Justified Shortcuts

This is partying season. Parties attract all manner of people and behavior. The goal of a party is fun and bonding. And both things take time. You cannot have good fun in 10 minutes or bond with friends in 22 minutes. That is why parties take hours. But many of us take shortcuts to bonding and having fun. It is like we cannot wait to get what we want. Some intoxicate themselves; others try casual sex. Some try x-rated clubs or forbidden websites. These are shortcuts to fun and bonding.

Waiting is hard. We have been labeled the instant generation. The microwave generation. We don’t have as much patience in waiting for stuff, for a relationship to mature, or waiting for a business to take off.

We like to take shortcuts because we cannot wait. Different people react differently to delays. Delays in marriage, getting a job, a business deal, a baby or a promotion. Guys wait for status and opportunity in terms of career, family and finance, while ladies wait for marriage.

Have you ever had to wait for something for years?

Pressure makes waiting so hard.
1. Pressure to hook up, get a girlfriend/boyfriend
2. Pressure to get engaged. So you get engaged.
3. Pressure to get married.
4. Pressure to have kids.
Or it could be the pressure to:
1. Get a great job or a promotion
2. Buy a car, house, piece of land, start a side hustle.

In the Christmas story, however, we see a lady that had been waiting for a while. Israel had been waiting for a while. Let us look at her story from the Bible.

Read: Luke 1:36-45
Elizabeth and Zacharias were advanced in age. The man was a servant of God, a priest leading prayers for others, but they were barren. No fruit. They waited for a very long time! For the Messiah and a baby. They had questions. I wonder what emotions they experienced.

I wonder what this would have been like for them in modern Nairobi.

From a guy’s perspective, there are a few shortcuts that work for us:
1. A six pack…diet shortcuts – pills, drills and plastic surgery.
2. Documents at government offices –shortcuts to get a relative or friend to help you get your passport faster,
3. Imitation colognes designer wear and phones.
4. Come-We-Stay relationships.
5. Social media: Communicating is easier than face to face.

But there are 3 ways people react to waiting:

1. Give up – Give up expectation and move on.
2. Take an alternative – find a shortcut
3. Get bitter – Many feel disappointed, get brokenhearted and wallow in bitterness.

Eventually, an angel announced to the man that Elizabeth would conceive. And she did. You can imagine after all those years of waiting, Elizabeth’s shame or reproach (v 25) was taken away. She had a party, finally. Tears may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning! Even though shortcuts are taken and work out, they do so for the short term and at the expense of others.

In waiting, God does several things:
• Builds our faith (v45) – enduring faith, a faith that refuses to give up. Our faith is also tested – “Are you in it for what you can get?”
• Reveals God – We get to know the great God (great in answering our prayers, great in preserving us – v37). We get to understand his ways more.

Shortcuts lengthen the journey, waiting pays!

Delay is not denial. Our God is good and he has good plans for you.
Have you been waiting for a job? Prince Charming? Your African Queen? Healing? Have you been waiting for your marriage to turn around? Do not give up or give in to a shortcut. Do not get bitter with others and God!

Remember, shortcuts lengthen the journey, waiting pays!

Tears and pain characterize waiting. It is not easy, but we know that shortcuts lengthen the journey, waiting pays!

Abraham and Sarah took a shortcut. The journey has been long and stressful since then. Elizabeth and her husband waited, and John the Baptist came forth to prepare the way for the Lord.

Shortcuts lengthen the journey, waiting pays!

Do you feel like giving up and your strength is gone? God has a great plan for you. Hold on. Isaiah 40:28

Shortcuts lengthen the journey, waiting pays!

Friend, do not give up. Do not give in to that shortcut. Wait for your time, wealth will come. Easy money is cursed. Wait for your day to have and enjoy your marriage. Keep yourself pure. Chastity pays. Wait for your deliverance. It will come. Do not lengthen or complicate the journey.


10 Responses to “Justified Shortcuts”

  1. Sambolyna Apolei Says:

    For a while,I had been thinkin i am one of the people who undergo misfortunes after misfortunes….but now,though my mind is on ‘ferrari mode’ i can see clearly now,the rain is gone!I am actually appreciating tha snail-pace of some major avenues in my life!


  2. Very much on point. Its hard but the rewards r handsome i believe.


  3. Heeee….told as it is…you know when the message smacks you kwa forehead and smacks the kisogo pia..you know that ni wewe inatarget!!
    For a while now I have had immense pressure to get a boyfriend and get married… Microwave pappest!!
    Today as I sat and listened to the message not only did I understand I am looking for a shortcut but that I had not surrendered that aspect of my life..A voice then asks ..do you not know what Jer 29:11 says…or is Ecc 3.11 not in your Bible…It says IN HIS TIME!!! echo…HIS TIME.
    Looking over my shoulder I was a hearty GOOD BYE to this particular shortcut…I turn and face ahead to allow God to reveal any others..after all…Isa 40:31…I’m not about to faint after that!!!
    I Love my Church!! Glory to God!!!


  4. […] Justified Shortcuts. […]


  5. Last year I was very sick with chronic allergies. My doctor refused to give me steroids due to my age(44) saying chances of getting diabetes were high(my mum had).Due to the discomfort I had,I looked for a doctor who gave me. Steroids work pap but in less less than a month,I was diabetic.This crushed me completely. I had to stop taking the steroids….its a long story. I had to persevere and go back to specialist Doc then nutritionist.God healed me of both.I thank God because he forgave me for my unbelief. Am totally healed now after waiting a little longer.


  6. I’ll just say waiting pays.


  7. Justified short cuts?
    Seriously pastor S? where were you when i was 18?
    As if to answer myself…I needed to go through what I did to help us understand this series….
    (Its like this testimony am giving it backwards)
    The separation that I had gone through?
    The marriage gone sour? a whole 15yrs later?

    Am more than humbled to say, it was a short cut…
    (Saying that almost rips me off my skin!) but I have to to demonstrate that indeed, a short cut may work for a while….never mind how long a while may be, but the big fat police man will be waiting somewhere……

    I laughed and enjoyed the riches…talk of the big’…est cars….I drove!
    Nice hoods? That too I lived…..
    Dined at the finest……….not so long after campus like every other girl had to wait…mine was microwaved… Pap!!!! or so to speak!.I laughed off when I heard people say’ We will start from scratch’ who had the time? Not Njeri….

    Those hustling young lad lot wasn’t my type…..so ….you guessed right! I took a married rich one…..don’t even try to judge me! He loved me! and i didn’t go looking for him? he found me…..i justified for how many yrs again? (You echo it I wont……)….

    Fast forward……aha!
    The short cut collapsed on me….bringing my whole pride, wealth….hopes and future down…..by the time I was being found and kept …..or so the sermon went….I knew my justifications were all misplaced….waiting will pay…….am proudly waiting……This time with the knowledge that this is a season characterized by pain and GROWTH…..
    ….seriously…..u-tube isn’t enough…..can these sermons be televised!
    JesuS!!! the whole wide world is missing on serious lessons here…..
    Again i cant say enough….
    As the city changes
    Count mavuno in!!!


  8. Indeed shortcuts are enticing and tend to tie to intellect…God helps those who help themselves…no no no!!!. God helps those who surrender to Him, hard to accept until you risk and try letting go of intellect and leaving all to Him.Glory be to Him and may He take over all.


  9. Amen pastor s!
    Sadly most of us had to learn this lesson the hard way…


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