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As the year comes to an end, it is so easy to be caught up in the demands of the coming year and the resolutions that we would like to make. Often, people forget to look back and give thanks to the Lord for what he has done. In the Bible, we see one of the most unlikeliest of people, a Samaritan, coming back to give thanks.

Read Luke 17:11-19

Now on his way to Jerusalem, Jesus travelled along the border between Samaria and Galilee. As he was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy met him. They stood at a distance  and called out in a loud voice, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!”

When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed.

One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan.

Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?  Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.”

The Samaritan chose to be the Grateful One.

What are you grateful for this year?


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  1. Vande Chair Says:

    I am so grateful for thre things God has made me achieve this year. It was the first full year I went without a job in my entire work life; yet I have closed the year with more than a million cash.
    I have paid off half my debt, and met most obligations for my family.
    We are in good health, and united and in love together as a family.
    I have met all employees obligationsfor this year, and even spared done good to several causes andpeople.
    I am alive and well, trusting God for a new job next year.
    For all the above, and many more, i say THANK YOU God Almighty, thank you Holy Trinity.


  2. Heeeee!! WHAT WHAT WHAAAAT!!!
    Here I am visiting in a different town at a different congregation!! N what do you know they be reading hiyo hiyo Lakini 17:11-19..Yaani even the one who was giving the opening verse alisoma hiyo hiyo…Now..the Psalmist said once the Lord spoke twice did I hear!!!!
    I’m butwaaad by all this…brings me to my knees and with tears in my eyes saying papa God thank you.
    2012 saw alot happen in my life and of those around me..began the year by sharing testimony that we entered the year with family at a kesha..sthin that was a new for us..then mum got a job..I too began working and yes we had graduations..we had good news round about..after all gratitude is the secret to future favor..hmmm yes we have walked in uncommon favor..meals were turned to feasts..setbacks to comebacks…bitterness to betterment and he turned my lemons to lemonade!!! Aiiiii!!! His name be praised!!! Yahweh!!
    So as I reflect on the year done 2012 you came in Glam you are over but one thing remains..HIS LOVE FOR ME..US I CANT FATHOM N IT WAS WITH US ALL YEAR ROUND!!!


  3. “Turn to your neighbor. Do they look grateful or do they have dermatological issues?” Really??? Pastor Whoever, REALLY? Each time I look in the mirror that’s the statement that comes to mind.


    • When 2012 started I felt very strongly that I would see God’s outstretched arm! I felt it in my belly, in my soul, mind and body. I felt it in all that I am! Thanks to Pastor M’s sermon on thriving.
      Let me just say that by faith I waited and waited and then again waited! Some things went wrong … veerrry wrong and nothing seemed to be working out. By September I was totally discouraged – angry even. At some point I felt like giving up.
      Now we had experienced a series of sickness in the family and so I decided to go for a medical check up, before this I had been on constant pain killers because I had this constant pain that just refused to go. So after under going an ultra sound I was diagnosed with Problematic fibroids (in essence I had 5 big ones – one being 9.3*5.3 cm big!) This all happened on Friday 26th Oct -worship night was also on that day, I decided to attend……I am sure glad that I did! Worship night was awesome …..We prayed, we sung and at some point Pastor Kyama prayed – he pointed to the area I was sitting and said, there is some one sitting around this area, you have just come from seeing a physician and are in great pain….Receive your healing. Wow! Well I did,(there was nothing electrical about the healing I just sat quietly in my sit and received the healing! And that was it! I was scheduled to see my doctor for a lupride injection which was supposed to shrink the fibroids before I could go for surgery. To cut a long story short I never went for that injection and I am completed healed. Halleluyiah!
      On 1st December, 2012 I got a promotion that up to today I have no idea how, what, where, why it happened, you see this is a position that I never would have thought possible even in my wildest dream, God made a way where there seemed to be no way. But then again this is a count me in story. This year I have given to the church like I have never given before at some point I thought I was crazy, even started to think Mavuno must be a cult –how can a church make you give so much so willingly and leave you feeling so good about it??????????
      Now I know for sure that God does not owe any one –if you faithfully obey his word he is more then faithful to reward you!
      Also earlier on I had facilitated mizizi and at one of our leaders retreats Pastor Mwaniki was prophesying over our lives and when he came to where I was standing he said that I was going to get promoted to a position that I never thought possible!
      I just want to thank all the Pastors at Mavuno and let them know that because of you many and I mean many of us are getting saved, healed, blessed etc
      May God bless you all and reward you hundredfold for all that you do.
      Now I am just looking forward to 2013 – because I know that 2012 was just a piece of the ice berg! 


  4. dianarose Says:

    i thank God for giving m and my husband our dream jobs and good health for our family. Last year’s new year we prayed for so many things which You all granted. Thank you so much Father for your everlasting love and faithfulness.This year Lord i ask you for your wonderful blessings and favour in everything w do. Amen.


