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If the polls were held today, who would you vote for president and why?

The greatest challenge we have as a nation in transition is and will be leadership. Good and effective leaders are hard to find. At home, at the market place, in institutions, in the villages and in the nation.

Many of us have suffered due to poor, ineffective or bad leadership. Someone has said that leadership is one subject that’s most talked about, yet we see so little of it (good) around. That’s true. Most businesses are not well-led.

General Elections are almost here. We saw the failure of systems and leadership in our last general elections, and the ugly results. Many of us are looking at the candidates who have started campaigns and are asking ourselves:
What makes one a good leader? / Who should I vote for and why? / Is there a score-card that we can all agree on, so that it will not just be about parties or tribe? / Should we give up looking for good leaders in dirty politics?

Is there hope, given the kind of leaders presenting themselves for Governor, Senator, President and MP?

The Scriptures are not silent on this matter. Let us read Psalm 78 and pull out 5 qualities of the leader we should be and the leader we should elect to follow:

Text: Psalm 78:70-72

David took a messed up country and built it to glory. He was a shepherd boy who was invited by God to serve his nation through leadership.

5 Qualities of the Kiongozi wa Kweli
1. CONCILIATORY – A leader is a peacemaker (Matthew 5:8 – Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God)

David is portrayed as a shepherd of Israel. A shepherd is made one by his flock. His number one role is to keep his flock together, at peace with each other. A true leader:

Loves and preaches peace and unity

Build bridges across religious, social, political and ethnic divide (respects everyone regardless of gender, religion, generation, ethnicity and political opinions)
Is tolerant to different views, opinions and convictions.

A true leader is a shepherd!

2. CARING – A true leader is a shepherd to the people. (See John 13:11 – I am the good shepherd. The shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.)

A shepherd’s commitment is the welfare of his sheep. He spends time with them, knows them, meets their needs (water, food) and defends them from predators. He cares.

  • Understands people’s needs (can articulate the real issues)
  • Is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the people, he is a servant leader (its not all about him, he sees the leadership position as a platform to empower and serve people)
  • Upholds human dignity, justice for all & equality of all

When a shepherd is in charge, life should be good! (Psalm 23)

A true leader is a shepherd!

3. CHARACTER – A true leader is committed to doing what is just and right!
David shepherded the people with integrity of heart. A leader is authentic, quick to admit shortcomings. He can be trusted with power. A person of integrity submits to a higher power – from where he gets the absolutes.

Character is seen in:
Moral integrity – is responsible sexually and committed to family.
Financial integrity – can be trusted with finances, abhors corruption.
Relational integrity – can be trusted to keep his word, is honest to others.

A true leader is a shepherd!

4. COMPETENCE – A true leader gets the job done. (He has results)
David led Israel with skilful hands. He was an effective leader – he won the wars, expanded the territory, maintained security and build the economy. Before he took office, he had proved himself (Goliath, bear and lion).

Skills – What are the leader’s skills and abilities? Is he or she fit for the job? (Whatever (s)he is vying for)

Achievements – What has he accomplished before as a leader?

Commitment – What is he committed to do for the people?
A true leader is a shepherd!

5. COMPELLING VISION – A true leader sees and paints a picture of the preferred future. (Where there is no vision the people perish – Proverbs 29:18)

David was a visionary. Besides building Israel into glory and achieving the Israeli Dream, he dreamt of building a temple for God. God stopped him, but he prepared the resources for it. He had thoughts of what future Israel needed to be, and he made it a reality for many. A shepherd has got to paint a clear picture of the destination of his flock.

What? – Is the vision clear, specific, and possible?
How? – How do we get there from here?
When? – How long will it take to get there?
A true leader is a shepherd!

Mavuno, I suggest that as the general elections approach, that we use this score-card to rate the candidates. That we will not vote for someone because he is a friend. Or she comes from my tribe. Or he has money. Or she is one of us. May we vote in the kind of leaders who will lead us into Kenya mpya. Let us vote in shepherds… because A true leader is a shepherd!

Some of us argue that none of the candidates would pass this test. Vote for the one with the highest score. “What if he or she does not win?” You may ask. Vote for what is right, that makes you a winner even if your candidate does not win.

Let us bring it closer to where you sit. As a dad, a leader at home, do you pass the test of the 5 Cs? As a boss – team leader, business leader, small group leader or an esteemed citizen – are you conciliatory, caring, a person of character, competent and do you have a compelling vision?

Can you say that you exhibit these qualities in your life and in your leadership? Are you the Kenyan that we would vote in for any position?

Work to do: I challenge you this week to use this score-card to rate yourself. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest, how would you rate yourself in each of the 5 Cs?

Remember, only God, the true shepherd can work in us the best of leadership. David was called by God to lead. He shepherded God’s people. It was his relationship with God that made him who he was. Faith purifies a leader’s motives, and gives him a greater reason to serve people.

