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We are here again – the Christmas season is with us!

What with the parties at home and at the office, the movies, trips to the coast and shagz, the mood, the reunions… The gifts, nyam chom and the carols. It is just the season of the year.

Only one problem,it gets too busy. Weddings, shopping madness, traffic, budget issues… Life gets crowded. It is easy to miss out on an important person, an engagement, rest, or opportunity. This season is even more complicated because of politics!

Have you ever been so busy that you missed some important events or people?

Ever had so much going on and so many people in a party that you had no room to receive, chat up or create space for a guest? I know people who hate to host. They get too busy paying attention to logistics that they miss the point of the event.

That happens a lot during this season. It is so easy to miss the reason for the season and make the minor things the main thing. What are the minor things and what is the major thing? That is the question we will seek to answer.

When Christmas happened 2000 years ago, it was no different.

Read Luke 2:1-7

A lot was going on here: Traveling to shagz, registration, re-unions and the challenge of finding accommodation. It was not the best of times for Joseph and Mary: traveling with a 9-month pregnancy! It took them longer than everybody else. By the time they got there, the inn was packed to capacity. There was no room!

They had to put up out in the cold, with the cattle. It was the wrong place and time for a baby to arrive. It’s funny how babies seem to find their way out at night. The main thing is that Jesus showed up! He lay in a manger, because there was no room for him in the inn.

It seems to me that the innkeepers were too busy handling guests from everywhere, making cash, and connecting with friends and family that they did not have space for the King! He slept out. A delivery happened in the cowshed and the innkeepers probably did not notice until the baby cried. I wonder how they felt about the delivery in their cattle-shed.

It is like Jesus came to spoil their party.

  • Ever felt like Jesus and his demands are spoiling your relationship with his unrealistic standards?
  • Ever felt like Jesus and his standards of non-corruption are slowing down the opportunities of growth for your business?
  • Ever felt like you really want to experience some pleasure or eat some sweet fruit only to hear Jesus voice crying out against it?
  • Ever felt like Jesus is interfering with your career path by asking you to come on for internship or church-planting? He urged me out of law into ministry.
  • Ever felt like the things you love are contrary to what Jesus likes? And that his conviction in your heart cannot be ignored?

So what do we do with the spoiler? We ignore him. We push him out. We have no place for him. We move on and enjoy our party!

Yet whenever you look back, you realize the interferer becomes the life of the party. If you let him in. He is never the spoiler, he is the savior. He takes center stage, determines the quality of life and opens a door for eternal peace. He deserves the best place in our lives.

The one point we are making here is:Jesus is the life of the party!

It is like Jesus was a gate-crasher! The crying of the baby, the visitors who streamed in – from the shepherds to the wise men – he took over the place. There was drama in the inn; the King had arrived.

It is like Jesus was a distraction! A sideshow that eventually became the main show. In your focus on life, his demand for allegiance, salvation and reconciliation distracts you from your set paths. It takes you away from your beaten path and adored habits.

Jesus is not a gatecrasher; he should become the invited guest in your life. A treasured friend. The way, the truth and the life. Make room for him in your life and business. When you let your dating, marriage, business, career, finances, youth, mid-life and parenting be about him… you will experience the life of the party.

 Jesus is the life of the party!

It is like Jesus came to the unlikely places. Kings don’t show up like this. Jesus pricks our conscience when he visits places we would rather not visit. His love and humility speaks to us loudly during this season. He was born in a manger while others enjoyed the comforts that the Roman Empire could afford. You know how our politicians show up? With color and pomp! Contrast that with how the king of the universe rolled in.

He loves to hang-out with sex-workers. He reaches out to politicians across the parties; He loves the unlovable and is compassionate to the poor and the helpless. His first visitors were the dirty shepherds! You have got to admire this king! He came for such as me… and because he came, look who is here today. Former alcoholics, former greedy and corrupt officials, former loose folks, and the list goes on.

For those who have been helped and redeemed by the King of Nazareth do you believe that Jesus is the life of the party?

Jesus arrived in a style that showed his mission would embrace the poor, the neglected, the lowly, the outcasts of society and the unwanted. Christmas reminds us that Jesus is the life of the partyfor all – poor and rich, the great and the small, the religious and the lost. It is a good time of the year to reach out to the lowly of society. Make Christmas for someone who cannot afford one. Reach out and share your faith with a person you had written off. Become the life of the party for someone in the name of Jesus, the reason for the party.

Christ did not just come for the elite of society; he came to throw a party for the slum dwellers as well as Karen residents. He came to celebrate with the Wananchi and the Wenyenchi alike. He came to all and for all.

Jesus is the life of the party!

I ask you to do 2 things this week:

  1. What area in your life do you need to invite Jesus to take over the party? Is there an area where he has been ignored, locked out, squeezed to a corner or rendered irrelevant?
  2. Become the life of the party to an unlikely or lowly person.

10 Responses to “The Innkeepers”

  1. Dirty shepherds like the maasai spear wielding, shuka and akala clad morans? First guests? And in a dirty cowshed (Manger sounds romantic – In this day and age, its called a cow shed!) Enyewe Jesus came instyle!

    And how did he leave? With nyahunyos to his back and a spear to his ribs, nailed on a cross! My creator! For me? For small insignificant me? This is my convenant… No turning back! God will be my first, my last, my in-between and my everything. He did what no one, no man or otherwise would do and for that I make him Lord and master of my Life.

    I’m battling with something tho’, movies, music and ebooks. All downloaded from the internet. Not porn, not bad movies/music/ebooks, some are even christian, most very educational. But they are not bought, money spent is only on internet airtime. What to do, Pastor? What to do?


