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I love Kenya. But there are times I get discouraged as I watch us and experience the worst of us. At times I ask myself, will we ever have the Kenya we want?

DQ: What would you not want to see in a new Kenya?

A single day in Kenya is enough to bring you to the realization that this nation is due for some surgery. That something’s got to change. Despite the progress we have been making, we are far from comfortable territory as a nation. Bado mapambano! Aluta continua.

The traffic madness, robbery and carjacking, seeming inability to deal with poverty, intolerance, greed and corruption, honorable members doing dishonorable things…the infamous post-election violence, what else? I do sometimes wonder whether things will ever get fixed, anyone like me?

Giving birth is no joke.

Kenya has gone through turbulence in the last few years. An expectant mother has to go through a time of pain and travail before the baby comes forth. I think we have gotten to a place where it is uncomfortable to remain the same. Kenya mpya is in the waiting.

A baby has to be born, and born soon before both the mother and the baby give up the ghost. I believe that the infamous post-election violence was an admission into maternity ward. It has taken us a while to get to labor, and I think it is time to induce this baby. The promulgation of the new constitution was the breaking of water. We are now in the critical stages of delivery. With general elections at the corner that will see the last of independence fathers’ hand over power, and a soon coming jubilee, we have a window of opportunity to be born again as a nation.

I know these questions pass through your mind: Is there any hope for a new Kenya? What must we do to ensure that Kenya becomes the place of our dreams? Will vision 2030 ever become a reality? What difference can 1 out of 40 million make?

I was reading a letter that a distressed prophet wrote to the exiles: Jeremiah 29. I found helpful guidelines that are applicable in our situation as we jenga Kenya.

  1. Be PLANTED (verses 4-6)

You cannot claim a land you aint committed to or devoted to.

Jeremiah told the people to show territorial commitment to the land in various ways:

  • Build houses and settle down
  • Plant gardens &enjoy the produce
  • Build family – multiply!

They were in exile for a generation, but God asked them to settle down and be part of the socio-political, economic life. Put your feet down and get married to the land. You cannot genuinely care for a land that you have only one foot in and the other out. This is your country, your inheritance. Settle down in it. Sink your roots down and claim inheritance. Don’t give up on Kenya, embrace your homeland.

The difference between bacon and eggs in relation to source is that pigs are willing to die to give bacon but chicken just experience some inconvenience. Chicken are involved but pigs are committed.

What is your level of commitment to Kenya? From where you sit, what is at stake? Are you a pig or a chicken? What is your pig contribution in the transformation of Kenya? Are your roots in the land?


I am the hope for Kenya Mpya!

  1. Seek PEACE & PROSPERITY (verse 7)

Seek the elusive peace and prosperity of the land. The Hebrew word translated as peace and prosperity is Shalom. A rich word which means being complete, having all that a person requires for a happy and meaningful life. It encompasses the whole of human life – spiritual, social, material and intellectual.

The call here is to enhance peace and build bridges. Do not sit back and watch things happen, influence what happens. Seek – it’s an active word that demands action.

Let us deal with the real and root issues. I think the big 5 issues to deal with in Kenya include poverty (dehumanizing), disease (the majority of the people are a sickness away from bankruptcy), ignorance (many Kenyans cannot still afford high school and college education), moral failure (lack of faith-inspired values) and poor leadership (at all levels – home, institutions and government.)


Values:  Our greatest setback as a nation is in our values.

Impunity, it has been said, is the big dragon that has is invaded the soul of our culture. Politicians do what they want, regardless of the wishes of the electorate. And they seem to get away with it.

But they are a product of a culture of impunity. Before you throw stones, consider this:

  • We break traffic rules, feel nothing about it and bribe the cop when busted
  • We make a deal with the hotel accountant or cab guy to claim more than we paid for a service by inflating expenses on the receipt
  • Kickbacks, facilitation fees and “legal fees” has become acceptable in deals
  • Nepotism and tribalism at work is a huge cancer
  • Littering, dumping filling up drainage furrows
  • Construction: no play fields, substandard materials, bribes to get approvals, dangerous power lines hanging on premises
  • Morality in the media: adult stuff during the day, pon on the streets, dirty talk on radio and in the social networks
  • No respect for others: cutting cues, neighborhood disturbances
  • Cheating in sales, lies and general disregard for the truth
  • Dishonesty in relationships and money matters
  • Pulling one another down, unhealthy competition and jealousy (culture of witchcraft)
  • Moral decay in high schools and colleges (e.g. Divas for Rich Men)

We are wanting in values. If we do not value and uphold truth, we will remain in bondage as a culture. We need to seek peace by confronting the corruption of our culture.

What are you doing to enhance the shalom of the city or town in particular and of the nation generally?


