Occupy Relationally (God’s Plan A)


The family is one of the most important resources that God has placed into each of our hands. God created the family as the basic unit of human society. None of us was created to exist outside the context of a loving family. In Genesis 2:18, God said ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. God’s plan is to change the world through families. In Genesis 12:3, God made a powerful promise to Abraham; ‘I will bless those who bless you; those who curse you I’ll curse. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you’. When God gave Abraham a family, his intention was to raise a chosen people who would display His power and teach the world His ways.

The same is true of our families today. God has given us our families with the intention that they will be blessed and become a source of His blessings to the world. With that in mind, let’s return to our key scripture – Luke 19:11-27. READ

The whole time that the servants in the story were going about the work of investing ~ they were doing it in a hostile climate. There were many out there who did not want their master to succeed; some would have mocked what they were doing, and others may have actively resisted or even sabotaged their business activity. And so when the first servant says ‘I’ve multiplied what you gave me ten times’ and the second servant says ‘I’ve multiplied what you gave me five times’, you need to understand that they had done it despite the hostile social, political and economic climate in which they operated.

Here’s the important lesson I believe we need to learn today. Occupying is not easy! The work of occupation always takes place in the context of opposition! Wherever you intend to occupy in 2013, you need to realize that it won’t be handed to you on a platter – you must be ready to step into a contested space. You must be ready to face off with the opposition.

This is extremely true when it comes to occupying relationally. For many of us, occupying in our family is a difficult assignment. Our families are under great attack. Even seemingly good families struggle with issues like sibling rivalry, selfishness and lack of common purpose. But many here would testify that their families have struggled with far greater issues like addictions or divorce or teenage pregnancies or persistent illnesses or occultic involvement or abuse – emotional, verbal, physical or sexual. The family, which was meant to have been a blessing and a demonstration of God’s power, has become for many of us a source of sorrow, irritation, pain or embarrassment.

But whatever your family situation, whether you come from a mostly happy family or a family that is full of strife, I want to tell you today that God’s intention is that you occupy! It doesn’t matter what level of issues your family has. In our passage, the master knew that the servants faced hostile opposition and yet he still expected results.

Pastor Simon Mbevi in his book ‘Gideon’s Action’ (I highly recommend you get a copy and read it) writes about Gideon – a man in hiding who in his own words considered himself the least in a family that was the least in his tribe. And yet God greeted him with the words ‘the Lord is with you, mighty warrior’ and then appointed him to deliver his nation from their enemies.

The first thing he had to do was go back to his father’s house, tear down his father’s altar and replace it with an altar to God. Before God could use him to save his nation, He wanted him to first deal with his family’s issues. The same applies us! It’s time for you to realize that God has placed you in that family as His inside man to deal with the issues they have and to restore them as a chosen people who glorify God and are a blessing to others. I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

It’s never easy dealing with family issues! The people in our families know us too well and many can’t see beyond our past. But in addition, some of you like Gideon are the least qualified to address the family issues. You’re the last born, or you hurt people in the past or everyone knows you have issues. And so like Gideon, you’re minding your own business and waiting for someone else to deal with the problems. But God is no respecter of persons! He often delights in choosing the least qualified people to glorify Himself. I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

I want to put this very gently because I suspect some here will be overwhelmed by what I’m about to say – If you’re family is oppressed, it’s actually your responsibility! You cannot be hiding like Gideon, minding your business, wondering why you, wishing you were born in another family. It’s no mistake that you were placed in that particular family! You are the mighty warrior that God has appointed on their behalf. I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

But like God said to Gideon, He is saying to you today…”The Lord is with you Mighty Warrior”.
There’s a seat of influence in your family that the Lord is looking to you to OCCUPY! You must take steps to move from where you are today and begin to OCCUPY the space God has for you. It may take you two months, it may take you two years, it may take you twenty years. But dig in and fight! Never forget, I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

Have you wondered why this passage starts with 10 servants and yet only 3 give their report? We often focus on the 2 who multiplied and the one who just returned. But have you ever wondered what happened to the other 7? I suspect that at some point, they got dismayed by all the opposition and gave up the fight. They said forget it! This is too hard! But in doing so, they were siding with the enemy. And at the end of the story, after the master deals with the only 3 servants who were still around to give an account, he turns around and deals with his enemies – including the 7 servants!