  2. Amazing and so profound! Never thought about the Christmas story especially the way Jesus was born in this light! Food for thought and a true eye opener…may I never be insensitive to the voice of God…in Jesus name we are discerners who listen to the voice of our Maker! Baraka!


  3. wanguisummedup Says:

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    The Life of the Party!This is the Season!


  4. Running to the stage a fast as i can…only that its this blog stage, were you can not see my face.This is what i thought when this golden opportunity was granted yesterday…to give a testimony of the salvation experience, or do i just put it seasonally appropriate?
    My encounter with the gate crasher!

    let me brief you on the party that was ongoing, just before he showed up.
    Sometime last year, i had just gone through a marriage separation, i was lost, i was broken, i was hurt and to say the least, i was in a daze as far as my finances were concerned….
    I spinned in all sort of directions and in the process church hopped a big deal! Finally i walked my two sons to green house,(i had been told, at mavuno, i will feel home) that what i needed, acceptance!
    Having sort for acceptance from all corners, i found a huge crowd in the dome and i somewhat felt lost, there were warm smiles, people looked genuine, so i sat….off ALL topics!
    ”Finders keepers”!!!
    This was mine in literal meaning, because i would have walked my old steps and landed in the same pain all over again….so i was warned
    It was also my sermon because mavuno found and kept me!
    I aint going no place!

    So i settled. Home sweet home.
    I had put God in the box because for me, he hadnt shown up when i needed him,
    I was going to sort myself out!
    All i needed is friends and my sons needed to go to church so i was gonna show up every sunday for them!

    Every sunday i moved a little closer, physically and spiritually and by day an urge to know God was nagging! so i dared to enrol for mizizi…mmmh i can only smile…
    The 10wks programme, hit me on the face!…..The labor was on! The gate crasher was in the offing!
    Week one on a tuesday… and the following sunday?..having sat so close to the front!,,..(.i was so close to even read from the screen!)…The gate crasher finally brought down the walls

    I gave my life to Christ!… fingers are dancing as i type this!
    I had resisted, the heat in my chest was choking me!.I wanted to run!! I walked to the car and couldnt drive off…i was shaking! had to walk back and look for a pastor…..

    What a calm experience! what a life i lived struggling to act God….just letting him be! and my life changed!
    looking back, i should have ran on stage! to give my life..if only i knew!

    I love Jesus like crazy!
    I know he knows me, and i also thank him for patiently knocking into my heart for all the years i locked him out!
    The pain striken, rejected woman barely 6months later?
    She who was financially staggering?
    Is not only feeling a part of the big crowd but is one indeed and i stand to be counted in!!!
    Not only can i pledge purely by faith, but i finished the 10wks and now lead a life grp!!
    He surely shows up in all the unexpected places and through very unexpected people….i am the friend to the king!
    I could go on and on…thank God blogging has no limit!!

    Last sunday, i got challenged to know that though i have allowed Jesus to be the life of the party, in some areas i have gagged him&left him as background noises….I am challenged to surrender totally!
    Thanks Pr.S &thanks Mavuno
    We are the City changers!
    Global changers!


  5. marknduati Says:

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  6. Awesome story njeri! Very encouraging!! God bless you as you continue in your walk.


  7. Awesome Njeri. Shows just how easily he takes over and drastically changes things when He is in control.


  8. Hmmmmm since I accepted Christ into my life he has changed the party. I’m a better person I’m getting along with my dad and my brother.

    The flip side to this is that I have parts of my life that I really need to give fully to Christ. Not to make excuses but I have been used to doing certain things in certain ways and its taking time change them and realize they should not be done that way.

    All in all I’m happy in Christ and I’m thankful that he forgave me.


  9. Forgiven and restored Says:

    I encountered the grace of God this year after I went through a very difficult experience-the loss of my pregnancy at 8 months. The pregnancy was unexpected and I had found out one week before the Sunday service that I had decided I was going to give my life to Christ. When this happened I decided that I was not going to go back to church and disappeared for a few months and used a perfect excuse-the discomfort from morning sickness. By the time I was well along I was enjoying my pregnancy and even resumed church and then a few months later lost my pregnancy just a month before my due date. The little faith I had in God was shaken and I had fleeting thoughts of totally abandoning Christianity because at that point I had no belief in Christ and even whether God existed. I wondered how he let me go through such pain and why He couldn’t protect my baby. After mulling over my situation for some days, I decided that I had nowhere else I could go and to no one else I could turn; I just couldn’t fight God any longer. God spoke to me through my pain and told me that He wanted to give me life – a new life in Christ. God was by my side in my grief and He led me and answered my prayer for help and comforted me even as I sank into depression. Before I gave my life to Christ I had been living my life on my own terms and not really involving Him in most of my life. Although I revered God, I was too scared to let Him into my life because I wasn’t confident I could meet His standards. I have totally accepted Christ into my life and given Him full reign over all my affairs. It is not totally easy to fully surrender and I find myself sometimes struggling to cede over control over some things and fully submit to God’s will but when I do He envelopes me with his love and peace. I have just started the journey and I have faith that God is going to do something really wonderful in my life and that of my family. For sometime I kept wondering why He just couldn’t let me be. Why He had to intrude my affairs even when I was living my life okay-at least according to my standards and maybe society’s. I reckoned that there are worse people out there and He shouldn’t really be bothered with how I led my life. When Christ knocked the door and wanted to get invited I found a reason to keep Him out but He decided to gate crash and I am glad he did.


  10. Angella ajanga Says:

    Av been touched by the arrival style of the prince of peace n king of kings.very humble.n he came for both wananchi n wenyenchi.


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