I am the hope for Kenya Mpya!

  1. God has a PLAN (verses 10, 11)

Over the years, God has spoken over Kenya. That Kenya will be a father nation. A nation of peace and refuge. A lighthouse for the continent. An apostolic nation that sends out transformational people into the continent and the world.

That is already happening. All over the continent, we have Kenyans leading organizations and teaching in colleges and doing business than probably any other nationality.

As Mavuno we are going out to plant churches in capital cities around the continent.

But there is more to come.

Kenya will become a beautiful flower that will be admired by the world around us. (Vision on 30th 2007)

We hit the headlines for killing each other after the last general elections. But we will be known for different reasons in the coming years.

God has a plan. I believe that in the next 5 to 7 years, we will see clear signs of national transformation. Socially, politically, economically, and spiritually.

Let us accept that plan and make it a reality. We are not just ambitious as a people, we are working to fulfill God’s plan.


I am the hope for Kenya Mpya!

  1. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! (verses 12 – 14)

Prayer invites God into action. We need God to invade the impossible situations in our country. Our response to the frustrations of a country that has enough issues is a cry to the Almighty: your kingdom come, your will be done in Kenya as it is in heaven! (Matthew 6:10) We need a revival of faith, and it starts with bend knees.

In prayer God gives you the power and will to remain planted, to seek peace and prosperity, and to have faith that his plans will be fulfilled.

I am the hope for Kenya Mpya!

In the 5 areas: poverty, disease, ignorance, leadership and lack of values, what can you do to impact Kenya positively? How can you jenga Kenya?

Resolve to be a Kenyan guided by clear values. Do you have core values?

I want to challenge you to make resolve this week on the following 3 areas:

  • Corruption: reject all manner of corruption
  • Driving: drive right – observe the rules and be courteous
  • Tribalism – shun it and confront it

Psalm 97:2 tells us that God’s throne is founded on righteousness and justice. Resolve to be a great Kenyan by pursuing what is right and what is fair. That calls for both the renewal of the mind (Romans 12:1,2) and the transformation of the heart. We need much more than nice slogans. We need the healing of a sick soul as a nation. We need transformation from within. We need to look up to God in prayer.

Imagine a new Kenya…good roads, zero tolerance to corruption, leaders of integrity, unity in diversity, a working city hall, drivers who stick to the rules! I see a new Kenya beginning to form, a new generation rejecting the old and embracing the new. I see you and I see hope for a new Kenya. In God’s name, let us be the generation that gave birth to the Kenya of dreams.

Is that possible? In our generation? Yes

Imagine a Kenya that lives out the prayer captured in its national anthem: A blessed nation. Where justice is our shield and defender. Imagine a nation that has become the pride of Africa, a heritage of splendor a glory on earth!

God has the plan; we can work with him to make this a reality. In God’s name, let us be the generation that brings forth Kenya Mpya!


I am the hope for Kenya Mpya!

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5 Responses to “Kenya Mpya”

  1. This is Very Very POWERFUL!!


  2. Loved the way you related the Word of God with the on goings in Kenya. God bless Kenya!


  3. Theatre boy Says:

    Loved the sermon….i felt motivated to become President jus to clean up the mess this country has been through then out..Praise God for the lovely work ur doing and using you as His vessel…Kenya z in 4 a Revolution…ONE LOVE ONE KENYA


  4. Monicah Njeri Says:

    …..The phrase sounded very simple.
    ‘I am the hope for kenya mpya’ and an inner voice was saying ‘Really?’ almost as loud as i my mouth.

    I have been ‘a casual’ kenyan for far too long, not owning it. Blaming others…not actualy others just doing a general blame game that doesnt hold water- The government!!!

    Then now, Pr. S shows up and cut through my heart speaking about me being hope? I have to seek? Not just vote and chill back? eish…at 1st i thought you were asking too much pastor! really?me change kenya? how is that?…Then sloowly, (you know how pastor s is easy and calm about things that are not so calm!) He talked about set backs. Our values.

    Now that i need to own Kenya, let me talk of my own values.
    – I break traffic rules, feel nothing about it and bribe the cop when busted

    -Pulling others down & jealousy (culture of witchcraft)

    Ouch! Did you say witchcraft? I have done this all my adult life!but when you say witchcraft now i want to run! – I had a headache!

    When i hear about tribalism, i have the image of the men with pangas and arrows but how many tribalistic emails do i forward everyday?..ooooh boy!…spreading hatred to my fellow kenyans towards some more fellow kenyans…how bizzare is this!!

    This sermon was it! – REAL and home.

    ”I am the hope for kenya mpya ”YES i am. But i really have to work on my values….

    Kenya is the way it is because of what i am…i will work towards being a better kenyan to make a better kenya……

    God bless mavuno.



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