There’s a sober warning in our passage. When we fail to collaborate with God to occupy, then we are siding with the enemy! Some of us are guilty of being consumers in our families and not actively collaborating with God to bring about His glory there. Some of us have become so intimidated by the enemy that we have helplessly stood by while he ravages our family. By doing so we are siding with the enemy! We’re doing his work for him! This year we must move from business as usual to business unusual. I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

At Mavuno, we’ve put several structures in place to help you occupy relationally. Simama, Ndoa, Lea. LG’s are not just to help you impact society but to stand with you as you bring hope to your family. Each of these tools is available for you. But ultimately you must make the choice to occupy. I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

It’s time to take charge of your closest relationships! You need to realize that the enemy is NOT your your father or your brother. It’s not your mother or your auntie. There is an enemy out there but THANK GOD that He has put you there for their deliverance! It’s time to take your stand with God to turn back the tide. It’s time we got down on our knees in a determined effort to save our families from the grip of the evil one.

It’s time to stop praying tenant-like victim prayers like ‘O God, why me?’ It’s time to stand on your authority as a spouse or as a parent or as a sibling in prayer for their freedom. Like Joshua, you need to say ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!’ And then you need to dig in and determine to fight for them, whether it takes two months or two years or twenty years. I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!

Let me conclude with a story. In 1900, American educator A.E Winship compared the families of two men who lived around the same time[ii]. Max Juke became known when it was noticed that the family trees of 42 different men in the New York prison system traced back to him. In a study of an estimated 1200 descendants of Max, his family line was found to include 7 murderers, 60 thieves, 50 prostitutes, 140 other convicts, 280 paupers (with 142 receiving State aid) at least 67 contracted syphilis and 300 died early. Of the 20 who learnt a trade, 10 learnt it in the state prison!

In stark contract, the second family studied was of a preacher and intellectual known as Jonathan Edwards. Of his at least 1394 descendants, there were more than 100 lawyers with 30 judges, 13 college presidents, 60 doctors, 100 clergymen, 75 navy or army officers, 60 prominent authors and 80 elected public officials including 3 mayors, several members of congress, 3 senators, 3 governors, and 1 US vice president (Aaron Burr)!

That’s the joy and power of a delivered family! And why can’t it be yours? And why can’t deliverance begin with your generation? Even though you may not complete the work in your lifetime, why not choose to make it easier for the next generation? Occupying in your family may not come easy. But they say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Why not commit this year to pray at least one day a week for your family? Why not initiate fasting once a month with other family members who are believers? Why not commit after this to re-establish contact with those that may have cut off? Why not buy your family members a good book or invite them to do Lea or Ndoa or to attend church with you? And for our Life Group’s, why not fast one day a month together and share prayer requests for your family members? Determine to stand together for the deliverance of your families!

There is a war going on for the soul of your family. Will you hide and go about your business like young Gideon, or will you choose to stand up and occupy? God is waiting to help you if you will take that first step. Say with me, I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family!


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  1. Pastor M you opend pandoras box when you spoke about families… Mine in particular. I have always taken a back seat when it came to issues concerning my family and the skit describes me and my family members like 85% and I always had the attitude… Watu wajisort na mashida zao… I have enough problems of my own. I hid behind my work for the longest time and things that occupied my mind… But I realize now that am the enemy’s accomplice by doing nothing.

    Thank you for allowing God to speak to you. I truly am God’s plan A for the deliverance of my family. It’s a rough world I tell you, and it doesn’t get any easier, but with God’s help and guidance somehow it’s gonna work.

    Thank you.


  2. Thank you pastor M for this word which I believe only God would have stired you to give. I’m one who took a back seat to things when it came to family issues… Every man and woman for themselves and God for us all not realizing that the devil was having a field day with them. The character in the skit describes my family almost 85% accurately.

