too at Independence but they squandered their opportunity and we have wondered in the wilderness for the last 50 years as a result. Will our generation take this opportunity so that 50 years from now, our children will call us blessed? I believe we that we must.

And so my question to you today is this… ‘Who’s report will you believe?’ Will you believe the report of the naysayers or will you believe the report of the Lord? I want to declare that regardless of what those corporates say, there will still be a Kenya after March 4th! I want to declare that this country will not go up in flames! I want to declare that regardless of who is elected president, this country will still thrive and prosper! God is going to bless this nation. And the reason for that blessing is that Uganda, TZ, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC need to be blessed! The eyes of Africa are on us! The success of our elections will be their success. The success of our reforms will be their success. The success of our people will be their success. If we are blessed, Africa will be blessed too! That’s why we can declare with confidence by faith,

plenty be found within our borders’!

Did you know that Kenya means ‘the place where God dwells’? I believe that Kenya will still be there post Mon 4th and that whoever wins the elections, God will still be on the job. I have been praying for a good president/governor. If my candidate wins, I will be elated. If they lose, I will be disappointed. But I will commit to support and help whoever wins, regardless of my initial feelings towards them, because they are now the God-appointed authority over me.After all, if they do well and succeed, so will I! By the way I’m so glad that our biggest problem is who to chose – unlike many years in our history: It’s what one of my mentors used to call ‘a good problem’. Freedom to choose our national leaders, good or bad, is a dream our forefathers gave their lives for. Tell your neighbor I’m blessed to be alive! So go out and vote for the candidate of your choice. Because the truth is this: God is able to bless this nation and city regardless of who’s in charge! 

Fifty years into our journey together as a nation, we stand on the verge of history. We are a blessed nation! Kenyans, let’s not throw our opportunity away! Let’s prophesy and agree with our national anthem;

plenty be found within our borders’!

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6 Responses to “Prophesy Prosperity”

  1. …Our nation is indeed fearfully and ONE-derfully made! Here’s 50 cheers for our 50 years and the many more to come.Treasure Kenya!


  2. …A very fitting summary; this is indeed the word in season I just had to read it again!With your permission I’d like to re-blog this please?


  3. Reblogged this on The Treasure and commented:
    Every powerful prayer inspires a great sermon and we couldn’t think of a more fitting summary to February’s main highlights than to share these piquant words from one of our favourite blogs. We look forward to PEACE-FULL General elections tomorrow and BLISS-FULL National Celebrations throughout the year.Treasures Kenya everyone and may He bless us all.50 cheers for 50 years!


  4. Thanks Pr M for rightly dividing the Word of Truth. I am with you on that one of not backing down on what you said earlier as well. God bless you. God bless Mavuno. God bless Kenya.


  5. […] that the national anthem is actually a Prayer to GOD. You can access the whole sermon here : Prophesy Prosperity Sermon. In Attendance at the church were also Rufftone, Mbuvi, Enid Moraa and the Mavuno […]


    • What I realize is that we have to look at all this from a biblical perspective…we should not be caught up in the frenzy anybody ascending to power is because God allowed it…whoever it is, and in whichever way they got is God who allows them.
      Going to vote is our way of exercising our personal preferences but at the end of the will be God who will appoint
      We see that all over in scripture.
      Israel had its fair share of all kinds of kings, some good, some bad, some who supported the worship of the true God, some who supported pagan worship, Looking at Jeremiah, God allowed a prophesy about Israel going into the wilderness
      going into babylon as captives (where we see Daniel emerging powerfully)
      They were sent to Egypt due to hunger and they turned to slaves (here is where we see Joseph emerging powerfully)
      As Christians, we want to look at the big picture.We study the shifts in our immediate world based on the shifts in the spirit.For a moment, we forgot that we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of heaven..For a moment we forgot that we have been called to the ministry of reconciliation – Our call is to reconcile what worldly systems have scattered at this time
      We do not deny that we all exercised our personal preferences but we need to recognize the hand of God allows stuff to happen. Do you think any president in the world got into power without God’s Knowledge?Ati alishtukia? hata hitler was installed by God. Hata sadam Hussein
      The question is….Are the intensions of God going to be advanced with any of these people?We can only answer that if we have a clear sight of what God is doing in the current spiritual realm
      These days of spiritual battles are those of sight and blindness…you only advance cause you have sight.
      otherwise, you will get drowned in the normalcy of life.


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