I dream of a Kenya with leaders at all levels who follow this godly script. What would this country look like if we got governors, senators, mps, cabinet secretaries and a president that believed in and lived out the 5 Cs? We would have zero tolerance to corruption, clashes and senseless killings would belong to the past, development would happen and we would finally have the Kenya of our dreams.

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13 Responses to “Kiongozi Challenge”

  1. leo’s service was coolest. i sat in there feeling like God’s first born. si my life hasnt been easy….i have been suffering from too much shame and lack that i could hardly join in discussions freely. family issues nazo…….?i dont even want to think about my past. its been HAAARD.but now, i got a testimony that GOD IS ABLE.
    at the close of last month, Pst.Njoro prayed and declared that week a week of breakthrough. i prayed in faith and believed that there would be a turn around for me. that week started on a low note for me but i sat and thanked God for it all and reminded Him that it was still a breakthrough week for me, hardships notwithstanding.
    today i have a testimony on the goodness of God. by teh close of that week, opportunities came my way from the blues and reversed my life north. while am not at my best, i thank god for the far that he has brought me. talk of food, a place to sleep, clothes to wear, people who love and care about me.. among other provisions that God has been supplying all this long, not to mention the miraculous ways he has come through for me during sticky situations. PRAISE GOD….
    and today, Pastor Sophie prayed and challenged us to prepare for greatness and expand our reserves as God is about to bless us and provide for us, that our seams will be bursting.this week, I, Graceous, will take the lord by this word. among all, i will pray and believe that God will provide me with a permanent and more progressive job that i have been waiting for for months now. I will also stand in the gap for Mavuno 3.0 and the leadership of our great nation Kenya. prayer worriers, i will need your input here.

    one final word, God is good. He has a good plan for you and cares about us all. All we need is to put our trust in Him and pray without ceasing, always giving thanks for every single situation. and God, whose goodness is beyond human understanding will provide for you and bless u in ways that u’l never understand


  2. do you have a videos for this sermon? I would like to share it with some of my pals!!!


  3. I got talking with men in my hood jana and came to one conclusion, Kenya needs God, regardless of who gets into state house, only God can help Kenya from April 2013 onwards. Our political leanings not withstanding, and the heart not being neutral and the bible says it is evils as well, it is good of Christians to pray to God with a pure heart.

    Kenya is big, I have never lost my Kenyan dream, I still believe in it. Though I have realized that we got into the wrong train in 1963 all we try to do is run within the carriages in the opposite direction. But even with that, God loves Kenya.

    As much as I dont have much hope in next years presidential contenders, I pray the winner will take Kenya steps ahead even as he serves his interests and the interests of those around him.


  4. I saw this online that happend in kenya n remembered last week sermon ,please check out this sermon.


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  6. I loved the sermon and have taken up Pst.S’ kiongozi challenge i.e. to live out the 5Cs daily because the truth is we cannot expect from others what we do not practice. + the good leadership vacuum can only be filled if we begin to take these steps. I feel very hopeful for Kenya Mpya!!!


  7. Amina Ndinya Says:


    I am convinced,there is still hope for Kenya even as we look forward to the next election.

    The bible say the lords looks at the heart, He searches the heart of men and women, so he knows the right people to lead this Nation.

    Our duty as christian is to pray and ask God for guidance as we choose the next leaders for this Nation. If you pray and act and i pray and act, we will have the Kenya we want. Let do our part and God will do he rest.

    But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. 1 SAMUEL 16;7


  8. i am surprisingly becoming a better kenyan…even littering a P.K wrapper ni shida sasa…closely watching these people who are begging for my vote as well..most importantly..fearlessly influencing those around me!


  9. Monicah Njeri Says:

    …..mmmh i want to breath 1st, then acknowledge that we have an assignment this week. This score card? wow! I rated myself and i can guarantee you am in the category that needs God& family’s help but first things first.

    Having said that i will work on my values to be the hope for kenya mpya. This sermon felt somewhat, chilled,… relaxed..infact, unlike last week when my head was pounding, this time i even strayed as Pr. s laid it all down what a ‘Good leader’should be.
    For once the back was gonna be stopping at someone else! These politicians! You see? They need to be
    1. caring
    2. Have a compelling vision
    3. Conciliatory……..Keep going….Go on list them! 5 of those!!
    This is where my mind strayed as i sized the different leaders that i know of and my head was ticking!
    – ‘How uncaring!!’
    -Does that one even have a vision!
    – You see?He is not competent!
    Its no wonder our country kenya bla bla bla….

    I was smiling away, to see for once i don’t have a part to play in this one, as if to say-am safe this week…until…
    The last few minutes of chilling became chilly, when the subject was brought closer home or shall i say closer dome?