    Im afraid to be God’s plan A, I’ll admit that for free. But no one is having it easy. Gold and diamonds…some of the most precious metals and stones have go through tremendous pressure to be what they are. And again God doesn’t lead where He won’t provide so that gives me a little hope for being God’s plan A for the deliverance of family.



  3. Whaaaaart!
    Pst. M, that was some real painful reality to absorb. I came to church charged with the plan of gathering skills of Occupation. High up there, i soaked in the worship and felt God’s presence. i listened to the service leaders ask questions about family and i smiled thinking heh! My family is a 80% of seriously opinionated people and the 20% saying absolutely jerk…{ me thinks its coz the rest of us are too loud for them to be heard} Then i also remembered if you touch one of us, you touch all of us….with a smile i now was ready for the sermon.

    Then you started to share the message of the day and slowly i realized that this wasn’t going to be one of those feel good sermons… i was right. When you touched on the story of Gideon and on deliverance i thought so far so good. Then the big bang begun…How can i be a fearless influencer yet the alters in my father’s house stand??? How will i be part of the takeover Africa team while i cannot conquer in my own family…slowly but surely God began to open my eyes on my family…in these days of impostors, i have been one too..an accomplice of the one who is my source of grief without even realizing it…. by being harsh bout the “drama” that is my family i took lead role.

    That skit is my family spot on…the sister who got a child while still a child herself, the brother who is Brian core to core, to my alcoholic brothers from one to another like some hand me down clothes , the father who all our lives has been so busy trying to make “life” better for us that he he became an absentee dad, to my extremely hardworking mom….eish!

    The reality did bite like frost bite( i can rhyme – trying hard to keep the emotions in check)
    My family’s woes are my fault, i know this well because i am the first gen’ Believer in my family, had been on fire for deliverance especially about getting born again and at some point thought “hey this is not getting better” so i took a chill pill. It’s my fault and i allowed the enemy play me. Now i have to fix this and the beauty of it all is it won’t be alone…God being my team leader, my LG in tow and my friends around me …together we shall finally see the yokes broken and a family freed..yippee!! can’t wait for that day, just like your testimony about your family…soon i will share mine with mavuno .
    Thanks Pst. M, indeed you are a father who loves us so much that you allow God to use you to equip us to be used too. i will be a true fearless influencer soon….as i have Become God’s plan A for deliverance of my family . My influence begins at home… Africa can wait one more day.


  4. An awesome way to start the year!’


  5. lifesatori Says:

    It’s always been easier to step away from the drama of my family but I also now know that stepping into it is probably the greatest act of love and compassion I can have for them. After all, charity begins at home…..


  6. Honestly, it was hard accepting this message. I have every reason to justify the nature of my relationship with some of my extended family members. i have been choosy on who to relate well with and who not to relate well with. As he was preaching, the kind of weird relationship I have with my uncles kept on flashing before me. It’s true I sometime tend not to care how they are doing, and I get more disappointed when they ask me for money or make the life of my grandmother more miserable. I am currently supporting my grandmother because they have refused to play their role and support their own mother. Seriously, I would not see my mother struggling and fail to support her, knowing that she raised me up. But this is exactly what my uncles do not realize. I tend to see them as irresponsible, selfish and only care about themselves. They are locked into alcoholism and drugs, and every little money they make is just wasted in these two areas. It saddens me that all burden seems to be left on me and i cannot make huge progress in life because of this burden. But it has dawn on me as pastor m was preaching that i do not have stop supporting my grandmother and at the same time i have to take the challenge of being God’s plan A for the deliverance of my family.


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  8. some surmons are so powerfull you dont want them to stop.cant wait for next sunday


