The Herod Within

Kids are sometimes the most mean, selfish, unkind, jealous, and cruel people! It’s like there is something in us that fights the good and resists the straight and narrow. We are naturally inclined to evil.

People do mean things to each other all the time:

  • Steve married his best friend’s girlfriend – he staged a coup!
  • Carol was responsible for the sacking of Mueni – she told a false story to get rid of her.
  • A husband in Rongai used his belt to senselessly beat his wife every night, and no neighbor ever dared to rescue her.
  • A driver who is overlapping tries to cut in front of you and yells expletives at you if you do not let him in.

We are generally mean people. Why?

I think there are about 4 reasons that cause people to become mean

  •  Our life experiences (wounds, environment, poverty)
  •  Our insecurities
  •  The condition of sin in our hearts
  • Pride

Since I started reading the Christmas story, I have been interested in knowing the entire story… in real time. So I encountered a mean guy around the Christmas story-Herod.

Read Matthew 2:13-18

Herod was a Mafia King. He massacred thousands of boys in search of the Messiah. Why did he have to do that?

To send a message that the Al Capone would not be replaced, so he would eliminate threat, silence competition, preserve himself, maintain power and teach others a lesson that anyone who tries to take his throne will be swimming with the fishes!

We do all manner of evil things for power, wealth, ego and self-preservation.

Herod, aka Al Capone, needed a savior; someone to deliver him from his evil self but he drove the savior of his soul out of town

A voice was heard across the land. Graves were dug and souls were wounded.

It is so easy to blame Herod and sentence him to death. But Herod was not the only mean guy. There is a little Herod in the chest of each one of us. We call that sin. Sin affects 3 people:

  •  Self – It degrades and imprisons self (Herod ended up dead; his ego drove him into a pit.
  • Others – It hurts those around us (future wife, kids, workmates)
  • God – It hurts the one who created us. He hates to see us limited by sin because it takes away the glory that He placed in us

We sincerely do not like the mean Herod within. We look for answers everywhere. There is only one solution to sin, but we love to run away from it.

 Christ is the answer!

The summary of the gospel that Jesus brought is that we were:

  • Designed for good – To live well, relate with others and God as in the Garden of Eden.
  • Damaged by evil – Sin came to corrupt us, complicate relationships with each other and God (Romans 3:3 …”All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”)
  • Restored for better – Jesus took the punishment of sin; he became our substitute, died on the cross and made a bridge for restoration. (John 3:16,17)Christ is the answer!
  • Sent together to heal – We are to go out to heal individuals, relationships and the world. We ought to be fearless influencers.

This is our story. The story of man, the story of Christmas, the story of redemption. Jesus presents the answer to the brokenness of man. He came to release us from the enemy within and send us out to be agents of healing. We look to many other things for answers. Relationships, sex, wealth, toys, pleasure and power do not quench our deepest thirst. But

Jesus is the answer!

At the core of every being is a longing for restoration. We were designed for good but damaged by evil. We were restored by Jesus for better and sent together to heal others and the world. Jesus is at the center of it all.

Sounds like a cliché, but Jesus is the answer!

 Matthew 11:28 Jesus says: Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

The way to kill Herod is to invite King Jesus in your life. Is there a habit that you want to stop? Are you tired of being a slave to the enemy within? Are you longing for rest from sexual sin or bondage? Do you want freedom from hate, bitterness, alcoholism, corruption, lies, deceit and jealousy?

 Christ is the answer!


A – Accept him as your savior and lord. Embrace the king

B – Believe in him and his mission. That he loves you, died for you, wants to live in you, and his spirit will help you every step of the way.

C – Community. Walk with others as you confess your faith and victory in your areas of defeat.


6 Responses to “The Herod Within”

  1. Pastor S…….I bless the Lord for bringing me into the ways of your teaching.
    I want to acknowledge my transformation at Mavuno at a time when i had no direction but I got a home, i did Mizizi n discovered my purpose but even in salvation I have realized i prefer shortcuts rather than the full long which instead brings me back to where I came from n I have discovreddue to disappointments with my shortcuts,the Herod within has been rampant n made my salvation dull but todays preaching shows me how to deal with all this n Let Christ be who He is_ The Answer.
    Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.


  2. Indeed Christ is the answer, CITA. It use to be Christ in transit again whenever things become rough and i start looking for answers, not knowing that Herod was raising his head again. But with Christ i place all mi.e andme at His feet for He is in control, the everlasting answer and solution no matter what herod comes up with


  3. I must admit the sermon on Sunday was the bitter truth. I used to be jealous at my friends who are overseas who always seem to have it all. I would also be jealous at even my cousins from rich background who always seem to have a perfect life and would bitterly compare myself to them. We all get jealous at some point in life. We look at our friends and envy their success and wonder why we have not achieved the much they have. This is common at work, home and even on Social Media on Twitter for example where people show the world and boast of what they have or seem to have. This might at times even cause resentment and ruin lifetime friendships. Your sermon did really touch me and I thank God that He saved me from negative jealousy. I pray that all of us in all walks of life Politics, Corporate Sector and even family may come to the realization that we’ve all been blessed and that we are equal before God and are destined for greatness. The words of Psalm 37 are a true encouragement and I would love to share the same with all those reading this.

    Ever since I joined Mavuno in 2008 I have seen God’s abundance and favour and I am not the same man I was. God is in this place!


  4. this has bin an amazing series now all i have to do is implement wat i hav learnt from it first how to wait and avoid shortcuts so help me Lord to stay away from sex untill marriage and keep away from alcohol and to learn to fight the urge of being mean to others coz as for now its a struggle coz my sistaz rili make me mad and am tempted to just hurt them back but like u said “nii goma” dark forces


  5. Hi…I missed this and Id like to ask is there a link to watch it on youtube naona last ni ya justified shortcuts. Kindly nitumieni asante 🙂


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