    A question was paused: if this score card was used on me? would i pass the test?
    There we go again! i actually said that one out loudly…

    So in that light, i took up the challenge
    As a mum?
    As a friend?
    As a daughter?
    As a work mate?
    As an LG leader?
    isnt Kenya in need of good leaders?

    Say yes it is!
    Because, if indeed to make kenya see to its vision 2030, i need 5C’s& so does each one of you ( stop looking at me like that!)
    Then we are badly off.

    As for me, not rating myself higher than i am…& No! i did not get guts to ask anyone of their opinion coz am afraid they will strip me off the mark i got.

    That group that needs God+family+mavuno’s help, Njeri belongs
    You know what i mean

    Kenya damu!!!!
    Hope for Kenya


  10. My Confession… I listened to the sermon, enjoyed it and thought, Kenya begins with me, if i expect leaders who are competent, caring, of good character and intergrity, then i should measure up to them and even be better… Well… after Sunday, I slacken and routine gets the best of me…

    Wednesday was an important day at work for me, i woke up and was ready in no time. Impressed with my outfit, shoes and smile, i talked to my Creator n begged, nothing can go wrong this morning, traffic will move well, (I’m a lil patient), this is not the day to be bumped or scrathched by some driver squeezing by my lane. not in that space…i want to get to the office on time in readiness for my meeting… I start my journey with my “little baby” and the roads are clear.. i smile.. am happy.. excited, the song is good, i rewind, pump the volume..The song is “I will live for you” BMF… its an original audio, i bought it at church -:)

    My excitement suddenly comes to a stop, Ngong rd is a drag… no..its not looking nice…this cant be happening. I reduce the volume and calculate my move…overlap? just a little then get to the other lane in less than 5 minutes.. then the office…this makes sense and so i speed off and safely tuck myself next to a matatu, am not fully on the right lane, but we are cool, we are near the office… am calm, smile and pump up the volume, but just before i turned the nob, the police…. traffic police”

    Madam kwa nini ume-overlapp” this is not happening! I mumble “pole” like a small gal… God why this now? Not today?…The cop requests i open the passenger door and he allows himself in…” twende Kilimani police station, i book you for breaking traffic rules..” i try n plead i have an impotant meeting in 2 hours and that am very sorry… he doesnt budge…mmhhh.

    OK let’s head to the police station, I’m not ready to bribe….no. I’m a Christian, remember the sermon gal, 5Cs.. intregrity, good morals…but wait again, I’m still that christian who broke the traffic what… thinking fast, driving slowly..i need some music, i increase the volume, its gospel music..the cop frowns, “endelesha haraka madam”

    I keep quiet and drive well, not fast.. we reach and my license is handed over to his “superiors” thereafter he leaves.. his “superior” is standing with 5 other cops, they glanced at me, he says, madam, you are so smart, why did u overlap? A compliment with a question..really?? just hit me, am late for work so i quickly text my boss first and explain my whereabouts.

    She hopes I will get out in time…not sure she sympathised…i answer to the “superior cop “I was late and my bad judgement led me to overlap, pole mkubwa” why do we call them “mkubwa”? its a bad culture… He expalined the process, “i will book you in, you pay cash bond of Kshs. 5000, and then you go to court now or tommorrow. I said ” fine but since i dont have the cash, can i ask someone to m-pesa me?

    I called a pal who after a long lecture, told me to ask the “cop” to talk to him, i hand over the phone and they chatted…my pal has been on “this for long”, he understands the culture… i wait patiently, talk back to him and he said” they have agreed with the cop since am a first time offender, i give him cash Kshs. 3000, and then i can go to work.

    And sadly, thats what happened, my pal M-pesad me, i withdrew the cash across the street, I’m not sure if its coincedence for the m-pesa across the street or its just business..lets not get there.

    In summary I was off the hook in an hour and moved on with my life. It didn’t feel right, but i bought my freedom and way out…did i bribe? not sure, but its my pal who cut the deal, i just passed the money? I couldn’t listen to the gospel CD, I switched to FM went back to work and life was normal.

    Pastor S, it’s a journey and for a better Kenya, I need to be the better one, it starts with me… a day at time…



  11. […] Pastor Linda Adolwa this month at Mavuno Church is doing an important series about the kind of leadership Nairobi leads (she strongly urged the congregation to watch the movie). The role of governor under the new constitution will be a powerful one and this is make or break time because in her words, ‘we get exactly the kind of leadership we tolerate‘. This last week she added, ‘what makes a good (governor) is not their personality but their character‘.  Pastor Simon Mbevi a couple of months ago also taught us in a different series about the 5Cs of great leadership. […]


  12. […] this last September at Mavuno Church about the kind of qualities that true leaders must display. The ’5 C’s’ he highlighted […]


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