  9. That was a good sermon however i have my concerns.
    Pastor M, you had said that it is our ‘fault’ as believers that our family members are not saved during the service and also mentioned that it is our burden.
    1John 5:3 says ” Loving God means keeping his commandments and his commandments are not BURDENSOME”
    To put on that kind of pressure on oneself to be ”Gods plan A” to deliver ones family is self hurting. What if it takes, like you also mentioned, a lifetime. One can not spend their whole life always worried about adults who choose to live in a way that does not please God or leads to death. basically from what I understand we are not Gods plan A to deliver our families but we can do our parts as Christians to display Gods love to them just as we would any other brother and sister.
    This brings me to my other concern; Jesus came to give us only one commandment, Love one another. 1John 4: 21 says ” And he has given us this command, those who love God must also love their Christian brothers and sisters.” Also the story of when Jesus was told that his blood brothers were looking for him but he answered that he was with his brothers. This gives me the impression that our friends are our brothers and sisters. So do you believe one is also Gods plan A to deliver all of ones friends? I don’t believe that is what God requires of us to my little understanding so far.
    A lot of us Christians put on our shoulders that which was not asked of us. We have a purpose yet don’t focus on that. Also if we focus daily on God to better our selves in a way that will keep bringing us closer to God, that in itself will minister to our family. E.g when one has surplus in money or so on (also as you had mentioned) we should give those that don’t in our families not because of the particular family member but because God requires us to do so. Or to be kind to them even if they are not. To pray for their welfare.
    Brings me to my last concern. How exactly if you will are we supposed to approach the ‘plan’ to deliver ones family’. 1 John 5:16-19
    ”If you see a Christian brother or sister sinning in a way that does not lead to death you should pray and God will give that person life. But there is a sin that leads to death and i am not saying you should pray for those who commit it. All wicked actions are sin but not every sin leads to death. We know that Gods children do not make a practice of sinning for Gods son holds them securely and the evil one cannot touch them. We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the control of the evil one.”
    So if one brother or sister is a drunk or smokes, How exactly should one deliver the person from this. Is not somebody to pray for them to Go to God and find salvation so that they can be in a place where such habits will be easier to conquer. Rather as a whole not to pray for specific things but to pray for deliverance. However it is not from the Christian brother or sister judging the family member with a bad habit but to live in a way that pleases God and through that, Just by living in Gods way, the family member will be ministered to and their heart softened enough to hear Gods word.
    Basically my concern was how you asked us to declare that we are Gods plan A to deliver our families. If I could give you an example lets say the saved family member (like Brian through the illustration you gave us) spent his childhood in misery because of his family members. He was able to get out. Now he has his own family to think about and raise his children in a way that the children will be able to know God and have a relationship with him. Then lets say Brian tried very hard to get through to his family and it did not work, and then Brian listens to Pastor M, a brilliant man with a lot of Gods wisdom, tell him that he is Gods plan A to deliver his family…
    Brian can not spend his entire life telling himself he his Gods plan A, why not trust that God is bigger than he is and Gods just the way he delivered Brian will be able to have mercy on his family and get through them. Because Brian has a purpose through his career and also as a father and husband to be the man God requires him to be.

    Lastly, Pastor M, you mentioned that their is a reason that we were born on our families it was no mistake. I can not argue from that view point. However how I see it it is through our actions our love for God not for our love for our brother or sister as God never said we love one another because of who the person is but because he has required us to because he loves us first. So are we to be too concerned with how our ‘brother or sisters’ choose to live their lives to the point where we make a declaration to be Gods plan A? or are we too just pray for them to know Gods presence and love in their lives?



    • I didnt agree with being responsible for the issues my family has… Ok maybe I am for some 🙂 But God’s Plan A… that I agreed it… Particularly because I just came from visiting my shags after not being there for a period of 15 years. The house was dilapidated, the shamba was lifeless but the most heart wrenching things was to meet some of my relatives deeply involved in dark practices. I had asked my LG to pray for me before I left and so that day I just said, as long as God has called me His child, I will work toward the deliverance of our home.

      Now this is why I believe I am God’s Plan A… Because few will be concerned for the issues that God has put in my heart and the PLAN A for me is to pray, to fast, to seek God fervently for my shags, to visit my relaz as often as I can, to restore relationships and to ask God for a community who will help me execute this plan including a spouse 🙂 I am also trusting God for money so that the fallen house can be restored… As Pastor said, to OCCUPY is not easy but with God, all things a possible…


    • @ Rational, i understand” more of Jesus died for us all everybody to carry their cross” but the saddest part is we cant live in isolation, our family is our responsibility, we cant enjoy what the Lord has given us when our siblings are dying in alcoholism, un employment and absolute poverty, Christ want us to be whole, He is conserned with everybody in our circle from our family to our collegues, and whatever breaks His heart should and must break us, Matt 9:36 ” but when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, becouse they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. 37: Then He said to hIs disciples,” the harvest trusly is plentful, but the laboreres are few 38: therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send the laboreres into His harvest.

