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We have been talking about our role in the birth of a new Kenya. We now conclude on series on OneLove.Ke.

If you are like me, you may be asking:
I will do my part, but is that enough? I will commit to build the nation, to appreciate and work with other Kenyans, to deal with my values (abhor corruption and obey traffic rules), to be a 5C citizen and vote with my conscience to put in 5C leaders from the very top, and to live out the Jubilee lifestyle of simplicity, solidarity and sharing.

But is that an assurance for a new Kenya?

There are forces of ethnicity, corruption and witchcraft that call us to fight for Kenya at a higher level. Heaven has a part to play in this whole affair of transformation.
People may know the thing to do, the score card to use for elections and the way to live. But be powerless in the face of ethnicity and money and waves. We need God.

The bible has a word in season as we conclude:

Text: 2 Chronicles 7: 13 – 15.

God calls his people to do 4 things:

Humble themselves – realize their need for God and dependence on him
Pray – reach out for answers from him
Seek His face – want to do what he feels and wants about the nation
Turn away from wicked ways – quit things that turn God off if we want his blessings

God commits to do 3 things:

Hear from heaven – God answers prayer!
Forgive our sin – take away the hindrance to his visitation or intervention
Heal the land – God will heal us socially, spiritually, economically and morally.

Prayer changes things

Prayer invites God into action. We need God to invade the impossible situations in our country. Our response to the frustrations of a country that has enough issues is a cry to the Almighty: your kingdom come, your will be done in Kenya as it is in heaven! (Matthew 6:10) We need a revival of faith, and it starts with bend knees.

Singapore had a great prayer movement preceding their social-economic miracle a few decades ago. South Korea, an Asian miracle has the world’s longest prayer revival and culture.

We are seeing pockets of sweeping transformations in South America as the church unites in prayer. A few prisons have been closed and some set ablaze by God.
Europe got to their best as she rode on a wave of prayer and revival of faith in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Abraham built the Hebrew nation by building an altar of prayer wherever he went. (Genesis 12-14)

Psalm 2:8 instructs us: Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.

 Prayer changes things

Let us turn to prayer. But for what do we pray? Daniel 2: 19-23
1. Leaders: God to raise up 5C kind of leaders (Davids, Daniels and Deborahs) verse 21
2. Reveal what is in the dark (expose wicked plans, corrupt deals, and bloodshed) verse 22
3. Judge the wisdom of men – divination, witchcraft; etc politicians turn to tribal gods, witches, diviners and astrologers during elections. Those who do will fail at the polls. The plans of evil forces to see bloodshed and chaos will be defeated. Refer to Ephesians 6:12
4. Peace and stability – Healing of the land socially, spiritually and politically. We still have wounds from past elections. A lot could go wrong, but we plead with God to hear us, forgive us and heal our land.

Prayer changes things

We want to invite you to join the church in prayer.

Fire Friday – every Friday, take at least 10 mins and pray for our beloved nation. Join the church in a 40-day fast, starting Nov 1.
Use the news or newspapers as a guide to prayer.

Prayer changes things!


7 Responses to “Pray Kenya”

  1. felix cheruiyot Says:

    Pastor S, that was a daring sermon. It is exactly what we need. Last week when i saw Hon Waititu speak in Kayole i said to God this cannot be happening to our country again, I cannot sit down and see this country burn again because of reckless leaders we need to pray For God to bring down leaders who are preaching tribalism and negative ethnicity . Mimi Ni Mkenya Damu


  2. I have a strong conviction that this is what we need in Kenya, for if we ask persistently He will surely be faithful and Give a David.


  3. Very true indeed.Lets do it.Lets pray for Kenya.Thank you so much for sharing this sermon.Will pray for Kenya.


  4. Getrude Adende Says:

    Pastor M, ohhhh the sermon on Sunday! What!

    I am one person who has seen prayers come through and turn my life around. Pastor, I have prayed and fasted I saw the results amazing i must say. My heart was filled with so much joy and pain at the same time. Joy that yes we will pray for Kenya and things will change but on the other hand I cried, my heart was full of sorrow why we elect the same leaders to power and they destroy us. I wanted to say there should be a lesson learnt. But when?

    I wonder whether when i give birth if my children will the find the same Kenya or will it be an image of what we had? But your sermon pastor ohhhhh just hit home, and the same should be preached all over the country.

    I know after we fast and pray things will change, and for sure we will see God’s hand in this country. We will not live in fear but in faith, we will not cry but rejoice, we will have leadership that is God-given and not from man. That day is coming and as you said that day is here.

    Thanks Pastor for your sermon, God is using you to bring this to us, you are a blessing i must say.


  5. Monicah Njeri Says:

    ‘Prayer changes things’

    I have been blank a few times this week.
    I have wished to say something about this sermon but i keep locking!

    I have sought for answers in all places all my life and may be…
    ”Not knowing the way forward” is also a lifestyle.

    How else do i explain that ; i blame the govt, the politicians and lately myself for not making Kenya a better place.

    Not being very sure that my change will influence the country as a whole, Mbevi the man of God, helped me understand that i should not vote so the candidate wins but i win when i vote wisely….so then? i vote for a leader with 5c’s and they dont win! how is that a win for Kenya? i wonder to myself…

    By now you can tell, am still unsure that there is indeed hope for Kenya mpya. Why? because, i still think its all about us!

    Apana!! this sermon now wraps it up for me.
    Its not about us!
    Its not about me!
    Its not about mavuno!
    Its not about the politicians!

    I-t-s a-b-o-u-t G-o-d Yes! its ALL about God!
    Now i get it!
    It doesn’t end at me being a better person,
    At me voting for the right candidate

    This is where am locking! because last Sunday i finally found the answer! – Prayer!( Its feels a bit uncomfortable to finally find the answer right under my nose!!)What!! after all this search?

    Arms stretched in surrender, faces bowed in honor, knees bent in adoration….
    Only God can do it for us!
    We cant do it for God!

    This is his country, he wants the best of it and for it!
    All we got to do is pray.
    The bold prayers as outlined.

    We are the hope for kenya mavuno…..lets fast &pray for kenya….and remember
    Jesus be the center
    Its all about Him.

    Beloved daughter of Zion


  6. Pastor S a lot that you spoke about is connected to the Kenya Mpya inititative. We are a group that works closely with Vision 2030 to achieve a new Kenya. We have a leadership score card for vetting purposes and a book Kenya Mpya. So it’s really great to see other Kenyans thinking as we are to help our country. Truly one love Kenya. Anyone can check out our website


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