  5. I am grateful and humbled to have seen yet another year.
    Today being 1/1/2013, i want to thank the Almighty God for bringing me this far. for life’s lessons that iv learnt from so far as they have made me a better person, for peace in my family that was lacking for a long time, for the blessing of baby Harvey my nephew……for all the blessings that we can count one by one and many more that we may not recognize……i say u are the an AWESOME GOD. you are THE ALPHA AND OMEGA. GOD you are the VERY BEST iv ever had. ASANTE MUNGU kwani bila wewe mimi si kitu.

    Wangari Warui.


  6. Am thankful for good health and the gift of life.aolt has happened in this country eg accidents,al shabaab attacks,car accidents etc.thus to see 2013 is just by His grace and mercy.Thanking you GOD for all you have done for us 2012 and may you bless 2013


  7. WOW!!!!!!
    Did that year just end?
    It was amazing!!!!!!!
    I remember right at the beginning when we all declared that 2012 was our year to THRIVE AND NOT SURVIVE…….
    Now that was a tall order but i was so ready to think without any semblance of a box in my environs…..the year started with BANG…and i mean a BANG BANG!!!!!SO loud that the Nema guys would have arraigned me in court to face charges were it not for the fact that after a while the BANG became a gentle tap

    So i questioned…i asked ….i thought…i blamed……but the Bang did not come back …… what was i doing wrong….why wasn”t it gelling……WHY?????????????

    Then i enrolled for Mizizi in May and with the help and grace of God rediscovered myself spiritually….an awesome feeling!!!!!

    Then i asked now that i know what my relationship with my father is i need to rediscover myself so that……Yes….so that it gels!!!!!

    SO I ENROLLED for ALABASTRON…..and …..whaaat…..i mean ….whaaat…….I found ME……I loved ME….AND i now know that that was what God wanted.

    So here i am in 2013 with a brand new career path……out of the box is an understatement……i asked God to accord me an opportunity to reach a larger audience…..outside my comfort zone…beyond Nairobi…..and He decided out of the City meant AFRICA……SO I AM taking this risk with God…..i wont go wrong because….I trust in Him completely,totally,thoroughly



  8. I follow Mavuno sernons online because I live far and unable to attend in person. God has been good. He has been my Ebenezer, repaying for the year that the locusts ate. I too went through 2012 without a job for the first time in many years. I had several false starts. I was recommended for short term assignment by a particular organization’s head office only for the country office to block the job. I went on to be interviewed for a CD role in another organization and emerged the best, went on to meet the staff (they flew me to the particular country) only to be turned down and informed that the incumbent had decided to stay on! I held on to my faith found encouragement in Mavuno. In December 2012, The Lord favoured me with another international job to start in March 2013 and I signed a multi-million contract with another organization for a three month assignment before I start working full-time. I was head-hunted for this assignment. This God- He never sleeps nor slumbers, let us continually wait on Him without wavering. His promises are true and amen, that He will never forsake us. In turn, I am now able to pay in full the college fees of a bright, young lady who was working as a house-help because she had no means of proceeding with her education and to support some missionary work in one country where there is real need for the gospel of Christ to be preached. Stay encouraged.


  9. Honestly, 2012 has been my worst year ever. Alot of bad things happened to me and it just kept getting worse. I have nothing to be thankful for…
    I don’t have high expectations. But I still pray, I still come to church. I hope God will remember me this year.
    That said, I am hoping to serve in a ministry at church this year, get closer to God and live each day as it comes 🙂


    • Viv, let me tell that was my song for most of 2012. THe year started on a high note, only for it to dwindle to a dull thud. And give upI almost did but thats when I was reminded that indeed we do serve a mighty and able God. He reminded me in His own amazing ways that He is God and all i need do is be still.

      Now I can testify that I am indeed hopeful and expectant of Him. Raise your expectation of Him and He will not disappoint. I may not yet be seeing it now, whats in store, but by faith we obtain God’s promises and come to see them into fruition.

      Keep serving Him and then watch n see!!!


  10. 2012 proved to be one of the best years of my life.I prayed God to give me a church and i found myself in Mavuno and i love every minute of it.I started tithing and within a month i had salary increment.It was shocking.I began to write down a list of things i ant God to fulfill for me this year.For the longest time i have always wanted to go to the university.Meeting with my high school classmates and hearing how hey are doing always broke my heart.In the midst of a this i trusted God that i will go to school and do my degree in Nbi university.After finishing my Diploma last year,i decided to join mizizi in Oct since i had time in my hands and there so much talk about it.Wow,i discovered who God is,what he is in my life and by the end of the class,i got saved,got a sponsor to pay full university fees and am starting my classes in 2 weeks time.When our facilitator asked us if there is anyone with a testimony,I couldn’t believe that God had done everything i had asked him to.I cant wait to see what he has in store for me this year.I will live for him forever!


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