      Irrational, we are the laboureres Jesus is asking for….


    • so I here you and for 3/4s of the sermon I resonated with you then it hit me God is the only one who can change my family, friends etc but God uses people.. Many great acts have been done by God using people eg the Israelites delivery from Egypt, God using Moses.. It was an act of God but he used a man.

      It is God who saves but sometimes uses people. In the same way God can use us in our families, To me what being Gods plan A was allowing God to use me in my family situation..praying constantly for them and loving them despite themselves and myself and asking God to lead me in my relationship with them. (which is what I think we should do with all relationships anyway)God might use my actions to change them, He might use someone else to change them but at the end of the day it is Gods doing not mine that changed them. Knowing that and knowing that He will do it in His time allows me not to be overburdened because I’m doing my part. I hope I have made sense and not rambled on and on


    • The Kings daughter. Says:

      I just wonder, have you done Mizizi? Pls if you haven’t come this Tuesday evening at 5.30pm, this class would really elaborate to you what God’s plan A is about, amongst other things. Just remember, we are not the one’s who save or deliver,scripture says it’s the Holy spirit who convicts of sin and judgement, but our work is to stand in the gap and partner with God, to present Him to our families, that the great work He has done in our own lives may be replicated in our families. Scripture also talks about how we can love God who we have not seen if we cannot love the people we see, reaching our and praying fervently for our families is an act of love.


  10. Day after day God reveal’s to me how Mavuno is the place He really wants me to be. This is my story……I am currently 28 years old and work for big company in town. Mt friends look at me and always see how successful i am and how i am on the right path. At work everyone seems to think i come from this well-to-do family and that i don’t seem to have problems. I suspect that my best friend has no idea what i go through daily. The truth is i have never had a childhood. See i was born out of wed lock and when i was about 8 years old my mum got married to my step dad. The happiness was short lived and 2 years later i had to battle with seeing them fight, My step-dad would beat up my mum so bad and all through i knew it was because of me. I wasn’t his son. This was so painful for me and i could not share this with anyone since i was a child. I was bleeding inside.

    My step-dad left us and could come back even upto over 7 years only to come back fight with mum then go away. Well I used to imagine that when i grow up all these will be over…Shock on me!!! It got worse. I remember having to go look for my biological dad a senior states person and he utterly rejected me! See i never really knew him though i imagined the day i would find him i would tell all that had happened to me..I was wrong. He was so mean and i remember him telling that i had been lied to..implying he was not my father..This broke me..

    Fast forward…..i enrolled for Mizizi last year hoping to find answers and oh yes..Mizizi transformed my life but the devil was furious. I remember one night my sister called me and told me how my step dad had been violent to her and my mum..I took it and prayed but i was hurting inside.,,To cut the long story short, Pastor M, my family has been struggling with disease, strife and most recently financial problems..Nobody knows this except my Prayer Partner..

    All my life i have heard to console my mum and be a father to my siblings and before last Sunday, i was just tired! But thank God for the sermon because my hope has never been this high. I remember when you asked anyone going through family challenges as this to stand up and i stood up as if you were talking to me directly.

    I know that i shall overcome and my family will be set free and that this battle has been won. I almost gave up but God has never given up on me.

    Thank you Pastor M and thank you Mavuno. Above all THANK YOU JESUS!


  11. Hiding One! Says:

    Hiding, smiling amidst the pain i have gone through in the hands of my family…putting on a brave face day in day out and wondering why my brother is turning out to be just like dad!…”wondering”…Pastor M, I have been “Wondering” for years why ours is that family that you really dont want to be associated with! (Deep sigh!)….I have always seldom talked about my family….infact, people know my grandmother and grandfather more than my mum and Dad!…because the grannies is a better family than ours!…or so I have always thought…oooohhhh God!

    So Pastor M, you pushed a live wire in my veins, I was sweating dangerously when you kept repeating that my family is my responsibility…that I am God’s Plan A for the deliverance of my family? You want to tell me that i can play a part in ensuring that my Dad becomes more responsible and gets a job? That my mum because of the burden and pressure of holding the family together stops begging every person on her phone book, that my brother who recently married and has a baby can stop depending on his wife for their daily bread?!!…If i was to be granted one wish by God and if i knew that the wish would be made true…like for real…before you preached the sermon…it would have been that God put me in another family that is “together”…you know where Dad comes home tired and just wants to eat after a long day’s work, mum is in the kitchen making delicacies whose aroma make us whistle all around as we wait to savour the day’s specials, siblings love and encourage each other day after day…that would have been my wish…for real!

    But then God spoke to me clearly as you preached..in fact at one point i thought you were addressing me directly! My responsibility? That i have a place in my family which i need to occupy? So when you gave the example of your Wife taking the burden to pray for her family and God coming through many years later, i felt convicted to WAKE UP! I seem to have handed my family to Satan on a silver platter!…wwwwhhhaaattt! I used to know until yesterday that if you wnat to eat, work for it! But I left Mavuno believing and trusting that God through me would enable my family to have their daily bread! You know i now know that God can use me to help Dad get a job, that God can use me to encourage mum to go on, that God is in control, that God can use me to assist my brother start a business or better still get a job too!…that indeed, we are family and i have been placed in this family in such a time like this to make a difference! Powerful revelation…I mean seriously!

    So Pastor M, first, through prayer i am convinced that God will step by step bring change in our family…I will occupy my space! God enabled me to THRIVE last year so that he could use me this year to occupy in our family… So hold on, watch this space…operation OCCUPY has began and someone better warn the devil that he is in trouble! Baraka tele Pastor M!


  12. Hi Pastor M,

    This is my shameful confession.

    I am what you referred to in your sermon as a squatter.

    I am the granddaugher and daugher of serious prayer warriors. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the fruitfulness my siblings and I experience in our lives is because of over 40 years of their consistent prayerfulness.

    This week I have began to pray for my parent’s marriage, my sister-in-law who despises church and christians, and even my cousin’s husband who almost beat my cousin to death. I still dislike him thoroughly, but perhaps God can change him.

    I can no longer say, “kila mtu abebe msalaba wake”

    Thank you


  13. mweijulius Says:

    I cant stop reading over and over this sermon, it is a real blast and i reload to reachout to my family.


  14. Ouch!! Let’s just say that I balanced tears during the entire sermon. Hard, painful sermon that was, and that crazy thing is I’m a hard core chap!! Anyway, guess it’s time to occupy (said with a very timid voice. Full understanding of what it means… more ouch!!) I NEED JESUS!!!


  15. been blessed beyond doubt pastor M.


  16. Thanks for the encouragment! Lately am so discouraged but God is faithful


  17. work in pogress Says:

    Heh! let me just say this sermon got me to sign up for Mizizi and get the Gideon’s Action book without further a do.
    Difficult sermon to internalize. I guess i feel am just a kawaida christian who is terrified at the thought of spiritual warfare .I rely on the pastor, prayer partners, prayer warriors and the other saved guys to intercede for me. I find it so hard to pray for even food yet I’ve been a christian all my life sembuse for my issue ridden family?? .Funny enough I’ve taught my son to pray well; & not the 2 line prayers. I feel that am growing and pray that I find my way and a connection I’m desperately seeking to the glory of God.


  18. cecily kiragu Says:

    Interesting how this sermon was preached on the very weekend we had the first cousins meeting since i was born (I missed church because of that meeting). interesting because without my knowledge, I was practicing what was being preached. I came to the realization that it will take more than one event to implement that “plan A”. so I have purposed to do what I can when i can (plant the seed, water the seed, prune, harvest…whatever, but not just sit there and watch). Thanks Pst M – God used you to confirm my active involvement towards deliverance of family members. A curious thing happened this past week- one of the “elders” of the family proposed that I be the family chaplain. Though I took it to be a joke, Pst M’s sermon confirms that I’m indeed a mighty warrior.


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